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Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

January 14, 2021

No. 52/35674


of December 23, 2020 No. 383

About approval of the Code of the data which are the state secret

(as amended on 12-05-2022)

According to Articles 10 - 12 Laws of Ukraine "About the state secret", Procedure for the organization and providing the mode of privacy in state bodies, local government bodies, at the companies, in organizations and the organizations, the approved resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of December 18, 2013 939, ORDER to No.:

1. Approve the Code of the data which are the state secret which is attached.

2. Declare invalid the order of the Security Service of Ukraine of August 12, 2005 No. 440, No. 902/11182 registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on August 17, 2005 (with changes).

3. To provide to heads of department of legal support and Department of protection of the state secret and licensing of the Security Service of Ukraine submission of this order on state registration in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine in the procedure established by the legislation.

4. This order becomes effective from the date of its official publication.

Chairman of Service

I. Bakanov

Approved by the Order of the Central management of the Security Service of Ukraine of December 23, 2020 , No. 383

The code of the data which are the state secret

I. General provisions

1. This Code determines data which according to decisions of the state experts in secrets are the state secret in the spheres established by the legislation.

2. In this Code of abbreviation and terms are used in such values:

Autonomous Republic of Crimea


Autonomous Republic of Crimea;



Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine;



Head department of investigation of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine;



General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine;

State automated system, Ukrgosarkhiv


Public archive agency of Ukraine;



State bureau of investigations;

state expert


state expert in secrets;



State space agency of Ukraine;



Public criminal and executive service of Ukraine;



Ukroboronprom state concern;



State Border Service of Ukraine;



Public service of Ukraine on emergency situations;



Public service of special communication and information security of Ukraine;



Public special service of transport;



Public fiscal service of Ukraine;



The code of the data which are the state secret;



Armed Forces of Ukraine;



Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;



Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine;



Ministry of development of economy, trade and agricultural industry of Ukraine;



Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine;



Ministry of economic development and trade of Ukraine;



Department of Energy of Ukraine;



Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine;



Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine;



Ministry of Defence of Ukraine;

Ministry of Health


Ministry of Health of Ukraine;



Ministry of development of communities and territories of Ukraine;



Ministry of questions of strategic industries of Ukraine;



Ministry of Finance of Ukraine;



Ministry of Justice of Ukraine;



National anti-corruption bureau of Ukraine;



National academy of Sciences of Ukraine;



National Bank of Ukraine;



National guard of Ukraine;



National police of Ukraine;



special importance;



Ukrainian Railroad public joint stock company;



National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine;



Security Service of Ukraine;



Service of foreign intelligence of Ukraine;



Forces of special transactions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine;






Management of the state protection of Ukraine;



top secret;

administrative-territorial geographical object - the state, the autonomous territory, area, the area, the city, the settlement, the village, etc.;

banknotes of Ukraine of new samples - the banknotes which are not introduced into circulation which image and other characteristics officially were not reported (were shown) to NB through mass media or official publications of NB (banknotes on which are changed year of approval (production) or (and) the signature of the Chairman of NB, or the place of their arrangement do not belong to banknotes of new samples);

safety of government or special communication (communication system) - condition of communication (communication system) in case of which prevention of the possible information leakage transferred in communication system (violation of operating modes of communication system) is provided;

ammunition - artillery and shooting, bombs aviation and their compound units, grenades, military units, warheads and explosive components of the managed (uncontrollable) rockets and shells, land mines and land mines, mines sea and their components, torpedoes and their components, depth charges and their components, military pyrotechnics, destructive devices, explosives and gunpowder, pyros and driving devices and their compound units, tools and the equipment special for neutralization of land and underwater ammunition, caps, detonators, explosive components and other accessories to ammunition, the special equipment for operation and maintenance of ammunition;

alert - special type of watch of specially intended forces and means of VS constantly ready to accomplishment of tasks which arise suddenly, timely transfer of orders, commands, orders for reduction of VS in the highest degrees of combat readiness, ensuring management of them during preparation and conducting combat operations, defense of airspace and protection of frontier against aggression;

fighting set of troops (forces) - the fighting structure intended for creation of groups of troops (forces) by options of application of VS, determined by the decision of the Commander-in-chief of VS, the commander of operational consolidation and operational plans;

fighting structure - set of fighting military forming: divisions, parts, connections, associations, and also military forming of operational, technical, logistic support, forces and means of management system by troops which are intended as a part of groups of troops for direct conducting combat operations;

