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of March 13, 2021

About renewable energy resources

This Law determines legal, organizational, economic and social bases of activities in the field of renewable energy resources and governs the arising relations connected with use of renewable energy resources.

Chapter I. General provisions

Article 1. Basic concepts

The basic concepts applied in this Law:

1) renewable energy resources - power sources, continuously and inexhaustibly renewable due to naturally proceeding natural processes including energy of the sun, wind power, energy of natural movement of water flows, energy of heat of the earth and environment, anthropogenous sources of primary energy resources (biomass, biogas and other fuel received from organic waste), and also other power sources which are not relating to non-renewable;

2) use of renewable energy resources - set of the actions directed to transformation, accumulating, distribution and consumption of renewable energy, and also material logistics of these actions;

3) renewable energy - the energy received by use of renewable energy resources including from renewable fuel;

4) renewable fuel - the fuel received from renewable sources, biomass and any organic or natural raw materials and (or) source;

5) renewable power - the part of electric power industry using renewable energy;

6) unrenewable energy resources - the power sources which are saved up in the nature in the form of fossil resources (oil, gas, coal, peat, combustible slate) and also other power sources which in new geological conditions are practically not formed;

7) producers of energy from renewable energy resources - the legal entities and physical persons performing production of electrical and (or) heat energy, biogas using installations on use of renewable energy resources for the purpose of energy ensuring the economic activity and (or) the subsequent realization of energy;

8) consumers of renewable energy (further - energy consumers) - the legal entities or physical persons acquiring the energy for production and (or) domestic needs made by use of renewable energy resources;

9) diversification of renewable energy resources - expansion of activities in energy production due to development of new types of renewable energy resources;

10) installation on use of renewable energy resources (further - installation) - processing equipment or complex of processing equipment on production of electrical and (or) heat energy from renewable energy resources or to acceptance (obtaining), transformation, accumulation and (or) transfer;

11) traditional energy - the energy made with use of unrenewable energy resources, in particular from hydrocarbonic raw materials (oil, gas, coal);

12) solar energy - the energy formed from sunlight;

13) wind energy - kinetic energy of moving mass of air;

14) energy of natural movement of water currents - potential and kinetic energy of water;

15) biogas - the gas received by hydrogen or metane fermentation of biomass;

16) biogas installation - complex of the equipment for anaerobic sbrazhivaniye of organic waste and drains (sewer waters) for the purpose of development of gas, secondary heat and receipt of organic fertilizers;

17) biomass - the cumulative mass of the vegetable and animal organisms which are present at biogeocenosis at the time of observation;

18) biofuel - any biomass used in fuel quality;

19) the certificate on confirmation of origin of energy from renewable energy resources - the document issued on the basis of rules of certification and confirming origin of energy it is exclusive from renewable energy resources;

20) network (electric, thermal, gas) - set of the technical means intended for transportation and (or) distribution, and also redistribution of electrical energy, heat energy, gas;


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