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of August 24, 2020 No. UP-6044

About measures for cardinal enhancement of licensed and allowing procedures

(as amended on 06-07-2023)

In recent years in the republic consecutive measures for cardinal improvement of the business and investment climate, elimination of the excessive bureaucratic barriers, enhancement which were outdate, not conforming to modern requirements of procedures are performed.

The work which is carried out in this directions created the strong base to start new stage of liberalization and institutional reforming of system of licensing and issue of permissions.

For the purpose of cardinal enhancement of licensed and allowing procedures, and also creation of wider conditions for activities of subjects of entrepreneurship by elimination of bureaucratic barriers:

1. Agree with the offers of the Ministry of Justice Authorized on protection of the rights and legitimate interests of subjects of entrepreneurship, the Antimonopoly Committee and Chamber of Commerce and Industry, providing:

at the first stage (in 2020) - reducing and transfer into alternative methods of regulation of some license types and documents of allowing nature which are not causing damage to health of citizens and to society, simplification of procedures for the purpose of minimization of reclamation of excessive documents and reduction of costs of time and means of subjects of entrepreneurship, ensuring transparency by complete digitalization of processes of issue of the relevant documents;

at the second stage (in 2020-2021) - systematization of acts of the legislation in the field of licensing and issue of permissions, development of passports of rendering the state services, radical reducing number of regulatory legal acts by implementation of standard administrative regulations of issue of some license types and documents of allowing nature.

2. Determine that since January 1, 2021:

a) some types of the licensed activities and documents of allowing nature:

are cancelled according to appendix No. 1 *;

are cancelled by consolidation according to appendix No. 2 *;

are cancelled by implementation of notifying procedure according to appendix No. 3 *;

b) terms of registration of some types of the licensed activities and documents of allowing nature according to appendix No. 4* are reduced.

Licenses or documents of allowing nature processed to activities (action) concerning which the notifying procedure is implemented continue to be effective and for implementation of these activities (action) the notification of authorized body is not required.

To bodies, authorized to grant licenses and documents of allowing nature, and also to accept notifications (further - authorized bodies) till January 1, 2021 to carry out inventory count and to provide maintaining the register earlier processed licenses and documents of allowing nature on the basis of new procedure.

3. Approve the Plan of the measures directed to further reducing and simplification of procedures of receipt of licenses and documents of allowing nature according to appendix No. 5*.

* appendices No. No. 1 - 5 are given in Uzbek.

4. Since January 1, 2021:

a) determine that when licensing tourist activities certification of services of tour operators is voluntary;

b) cancel:

the requirement of availability of the documents confirming consent to exchange of credit information with at least 10 commercial banks when licensing activities of credit bureaus;

practice of execution of the separate license for branches of legal entities by implementation of practice of specifying of the address of each branch in the main license when licensing activities for retail sale of medicines and products of medical appointment as the legal entities having the license for these activities during creation of their branches performing similar activities;

procedure for reclamation of obtaining from the applicant of guaranty letters of public authorities on places in case of receipt of the license for right to use by subsoil plots.

5. Determine that:

the types of activity which are not requiring decision making from authorized body to start activities or making of action, but performed by acceptance on themselves obligations on observance of the requirements and conditions established in acts of the legislation for ensuring state regulation, and also accounting of the subjects who are engaged in the related activity belong to the activities performed according to the procedure of the notification;

physical persons and legal entities confirm by the direction of the notification compliance to the requirements and conditions determined in acts of the legislation for implementation of activities or actions concerning which the notification procedure is entered. At the same time in the course of submission of documents by means of the automated electronic system it is performed on compliance to the requirements and conditions determined in acts of the legislation it is priority without intervention of the person;

lists of types of activity on which implementation are required the license documents of allowing nature and the notification of authorized body affirm the law and after adoption of the relevant law the requirement of passing of ministerial procedures by physical persons and legal entities for the implementation of activities or actions which are not included in these lists is not allowed.

6. Prohibit to authorized bodies to perform the following actions:

refuse rendering the state services because of debt availability at the license applicant on obligatory payments for delivery of electrical energy, natural gas, service of water supply and the sewerage, on collection and export of municipal solid waste, and also executive documents in case of issue, prolongation of effective period and renewal of licenses;

replace licenses and documents of allowing nature for the agreements signed between state bodies and subjects of entrepreneurship;

directly or indirectly to force subjects of entrepreneurship to use of other types of paid services or receipt of the documents of allowing nature which are not provided in licensed and allowing requirements and conditions in the course of consideration of the applications about issue of licenses and documents of allowing nature, issue of these documents, and also implementation of control functions.

7. Extend the validity of all licenses and documents of allowing nature which effective period expires in 2020 till January 1, 2021 and to prohibit accountability and application of other measures in connection with the expiration of their term.

8. Cancel since January 1, 2021 the right to implementation of activities without receipt of the corresponding license of the state unitary enterprises and non-state organizations which are engaged in the licensed types of activity, the created decisions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan or the Cabinets of Ministers.

9. To provide to the Ministry of Justice together with the Ministry of development of information technologies and communications till January 1, 2021 development and start of the information system "License" with special mobile application covering all processes connected with procedures of licensing, the issue of permissions and notifications having possibility of implementation of interdepartmental electronic interaction.

At the same time to take into account that the information system "License" has the following potential:

a) on passing of licensed, allowing and notifying procedures:


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