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of November 10, 2020 No. PP-4887

About additional measures for providing healthy food of the population

(as amended on 06-07-2023)


In the regulatory legal acts adopted on reforming of spheres of health care and physical culture and sport in the republic along with enhancement of these systems significance is attached to forming among the population of healthy lifestyle as to one of the important directions of state policy in these spheres.

In particular, measures for widespread introduction of healthy lifestyle and further development of mass sport are approved and turned to execution of the concept of development of health care system, physical culture and sport till 2025, on prevention of noninfectious diseases, support of healthy lifestyle and increase in level of physical activity of the population of the Republic of Uzbekistan till 2022, and also.

According to the World Health Organization, non-compliance with regulations and rules of physical activity and food, the above-standard use of dishes and sweets with the increased content of salt, sugar and fats, and also the insufficient use of vitamins and minerals are the reason of lagging of youth in growth and intellectual development, progressing at adults cardiovascular, endocrine, malignant tumoral and some other the diseases leading to the premature death of the person.

At the same time the lessons learned from consequences of koronavirusny pandemic showed indissoluble communication of weight of diseases and considerable part of lethal outcomes with the associated diseases caused by the wrong conduct of life.

For the purpose of further strengthening of state policy on providing healthy food and physical activity of the population, further increase in overall performance on prevention of noninfectious diseases, and also forming at each citizen of culture of healthy food and physical activity:

1. Establish such procedure for ensuring health of the population according to which:

a) since June 1, 2021 are provided free of charge:

mikronutriyentny powders - children at the age of 6 - 23 months for the purpose of enrichment of the food cooked for them in house conditions;

vitamin "A" - children aged from 6 months up to 5 years;

special medicines for prevention of helminthosis - children at the age of 2 - 10 years;

b) since July 1, 2022 are provided free of charge:

iodine medicines - expectant mothers and nursing mothers, and also children at the age of 3 - 15 years;

medicines of iron and folic acid - women of fertile age up to 35 years;

c) since April 1, 2021, along with wheat flour of the first grade, realization in the territory of the republic of wheat flour of the premium is allowed, on condition of its enrichment by micronutrients.

2. Ceased to be valid according to the Presidential decree of the Republic of Uzbekistan of 06.04.2022 No. UP-98

3. For the purpose of ensuring optimum development and growth of children during the period up to 5 years step by step to implement the universal and progressive model of patronage providing till January 1, 2022:

fixing of the certain patronage nurse to expectant mothers and women in the postnatal period, and also the families having children under 5 years within the operating states;

identification of the categories of the population by this patronage nurse with satisfactory general condition and also which are in risk group with regular observation of their general state of health on the basis of the differentiated approach;

conducting direct observation on the basis of single criteria of all expectant mothers and women in the postnatal period with satisfactory general condition, and also the families having children under 5 years;

rendering the expanded help on the basis of the individual plan to expectant mothers and women in the postnatal period, and also to the families having children under 5 years, being in condition of psychological depression, having difficulties in providing the healthy atmosphere for healthy nutrition and development of children.

4. Create since January 1, 2021 in district (city) central multi-profile clinics of the Syr Darya region according to the procedure of experiment the "Offices of healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyle" staffed by the doctors and average health workers who had special training on healthy nutrition and maintaining healthy lifestyle.

Determine that "Offices of healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyle":

hold preventive events for questions of healthy nutrition, healthy lifestyle and physical activity among the population in individual procedure;

are equipped with necessary material means at the expense of the means allocated to the Ministry of Health from the republican budget;

are created due to review of states of district (city) divisions of the Center of support of healthy lifestyle and increase in physical activity of the population (further - the Center).

To the Ministry of Health (E. I. Basitkhanov) together with the Ministry of Finance (Zh. I. Abruyev) till July 1, 2022 to carry out the critical analysis of results of experiment and to make in the Cabinet of Ministers the offer on its step-by-step distribution in all territory of the republic.

5. Authorize the Center, Republican training center and specializations of average health and pharmaceutical workers, and also medical highest educational institutions to organize retraining rates on dietology for health workers of organizations of primary health care, and also rates of training of consultants for food for the population.

6. Assign to Research institution of sanitation, hygiene and occupational diseases additional tasks on preparation of health regulations and regulations, development of training programs and carrying out scientific research about expansion of main types of raw materials of healthy and safe foodstuff, to enrichment of foodstuff micronutrients, to healthy and dietary food proceeding from age, sex, physiological condition, profession and population morbidity, and also concerning medical prevention.

To research institution (U. H. Adilov):

on the basis of recommendations of the World Health Organization till February 1, 2021 to develop training programs on training of specialists nutritionists and consultants for food;

together with Research institution of physical culture and sport under the Uzbek state university of physical culture and sport till May 1, 2021 to develop recommended average daily regulation of food and complex of physical exercises for national groups on age, sex, physiological condition and professions.

7. To the center (B. T. Odilov) to adjust practice of conducting propaganda activities by placement of videos in mass media and social networks, and also distribution of distributing materials in the form of infographics among the population with involvement of the famous representatives of culture and athletes. At the same time to pay special attention to lighting by that about negative impact of improper feeding and slow-moving conduct of life on health of the person, and also useful properties of fruit and vegetables in prevention and treatment of the diseases resulting from it and their complications, benefit which is brought to health of the person by regular trainings by physical culture and mass sport.

To the ministry of youth policy and sport (A. I. Ikramov), to the Ministry of Culture and tourism (O. A. Nazarbekov) to render direct assistance to the Center in system implementation of measures, provided by this Item.

8. To the Ministry of Finance (T. A. Ishmetov, Zh. I. Abruyev) since 2021 to allocate funds from the Government budget for financing of large-scale propaganda activities about healthy nutrition and maintaining healthy lifestyle, including preparation of distributing material for the population and health workers, and also performance in mass media and social networks on the basis of reasonable calculations of the Ministry of Health.

(I. Yu. Abdurakhmonov) to provide to the ministry of innovative development forming on competitive basis of the scientific projects directed to the problem resolution in prevention of noninfectious diseases, in particular in questions of healthy food according to requirements of the state order of research works.

9. Determine that since 2021/2022 academic years:

in the preschool educational organizations classes of "Basis of personal hygiene and physical training" are given;

in average educational institutions of the republic programs of the objects "Education" and "The World Surrounding Us" for pupils 1 - the 4th classes, and also the subject "Biology" for the senior classes join the subjects "Health Lessons" on forming of skills of healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyle with review of studies;

in the academic lyceums, professional and highest educational institutions within the subject "Physical training" classes are given in forming of healthy lifestyle;


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