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of February 8, 2021 unitary enterprise No. 25

About measures for development of agro-industrial complex of the Kyrgyz Republic

For the purpose of further development of agricultural industry, food and processing industry, the market of agricultural products, raw materials, food, increase in the export potential of agro-industrial complex, stimulation of industries of the agrarian sector as bases of food security of the country, being guided by article 65 of the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic, I decide:

1. Recommend to the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic:

- develop and submit for consideration the draft of the Concept of agrarian development of the Kyrgyz Republic and the actions plan on its realization;

- increase efficiency of use and the market turnover of lands of agricultural purpose;

- consider the possibility of transfer to management of authorized body on agricultural industry of part of lands of the State fund of agricultural holdings under development of cooperatives, seed and cattle breedings;

- implement cluster methods of housekeeping in agro-industrial complex at the national and regional levels, including organize agroclusters on conversion of milk, meat, Persian walnut, officinal herbs, production of fish, spinning cultures, wool and skin;

- create conditions for:

large land users (100 hectares and above) with providing of opportunity to them on the parcels of land of construction of the farms necessary for functioning and development of farming, including measures of fiscal stimulation;

implementations of system of agroinsurance in zones of risk agriculture and distillation cattle breeding;

developments of halal agricultural products;

- create conditions and mechanisms of stimulation of industrial enterprises, including residents of free economic zones, and also the companies of textile and clothing industry to use of agricultural raw materials and materials (spinning cultures, skin, wool, etc.) in case of production of finished goods;

- create cooperation mechanisms with industry science and cluster associations on improvement of access for farmers to innovations and provide implementation of modern technologies, including resource-saving technologies in agricultural industry;

- determine the list of the state services and functions in the field of the agro-industrial complex and agricultural industry which are subject to transfer to the industry unions, chambers and associations on the basis of mechanisms of public-private partnership;

- study problems and shortcomings of creation of the logistic centers for agricultural products in each area and to create attractive conditions for their education, including within public-private partnership;

- consider the possibility of revival of Kyrgyzpotrebsoyuz founded in 1926 in which procurement offices agricultural products of the population and members of the consumer union came true; permit the consumer unions to be engaged in economic dokhodoprinosyashchy type of activity, including export and agricultural import;

- abolish licensing of the artesian wells used for needs of agricultural industry;

- take measures for effective use of the undeveloped and unproductive lands of agricultural purpose and pastures, to consider the possibility of development on the specified land grounds of agroforestry, gardening and wine growing;

- create directory system for country and farms for the purpose of increase in access to operational information in the field of agricultural industry by means of mobile application and with placement of services, necessary for physical persons and legal entities, on the State portal of electronic services;

- implement digital technologies in agricultural industry with elements of electronic commerce for ensuring traceability and safety of agricultural products;

- implement the principle of "single window" in agricultural industry based on authorized body on agricultural industry for ensuring access of agrobusiness to land, water and pasturable resources on transformation of farmlands on the production purposes;

- create conditions for the organization and expansion of production of fish based on reservoirs and water areas of water storage basins, including for creation of infrastructure on production and conversion of fish products in the territory adjacent to them;

- take measures for implementation of technologies of deep freezing and cryodesiccation of agricultural products;

- develop mechanisms of public-private partnership for development of agroscience, the state crop-testing stations and the state cattle breedings, create agrotechnical parks on their base;

- take measures for overcoming small-scale production by development of cooperation in agricultural industry;

- improve access of agricultural cooperative associations to the local and national agricultural markets, and also retail chain stores of the country;

- implement the technologies directed to improvement of accounting of water in irrigational network, and also new methods of management of water resources and decrease in risks of emergence of corruption in this sphere, to increase transparency of use of irrigation water;

- strengthen work in the field of implementation of national ecological, organic standards and regulations in the field of production of agricultural products and food safety;

- improve the mechanism of reaction of executive bodies in the conditions of crisis in the food market on providing the population with the vital food;

- provide harmonization of national and international requirements for safety of food;

- take other measures following from this Decree, including on modification of the operating regulatory legal acts.

2. Recommend to the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic to consider with participation of National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Russian-Kyrgyz Fund of development possibility of financing of agricultural industry on the basis of cluster approach, increase in availability of receipt of borrowing facilities by farmers by means of doubling of number of borrowers within three years, decrease in interest rates for the obtained credits, attraction and placement of borrowing facilities with long terms of return.

3. Recommend to the authorized representations of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic in areas together with municipalities of domicile to consolidate financial resources of local funds of development for support of the companies of agro-industrial complex in regions, in particular agrocluster.

4. Recommend to the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic and National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic to light widely the work which is carried out on implementation of this Decree.

5. To impose control of execution of this Decree on department of policy of strategic development, economy and finance of the Office of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic.

6. This Decree becomes effective from the date of official publication.

President of the Kyrgyz Republic

S. Zhaparov


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