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of December 3, 2020 No. 1053-IX

About rehabilitation in health sector

(as amended on 09-08-2023)

This Law determines the legal, organizational and economic principles of carrying out rehabilitation of person with restrictions of daily functioning in health sector for the purpose of achievement and maintenance of optimum level of functioning in its circle.

Section I General provisions

Article 1. Determination of terms

1. In this Law the stated below terms are used in such value:

the abilitation - complex of the actions helping person with congenital and/or arisen at early age, restrictions of daily functioning to reach optimum level of functioning in its circle;

establishment of tasks of rehabilitation - determination of the specific, measurable, achievable, corresponding and determined in time indicators of functioning of person which it shall reach as a result of receipt of the rehabilitation help which are determined by the specialist in rehabilitation together with person in case of creation of the program of therapy;

the child with disability - person before achievement of age of majority by it (aged up to 18 years) with permanent restriction of activity to which according to the procedure, determined by the legislation, disability is established;

supportive applications of rehabilitation - any external products (including devices, the equipment, devices or the software) which are specially made or public which main objective is maintenance or improvement of functioning and independence of person and assistance to its welfare. Supportive applications of rehabilitation are also used for prevention of violations and emergence of the secondary states of health and are subject to regulation of technical regulations of rather medical products;

the ergoterapiya - process of recovery, development and/or maintenance of the skills necessary for involvement of person with restrictions of daily functioning to active everyday life and occupations which it wishes requires or plans to carry out, and also modification of zanyatiyny activity of person and/or adaptation of its circle. Ergoterapiya is appointed, planned and performed ergoterapevty or under its control;

zanyatiyny activity - purposeful, long, regular, multicomponent activities which accomplishment the person needs wishes or expects;

zanyatiyny participation - accomplishment of zanyatiyny activity which is performed by results of the direct personal choice by person on the basis of motivation and the importance of activity for person in the favorable (barrier-free) circle;

the individual rehabilitation plan - the document developed by multidisciplinary rehabilitation team based on results of rehabilitation inspection of person with restrictions of daily functioning (or it, at which can arise restrictions of daily functioning), determining the purpose and the tasks of rehabilitation and package of measures necessary for their achievement;

person with disability - full age person with permanent restriction of activity to which according to the procedure, determined by the legislation, disability is established;

person with restrictions of daily functioning - person who owing to the state of health or aging lost or can lose capability to participation in zanyatiyny activity by method and in limits, regular for it;

amount of the rehabilitation help - indicator which is determined by number of hours of work of specialists in rehabilitation with person with restrictions of daily functioning per day. The amount of the rehabilitation help can be high, average and low;

psychological assistance in rehabilitation - the activities directed to recovery and maintenance of functioning of person in physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual spheres using methods of the psychological and psychotherapeutic assistance in forms of psychotherapy, psychological consultation or primary psychological assistance. Psychological assistance in rehabilitation is performed by the clinical psychologist (the psychologist, the psychotherapist) as a part of multidisciplinary rehabilitation team;

the rehabilitation help in health sector (further - the rehabilitation help) - in health sector which provides implementation of complex of the actions sent on functioning optimization to the persons who test or restrictions of daily functioning in their circle can experience activities of specialists in rehabilitation;

rehabilitation inspection - risk identification of origin, availability and extent of violations of functions and structures of organism, restrictions of activity and restrictions of possibility of participation of person, and also influence of factors of the circle and personal factors according to the International classification of functioning, restriction of activity and health;

the rehabilitation forecast - determination of prospects of changes of functioning of person by results of rehabilitation inspection;

rehabilitation - package of measures which person who will incur needs or can incur restrictions of daily functioning owing to the state of health or aging in interaction with its circle;

the state of health - general indicator for diseases (sharp and chronic), frustration, damages or injuries. The state of health can also cover other circumstances, including pregnancy, aging, stress, congenital anomaly or genetic predisposition. The states of health are coded according to the International Statistical Classification of diseases and related problems of health care;

telerehabilitation - the telemedicine component providing rendering the rehabilitation help to patients by specialists in rehabilitation by teleconsultation (televideo consultation) together with inspection, telemetry and in other forms which are not contradicting the legislation by means of information and communication technologies;

therapy of language and the speech - process of recovery and/or maintenance of the greatest possible level of all aspects of communication and/or swallowing at persons with restrictions of daily functioning or risk of their origin for ensuring optimum level of communicative interaction with the environment and/or safe process of consumption of food. Therapy of language and the speech is appointed, planned and performed by the therapist of language and the speech or under its control;

specialists in rehabilitation - persons who directly give rehabilitation help, having the corresponding education, having the corresponding professional knowledge and skills, and also involved in continuous professional development;

the physical and rehabilitation medicine - process of application of complex of rehabilitation actions which provides prevention, medical diagnostics, treatment and management of rehabilitation of persons of all age groupes with the states of health which lead to restrictions of daily functioning, restrictions of activity and their komorbidny conditions and pays special attention to violations and restrictions of activity of person for the purpose of assistance to its physical and cognitive functioning (including behavior), to participation (including quality of life) and modifications of personal factors and factors of the circle using multidisciplinary approach. Professionals on physical and rehabilitation medicine are doctors of physical and rehabilitation medicine;

physical therapy - process of ensuring development, the maximum recovery and maintenance of motive and functional capability of persons with restrictions of daily functioning or such actions in which there can be such restrictions. Physical therapy is appointed, planned and performed by the physical therapist or under its control.

2. Other concepts and terms of this Law are applied in the values determined by the legislation of Ukraine and special dictionaries of concepts and terms of the World Health Organization.

Article 2. The legislation of Ukraine on rehabilitation in health sector

1. The legislation of Ukraine on rehabilitation is based on the Constitution of Ukraine and consists of Bases of the legislation of Ukraine on health care, this Law, other legal acts governing the relations on the questions connected with health care, and others accepted according to them, normative legal acts.

2. If the international treaty of Ukraine which consent to be bound is provided by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine establishes other regulations, than those which are provided by this Law are applied regulations of the international treaty.

Article 3. Coverage of this Law

1. This Law regulates rehabilitation in health sector of persons with restrictions of daily functioning. The procedure of other types of rehabilitation is determined by other legal acts.

2. Treat persons to whom the rehabilitation help is provided:

1) persons with restrictions of daily functioning;


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