the fighting and numerical structure - regular according to the list is also available (actual) number of staff, arms, military equipment;

freights with dangerous properties (dangerous goods) - freights which are given in Recommendations economic and UN social Council of 1956 on transportation of the dangerous goods prepared by committees of experts in transportation of dangerous goods and also in the international codes, agreements and rules developed on their basis;

false representation - complex of actions which will be organized for the purpose of the opponent's disorientation concerning structure, provision, condition of groups of our troops (forces) and protection of future actions;

requirements (recommendation) about ensuring protection of the classified information (counteraction to technical investigations) - the established characteristics, properties, parameters which are shown to subjects to information activities (counteraction of objects), information and telecommunication systems, means of processing of the classified information, means and complexes (systems) of technical information security and their separate components for the purpose of ensuring protection of the classified information;

leakage of the classified information - uncontrollable distribution of the classified information which leads to its unauthorized obtaining;

data on separate indicators - data for classification in case of availability of one of the indicators listed in Article;

data on the separate constituting indicators - data for classification in case of information availability about the separate constituting indicators which are the integral constituting signs of the used term used in Article;

data on set of all indicators - data for classification in case of availability of all indicators listed in Article;

data on set of all components of indicators - data for classification in case of information availability about all constituting indicators which are the integral constituting signs of the used term used in Article;

military equipment - planes and helicopters fighting, educational and fighting, special military, transport, pilotless aircraft, components of aircraft, devices and aggregates aviation, the equipment for ensuring take-off, landing and maintenance of aircraft; fighting ships and motor boats, ships of special purpose, court and motor boat of providing and special, deep sea submersibles; wheel fighting vehicles, special military vehicles wheel, machines fighting caterpillar, special accessories of arms of the military wheel-caterpillar equipment; special technology of telephone, cable communication and data transmission, its components; technical means of protection of the equipment, lines and communication channels and their components, the equipment the cryptographic and its components, the special equipment of fax connection, the technician of special radio communication, the equipment of radio navigational systems, the special equipment for record (video) and reproduction of sound (video signals), the equipment radar, sonar, technology of counteraction to radio-electronic, infrared, optical, hydroacoustic sensors of the purposes, to means of communication, radioprospectings of the opponent, technical information security and complex engineering supervision; the special equipment for the automated military (automatic) data processing, the software;

the warship - the ship (vessel) which is part of VS (formed according to the laws of Ukraine of other military forming) has external identification marks of the state accessory and is under command of person who is in the military service. In some cases support vessels can be under command of the worker;

military facilities - fighting line items of troops, control centers, grounds, communication centers, radio engineering systems, bases, warehouses, critical infrastructure of troops;

the military and geographical description - the summary characteristic political, economic, military and environment;

geographical coordinates of dislocation of military unit - geographical coordinates of the headquarters (management of military unit;

hydrometeorological providing - complex of the interconnected actions and works which are performed by regular hydrometeorological divisions for the purpose of objective assessment and accounting of hydroweather conditions when planning and holding actions of combat training, use of hydrometeorological data for effective use of weapons and military equipment, holding actions for protection of troops (forces) and objects from weapons of mass destruction, consequences of destruction of radiochemical and biologically dangerous objects and natural disasters;

the state recognition (recognition) of objects in Ukraine - determination of accessory of the found objects by the principle "the - the stranger" with use of technical means and visually;

the disaggregated route - in advance planned way with indication of intermediate points of following;

diversionary stability - condition of security of safety (physical protection) of object which characterizes certain degree of its capability to resist to internal and external subversive and terrorist and extremist manifestations;

dislocation - the location (basings) with indication of place names of administrative-territorial geographical objects or geographical coordinates;

dislocation of troops (during the special period, wartime) - placement in settlements (airfields, naval bases, in stationing sites military camps, camps, etc.) the bodies of military management, connections, military units, warships, military educational institutions, organizations and other military forming which are not part of the acting troops (forces);

documents on management of troops - the documents concerning the organization, preparation and conducting combat operations, and also movement (regrouping) and disposition. Treat them: documents on management of troops (operational directives, battle-orders and orders, plans, working cards, schemes); reporting and information documents (reports, reports, reporting maps, schemes); reference documents (calculations, data, tables, schemes, references and others);

documents of the coded communication - code, alarm and code negotiation, nomenclature, alarm tables, the coded topographic maps, and also means of code conversion which are applied together with them;

efficiency of technical protection of the classified information (counteraction to technical investigation) - degree of compliance of the taken measures for technical protection of the classified information (counteraction to technical investigation) to the established regulations and requirements;

