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of August 22, 2020

About physical culture and sport

This Law is directed to forming of healthy lifestyle of citizens of Turkmenistan, determines the basic principles, governs the public relations and establishes legal, organizational, economic and social bases of activities in the field of physical culture and sport in Turkmenistan.

Chapter I. General provisions

Article 1. Basic concepts

1. The basic concepts applied in this Law:

1) physical culture - the culture component, the field of activity representing set of the cultural and material values created and used by society for the purpose of realization of elements of healthy lifestyle, physical development of the person, enhancement of its physical activity, and also directed to strengthening of health of the person and promoting harmonious development of the personality;

2) sports and improving actions - the events held by c use of means of physical culture and sport and directed to recovery of forces of the person spent in the course of work (study), the organization of active leisure and increase in resistance of organism to action of adverse factors in conditions of production and the environment;

3) the organizer of sports and improving, sports and mass or sporting event - physical person or legal entity at the initiative of which the sports and improving, sports and mass or sporting event is held and (or) which performs organizational, financial and other support of preparation and holding such action;

4) the organizations of physical culture and sport - the legal entities performing activities in the field of physical culture and sport as core activity;

5) physical rehabilitation - process of recovery of the broken or temporarily lost functions of human body and capabilities to public and professional activity of persons with disability and persons with limited opportunities of health with use of funds and methods of adaptive physical culture and adaptive sport which are allocated for elimination or perhaps more total compensation of the restrictions of their life activity caused by violation of health;

6) physical training - the process aimed at the development of physical qualities, capabilities, motive skills of the person taking into account type of its activities and socially demographic characteristics;

7) physical training - the activities directed to education of the personality on the basis of healthy lifestyle, development of motive skills, physical capabilities and qualities of the person, acquisition of knowledge by it in the field of physical culture and sport for the purpose of forming of physically committed, comprehensively developed and healthy person;

8) The state complex of physical training - set of requirements to physical training and regulations of physical training of citizens of Turkmenistan depending on their age and floor providing realization of elements of healthy lifestyle in the Turkmen society;

9) international sports competitions and actions of different level - The Olympic Games, the Paralympic Games, Paralympic games, the World special Olympic Games, Universiades which are taking place among students, Asian games, the championships and World Cups, the championships and cups of Asia and other international sports competitions;

10) mass sport - the part of sport directed to organized occupation of the population by physical culture and also its participation in sports and mass and sports and improving actions;

11) sports and mass actions - the organized actions of competitive nature among the population aimed at the physical and spiritual development of the person, strengthening of health and prevention of diseases, rational carrying out leisure, forming of need for regular trainings by physical culture and sport;

12) school sport - the part of sport directed to physical training of pupils in educational institutions, their preparation for participation in sporting events;

13) professional sport - the part of sport which is sports business activity, the sport providing the economic effectiveness reached by the organization and holding sports and spectacular actions for different types of sport and obtaining by athletes, the teams participating in their preparation and carrying out, the monetary reward from organizers of sports competition or action;

14) professional sports club - the legal entity created and who is acting according to the legislation of Turkmenistan, entered member or contractual relations with the relevant national federation by the form (types) of sport, participating in sports competitions and profiting from these activities;

15) healthy lifestyle - the conduct of life of the person directed to strengthening of his health, achievement by it of active longevity and full accomplishment of social functions, active participation in labor, public, home, leisure forms of life activity, and also acceptance of preventive measures for elimination of the reasons and effects of diseases.

The environment, refusal of smoking, drugs, safe and favorable for dwelling, and alcohol intake, healthy food, physically active life, personal and public hygiene belong to bases of healthy lifestyle education since the early childhood of healthy habits and skills;

16) sport - the part of physical culture, the special sphere of manifestation and the unified comparison of achievements of people in sports which developed in the form of special practice of training of the person for competitions and competitive activities for the purpose of achievement of sports results;

17) sporting events - sports competitions, and also training actions and other actions for training of athletes for sports competitions;

18) sports constructions - specially created and equipped structures, buildings, constructions intended for holding sports and improving, sporting and sports and mass events and having space territorial borders;

19) the sports judge - the physical person authorized by the organizer of sports competition to exercise control of observance of rules of sport and regulations (regulations) on sports competition, had special training and received the corresponding qualification category;

