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of March 17, 2021 No. 35

About aquaculture, fishery and protection of water biological resources

Accepted by Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic on February 3, 2021

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. Coverage of this Law

1. This Law governs the public relations in the field of aquaculture, uses, reproduction, protection of water bioresources, the circle of their dwelling and fishery in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.

2. Operation of this Law does not extend to production of objects of aquaculture and fishery in the isolated water objects (ponds, the flooded pits and other artificially created reservoirs) which are in private property.

Article 2. The basic concepts used in this Law

In this Law the following basic concepts are applied:

1) aquaculture (fish breeding) - activities for artificial cultivation, content and cultivation of objects of aquaculture;

2) acclimatization - activities for installation of water biological resources in water objects and creation of their steady populations in reservoirs in which these types did not live earlier or lost the trade value;

3) water biological resources (further - water bioresources) - the fishes, water invertebrates and other water animals and plants which are in condition of natural freedom in natural and artificial reservoirs;

4) water objects of fishery value - natural reservoirs and water storage basins, ponds and the rivers, and also their certain sites (water areas) which are used or can be used for maintaining fishery;

5) artificial reproduction of fish inventories - activities for cultivation and cultivation of the juveniles of fishes, with the subsequent release bred to durable stage of juveniles of fishes in natural and artificial reservoirs for the purpose of recovery and increase in fish inventories in fishery reservoirs;

6) quotas - part of limit of production of fish, amounts of catch of trade species of fish established for each certain subject of fishery on the fixed sites of reservoir and in the terms established for fishery;

7) limit - total admissible amounts of production (catch) of objects of fishery by types and fishery reservoirs in the terms determined for fishery providing steady existence and reproduction of fish inventories;

8) scientific institution - the scientific profile organization specializing in fishery researches of water bioresources;

9) general admissible catch of water bioresources - the evidence-based size of annual production (catch) of water bioresources of specific types in fishery reservoirs or fishing sites;

10) aquaculture objects - fishes, other water bioresources which are subjects to cultivation, content or cultivation;

11) lake and commodity fish-breeding farms - the fisheries which are engaged in improvement of fishery use of reservoirs by complete or partial replacement of fish fauna in them due to catching of economic and invaluable (weed) fish, installation, cultivation and the subsequent catch in them valuable trade species of fish;

12) protection of the habitat of fish - the activities directed to preserving or recovery of conditions of steady existence and reproduction of fish resources;

13) production supervision in the field of protection, use and reproduction of fish inventories - activities of the egersky service of subjects of fishery performing function of protection of fish inventories and commodity fish on the fishery reservoirs or their sites assigned to users;

14) pond fish breeding - type of agricultural activities for cultivation and cultivation of fish in ponds and the flooded pits in the conditions controlled by the person for the purpose of production of commodity fish products;

15) fish-breeding products - the fish of certain age category (larvae, juveniles, fingerlings, yearlings, two-year-olds, etc.) intended for installation in reservoirs for the purpose of its further cultivation and receipt of commodity fish;

16) fishing grounds - aquatic areas and floodplains of reservoirs and the rivers on which there are favorable conditions for reproduction, nagula, winterings, migration and spawning of fish;

17) fishing sites - certain sites of fishery reservoirs or the rivers which are created in certain borders for implementation of trade fishery, and also for the organization of amateur and sports fishery;

18) fish stock - the juveniles of fish installed in reservoirs and fishing sites for the purpose of increase in ryboproduktivnost of fishery reservoirs;

19) ryboproduktivnost of reservoir or its site - the surplus of mass of fish for one vegetative period from one hectare of the water area, is estimated in kg/hectare;

20) fish farming - incubation of caviar and podrashchivaniye of juveniles of valuable species of fish for stocking of fishery reservoirs;

21) fishing activities - the activities connected with fish breeding, fishery, reproduction and studying of fish resources;

22) fishery melioration of water objects - complex of rybovodnomeliorativny works on improvement of the hydrological, hydrochemical and ecological modes in reservoirs of fishery value;

23) the fishery device - implementation of complex of rybovodnomeliorativny, security and reproduction actions, arrangement, the organization of scientific inspection and refining of the water bioresources this trade inventory made by the user of reservoir after fixing of fishery reservoirs and fishing sites according to the plan of maintaining fishery;

24) fishery scientific research - complex studying of reservoirs and the specific list of fishes, features of their distribution, biology and quantity characteristics of population of individuals of fishes, and also circle conditions of their dwelling and assessment of opportunities of catch without causing damage to fish inventories and the circle of their dwelling;

25) fishery reservoir - water object which is used or can be used for maintaining fishery or matters for reproduction of fish inventories;

26) cage fish-breeding economy - the economy specializing in cultivation of fish stock and commodity fish in cages;

27) cage fish breeding - cultivation of fish in the natural or artificially created reservoirs which are specially equipped for this purpose or in cage constructions;

28) cage - the device, artificial construction for content and cultivation of fish;

29) subjects of fishery - physical persons or legal entities, including the public associations performing fishing activities in the field of fish breeding, fishery and reproduction of fish inventories on the reservoirs or fishing sites provided in accordance with the established procedure in use;


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