ensuring activity of the population - complex of organizational, economic, social and other actions which are performed central and local executive bodies, other state bodies, local government bodies for the purpose of planning and preparation for the normalized (in case of need) to providing the population food and nonfoods, medical attendance, communication services, transport, by municipal and household services during the special period;

threat for the classified information - prerequisite of leakage, possibility of blocking or violation of integrity of the classified information;

purchase - acquisition of products (goods) based on agreements (on paid basis);

means of cryptographic information security - means of enciphering of information; means of production of key data or key documents and management of the key data used in means of cryptographic information security; the remedies from imposing of false information or protection against unauthorized modification realizing algorithms of cryptographic transformation of information; means of information protection from unauthorized access (including means of differentiation of access to resources of electronic computer facilities) in which algorithms of cryptographic transformation of information are realized;

means of technical investigations - devices, machines and the made with their use of the equipment or technical systems, and also the tools and substances intended for: receipts of prospecting information by control of the Earth's surface, air (space) space and separate objects, and also radiations of various nature; gettings of prospecting information from channels of telecommunication, information systems and separate technical means of information processing; overcomings technical and cryptographic protection of prospecting information; secret observation of objects, being of interest to prospecting bodies as sources of prospecting information; ensuring transfer of prospecting information;

connecting railway track - station track which serves for connection of the main station ways and traveling parks with each other, with cargo (cargo) sites, warehouses;

technical and other systems of object concerning which the state protection - utility power systems (electroproviding), cable and conduction networks is performed, the equipment and devices of heating, water supply, water disposal, drainage, sewerages, gasifications, ventilation and conditioning; the parcel of land on which there is object, external walls and roof of the building; internal rooms; landings and flights; elevators, electric cables and mechanical equipment;

other state bodies - state bodies of Ukraine which are created in accordance with the established procedure have appropriate authority, but because of feature of legal status cannot be carried to bodies of legislative, executive or judicial authority;

crucial element to the document of the coded communication - component of the document of the coded communication (tables of indicative groups, tables of core groups, key inserts, means of code conversion and so forth) which is used for zakodirovaniye (decoding), code conversion of confidential and office messages;

key data - set of values of variable parameters of cryptographic transformation which use gives the chance to achieve the objectives of this transformation;

complex of actions of technical arrangement of frontier - the single system of the interconnected technical, organizational, technology solutions determined by the law which promotes expansion and implementation of works on creation of protective linear objects, fortification constructions, implementation of system of remote control abroad and management systems fire;

complex of technical information security - set of the organizational and engineering measures intended for protection of the classified information against leakage on technical channels and special impact;

the component - product which represents the detail (constituting unit) or their set has constructive integrity, is intended for application as a part of product of military equipment, does not carry out without connection with other details (compound units) of independent criterion function, does not undergo any changes in product development process in which it is applied, developed not for specific items of military equipment, and such which is made with independent sets of design and technological documentation;

transportation route - in advance determined way, the direction of transportation;

appliances - production manufactured (all types of arms and military equipment, rockets and ammunition, military and technical property, military gage, fuel, combustible, food, ware, engineering, medical and other property, materials, special liquids and so forth) which is used for providing troops (forces) in peace time and warlike situation with the relevant supplying managements (departments, services) in system material (technical and rear) providing;

technique of performance monitoring of counteraction to technical investigations - set of methods and methods of measuring and settlement transactions, and also the sequence of their accomplishment during control of efficiency of the taken measures of counteraction to technical investigations which are established by regulating documents in the field of technical information security;

technique of special researches - set of methods and methods of measuring and settlement transactions, and also the sequence of their accomplishment in case of determination of efficiency of implementable means of information protection from leakage on channels of collateral electromagnetic radiations and aimings which are established by regulating documents in the field of technical information security;

the location of object of telecommunications or mail service - placement of object in the specific territory of the area, in the specific place or the settlement with indication of geographical coordinates or other data which specify its arrangement on this area, in city boundaries or the settlement;

mobilization expansion of troops (forces) - the package of measures approved by unified plan and actions of certain troops (forces) for their reduction in efficient condition;

model of threats for the classified information - the formalized description of methods and policy tools of threats for the classified information;

the violator's model - the abstract formalized or unformalized description of the violator in the automated system;

coins of Ukraine of new samples - the change and everyday coins which are not introduced into circulation which image and other characteristics officially were not reported (were shown) to NB through mass media or official publications of NB (coins on which year of stamping is changed do not belong to coins of new samples);


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