20) sports reserve - the physical persons having sports training by the chosen type (types) of sport and applying for inclusion in structure of the national teams of teams of Turkmenistan in sports;

21) sports club - the legal entity performing educational and training, competitive, sports and improving, educational and other sports activities;

22) sports lottery - the advantageous game organized by implementation of tickets;

23) sports discipline - the part of sport having distinctive signs and including one or several types (programs) of sports competitions;

24) sport - component of sport which distinctive signs are the circle of occupations, the used sports equipment (without protective equipment) and the equipment, rules of sports competition;

25) sports national federations - the public organizations created on the basis of membership which purposes are development of one or several sports in nation-wide scale, holding sporting events of nation-wide and international level and training of athletes - members of the national teams of teams of Turkmenistan in sports, and having the state accreditation;

26) the national teams of team of Turkmenistan in sports - the groups of athletes, trainers and other specialists created by authorized state body in the field of physical culture and sport together with sports national federations for preparation for the international competitions and for participation in them on behalf of Turkmenistan;

27) the State register of sports - the information system containing the data on the sports and sports disciplines which gained development and recognized in the territory of Turkmenistan fixed on paper and electronic carriers;

28) military and applied and office and applied sports - sports on the special actions and methods connected with accomplishment by the military personnel and staff of law enforcement and special state bodies of the military and service duties and also for voluntary training of citizens for military service;

29) national sports - the sports which historically developed in the Turkmen society in the form of competitive activities and representing peculiar physical exercises and national games with original rules and methods of the organization of physical activity;

30) sports competition - competition among athletes or teams of athletes on different types of sport for the purpose of increase in interest in sports, the identification of winners and the best competitors which is carried out by the provision (regulations) approved by his organizer and also their rewarding and encouragement;

31) student's sport - the part of sport directed to physical training of students in organizations initial professional, average professional and higher education, their preparation for participation in sporting events;

32) the trainer - the physical person having the corresponding average professional or higher education in the directions of preparation (specialties) in the field of physical culture and sport or who got the admission to occupation trainer's activities issued by authorized state body in the field of physical culture and sport and the performing carrying out with athletes of educational and training actions and management of their competitive activities for achievement of sports results;

33) totalizator - the game at the rates organized on sports and actions by means of the special equipment;

34) the athlete - the physical person who is systematically engaged in the chosen type (types) of sport, including professional sport, and competing at sports competitions;

35) the sports competitions and events of different level held in the territory of Turkmenistan - the championships, superiority, competitions for cups, sports contests and Universiades of Turkmenistan;

36) single sports classification of Turkmenistan - system of sports ranks of trainers and athletes, categories of athletes and qualification categories of the sports judges determining the level of skill of athletes or qualification of trainers and sports judges;

37) the single schedule of nation-wide and international sporting events - the list of annual sports competitions of nation-wide and international level, and also actions for preparation for them;

38) adaptive physical culture and adaptive sport - package of measures of sports and improving and sports nature, directed to physical rehabilitation and adaptation to normal social environment of persons with disability and persons with limited opportunities of health, overcoming the psychological barriers interfering feeling of full-fledged life by them and also on awareness of need of the personal deposit in social and economic development of the country;

39) the high-class athlete - the athlete having sports rank and competing at sports competitions for the purpose of achievement of high sports results;

40) elite sport - the part of sport directed to achievement of high sports results by athletes at official sports competitions as within the country, and at the international level.

2. Other terms are determined in individual clauses of this Law.

Article 2. Legislation of Turkmenistan on physical culture and sport

The legislation of Turkmenistan on physical culture and sport is based on the Constitution of Turkmenistan, consists of this Law and other regulatory legal acts of Turkmenistan governing the relations in the field of physical culture and sport.

Article 3. Purpose and tasks of this Law

1. The purpose of this Law is creation of the legal base and necessary conditions for effective use of opportunities of physical culture and sport for forming in the Turkmen society of healthy lifestyle of the population, satisfaction of need of citizens of Turkmenistan for regular trainings with physical culture and sport, useful carrying out leisure, and also for strengthening of their health and prevention of diseases.

2. Tasks of this Law are:


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