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Registered by the

Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

June 23, 2006

No. 740/12614


of June 13, 2006 No. 407

About approval of Rules of certification of the airports

(as amended on 01-04-2021)

1. Approve Rules of certification of the airports (further - Rules) which are attached.

2. To department of standardization and certification of the airports (Suvorov O. M.):

2.1. Provide provision of this order in accordance with the established procedure in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine for state registration.

2.2. Bring Rules to the attention of heads of structural divisions of State aviaservice and heads of the air enterprises.

3. To heads of the airports, airlines and subjects of commercial servicing at the airports in case of the conclusion of contracts for airport servicing to provide need of obligatory passing of the procedure of certification.

4. To take heads of structural divisions of State aviaservice to management the specified Rules.

5. To impose control on accomplishment of this order on the vice-chairman of State aviaservice Nastasiyenko V. M.


M. O. Marchenko

Approved by the Order of Public service of Ukraine on supervision of safety of aircraft on June 13, 2006 No. 407

Rules of certification of the airports

1. General provisions

1.1. These rules extend and are obligatory for legal entities or structural divisions of legal entities irrespective of their patterns of ownership and departmental accessory which perform airport activities at the airports of Ukraine.

1.2. Rules establish single procedure and procedures of certification of subjects for airport activities.

1.3. Rules are used for certification of engineering procedures, production structures, organizational and technical systems and means of production for the purpose of confirmation of their compliance to requirements of the current legislation and the regulating documents of Ukraine aimed at safety of flights (further - BP), aviation safety (further - AB), ecological safety (further - EB) and labor protections (further - OT) on the objects intended for acceptance and departure of aircrafts (further - VS), servicing of air transportation and aviation works.

1.4. Normative references

In case of development of these rules such regulations were used:

The law of Ukraine "About the State program of aviation safety of civil aviation";

The law of Ukraine "About protection of the surrounding environment";

The law of Ukraine "About objects of the increased danger";

The law of Ukraine "About labor protection";

The law of Ukraine "About confirmation of conformity";

The law of Ukraine "About insurance";

Regulations on the State specialized fund of financing of nation-wide expenses on aviation activities and the participation of Ukraine in the international aviation organizations approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 28.09.93 No. 819;

The regulations on the state sanitary and epidemiological surveillance approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 22.06.99 No. 1109;

Procedure for issue by bodies of the state fire supervision of permission to the beginning of work of the companies and lease of rooms approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 14.02.2001 of N150;

Procedure and rules of carrying out obligatory civil liability insurance of subjects of managing for damage which can be caused by the fires and accidents on objects of the increased danger, including pozharovzryvoopasny objects and objects on which economic activity can lead to accidents of ecological and sanitary and epidemiologic nature, approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 16.11.2002 N 1788;

Doc 9137 "Management on airport services" of IKAO, part 1 - 9;

Doc 8335 "Management according to procedures of operational inspection, certification and constant surveillance";

"Adviser of IATA on airport servicing (Airport Handling Manual ANM-810 IATA)";

The directive 96/67/EU of the Council of the European Union of October 15, 1996 "About access to the market of land services at the airports of the European Union".

1.5. In these Rules terms have such determinations:

Aviation safety - complex of actions, and also the human and material resources intended for protection of civil aviation (further - GA) from acts of illegal intervention in its activities.

The aircraft land equipment - set of special technical land means for servicing of the aircraft equipment, airborne transportations and content of airfields.

Aviation rules of Ukraine - the code of procedures, regulations, rules, standards and requirements accepted in Ukraine which determine and regulate procedure for activities of GA of Ukraine for the purpose of safety of flights.

Aviation personnel - staff of the air enterprise, organization, division, educational institution which consists of aviation specialists in occupation characteristics.

The airfield equipment - the equipment located within airfield or behind its borders which is installed and is served for the purpose of ensuring arrival, departure and movement of aircrafts on surface of airfield.

The airport - the company which performs acceptance and departure of VS, passengers, baggage, mail and freights, servicing of flights of VS and crews which has for this purpose airfield, air terminal, other land constructions, and also necessary structure, the equipment, aviation personnel and other workers.

Airport activities - accomplishment of engineering procedures and support in operational condition of constructions, mechanisms, machines and the equipment for ensuring take-off, landing, maneuvering, the parking of VS, maintenance of VS, providing with fuels and lubricants (further - fuel and lubricants) and special liquids, servicing of passengers, crews, baggage, mail, freights and ensuring aviation works.

Safety of flights - the complex characteristic of air transport which determines capability to carry out flights without threat for life and human health.

Safety requirements of flights - the requirements established by the legislation of Ukraine and aviation rules of Ukraine which accomplishment provides capability to carry out flights without threat for life and human health.

The certificate holder - the legal entity who in accordance with the established procedure received the certificate on airport activities or types of airport activities.

