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of July 16, 2001 No. 242-II

About architectural, town-planning and construction activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan

(The last edition from 19-04-2019)

This Law governs the relations arising between state bodies, physical persons and legal entities in the course of implementation of architectural, town-planning and construction activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan and is directed to forming of the full-fledged habitat and life activity of the person, sustainable development of settlements and the mezhselenny territories.

Section 1. State regulation of architectural, town-planning and construction activities

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. The basic concepts used in this Law

In this Law the following basic concepts are used:

1) designer's service is competences of the author on control for:

project development of the construction (construction documentation) performed by the author (authors) of the architectural and town-planning work;

project implementation of the construction performed by his developers including the author (authors) of the architectural or town-planning work.

1-1) agglomerations - local system of the urbanized settlements located around one or several large cities centers having daily labor, production, welfare and other communications, and also tendency to territorial merge with each other;

2) human environment - environment in which the person stays. The habitat includes:

the environment - set of natural and artificial objects, including common air, ozone layer of Earth, surface and underground water, lands, subsoil, animal and flora, and also climate in their interaction;

the architectural and landscape circle - space with combination of environment and architectural forms in which the person performs economic activity and other functions. As a rule, it is environment of settlements which determines living conditions and psychophysical condition of the person;

the available circle (barrier-free) - the property of the building, place of servicing, the place of residence which is allowing to reach freely the place and to use service, and also having the parameters providing opportunity to use service, to reach subject;

the internal circle - the complex of living conditions in premises and work environment in working (production) rooms including social, esthetic, biological, psychological and physical and chemical factors, including natural radiation, external noise, biotic environment, impurity, humidity, structure and movement of air, smells, combustion products, natural and artificial illumination, purity of water and another;

3) subjects to special regulation and town-planning regulation - objects of architectural, town-planning and construction activities which implementation is complicated or it is impossible without introduction of special rules (procedure), establishment of exceptions or introduction of amendments to the commonly accepted rules (procedure) of use of the territories, the territory of the settlement, separate real estate object;

3-1) register of the accredited expert organizations - the single list of the legal entities given the right to conducting complex non-departmental examination of construction projects of objects;

3-2) accredited expert organization - the legal entity accredited according to the procedure, established by authorized body for architecture, town planning and construction, performing the complex non-departmental examination of construction projects of objects (feasibility statements and the design estimates) which is not referred by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on architectural, town-planning and construction activities to the state monopoly;

4) anthropogenous impacts - positive and negative impacts on the nature, the environment, settlement caused as a result of different form of influence of human activity. In case of rendering negative impact there comes need of application of nature protection measures;

4-1) register of the certified experts - constantly updated single list of the physical persons certified by the relevant structural divisions of local executive bodies and given the right on:

work on examination of construction projects of objects (feasibility statements and the design estimates), and also projects of town-planning planning of the territories (town-planning projects of different level);

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