Evidential documentation - documentation which contains proofs of compliance of the applicant to certified requirements.

The applicant - the company on behalf of the head who in accordance with the established procedure submitted the application for receipt of the certificate for airport activities or types of airport activities for land ensuring flights.

Control - previously planned system of professionally reasonable actions of the control facilities of the executive authority directed to determination of condition of the subject and object of control concerning its compliance to the established requirements, regulations and standards, technologies of work with the purpose of quality assurance of provision of services in case of complete safety of people and the environment.

The international airport - the airport determined by the state in its territory for acceptance and departure of the aircrafts which are carrying out the international airborne transportations in which are performed customs, immigration, sanitary, quarantine (rather animal and plants) and other procedures provided by the national and international legal system.

Supervision - constant control behind accomplishment of requirements of regulations by airlines concerning observance of safety rules of flights, aviation and ecological safety, labor protection, protection of property, safety of life and human health.

Land providing - services which are necessary for providing arrival, departure, movement, the parking and servicing of VS, servicing of passengers, crews, baggage, mail, freights and ensuring aviation works.

Certification body of subjects of airport activities (daleeos) - structural division of State aviaservice of Ukraine which performs actions for certification of subjects of airport activities (further SAD).

Certification - the procedure by means of which compliance of the provided services, quality management systems, systems of ecological management, personnel to requirements of the legislation and regulating documents documentary makes sure.

The certificate of conformity - the document which confirms that services, the quality management system, system of ecological management, personnel meet the established requirements of the legislation and regulating documents.

Certified requirements - requirements which contain in the regulating documents necessary for ensuring proper level of safety of flights and work of aviation and other personnel in use of the airport regulate activities, responsibility and relations in GA and which observance necessary for ensuring high-quality, reliable and safe work.

Certified inspection - the complex of actions directed to check of the Applicant to perform operations in the declared field of activity according to requirements of the legislation and regulating documents.

The quality system - set of the interconnected and interacting elements of organizational structure, certain mechanisms of responsibility, circle of powers and procedures, and also processes and resources which provide implementation of the common directorship with quality and its compliance to the established requirements.

The quality management system - management system which directs and controls organization activity concerning quality.

The subject of airport activities - the airport, structural division of the airport (airport service) or other company, subjects of commercial servicing at the airports, other companies irrespective of their form of business and pattern of ownership which perform airport activities.

The subject of commercial servicing - the legal entity irrespective of its form of business and pattern of ownership who carries out at the airport on contractual conditions business activity concerning provision of services on land servicing which is registered in accordance with the established procedure also has the Certificate of conformity on performance of works, caused by agreements and agreements.

The center of certification - industry science and technology institution or expert center which in the procedure established by the legislation are certified for accomplishment of certified works.

1.6. In these Rules such reducings are used:

AB - aviation safety;

ANT - the aircraft land equipment;

The joint-stock company - the airfield equipment;

APU - aviation rules of Ukraine;

The EXPERT - airport service;

AT - the aircraft equipment;

BP - safety of flights;

EB - ecological safety;

IATA - International air-transport association;

IKAO - International Civil Aviation Organization;

FROM - labor protection;

OS - certification body;

PB - fire safety;

VS - the aircraft;

Fuel and lubricants - fuels and lubricants;

GARDEN - the subject of airport activities;

SKO - the subject of commercial servicing;

HECTARE - civil aviation;

TsS - the center of certification;

AFTN - the aviation fixed network of telecommunication;

ISO - The international organization from standardization.

2. State system of certification and supervision of activities of the airports

2.1. Organization of the state system of certification of the airports and other subjects of airport activities

2.1.1. The organization of the state system of certification of SAD is determined by these rules and provides certification of subjects of airport activities irrespective of patterns of ownership and departmental accessory.

2.1.2. The GARDEN as subjects of managing perform certain types of airport activities according to the requirements to engineering procedures, organizational systems, production structures, qualification of personnel established by aviation rules of Ukraine, are responsible for failure to carry out of these requirements.

2.1.3. Compliance of subjects of managing and their services to requirements, the established normative and legal and normative and technical documents, makes sure the Certificate.

2.1.4. The state aviaservice of Ukraine performs regulation of activities of the airports through certification and regular inspection of processes of airport activities for technical and land supply of flights with acceptance of adequate measures on restriction or the termination of activities in case of non-compliance with the requirements established in GA.

2.1.5. Types of airport activities which are subject to certification are given in appendix 1.

2.1.6. Certified requirements for providing the necessary activity level of SAD at the airports affirm and become effective the order of State aviaservice of Ukraine.

2.1.7. Certification of SAD is carried out according to the request which goes to State aviaservice of Ukraine according to Item 3.1.

2.1.8. For certification of SAD and their inspection the relevant divisions of State aviaservice of Ukraine on activities, scientific institutions, GS, certain experts are attracted (in their consent).


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