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of December 8, 2001 No. 266-II

About rail transport

(The last edition from 19-04-2019)

This Law governs the public relations between carriers, participants of transportation process, state bodies, passengers, senders, receivers, consignors, consignees, other physical persons and legal entities when implementing public conveyance, baggage, loads, cargo baggage and mailings by rail.

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. The basic concepts used in this Law

In this Law the following basic concepts are used:

1) accident - cases of collision, descent of railway vehicles on railway tracks or railway tracks under agreements of public-private partnership, including under agreements of concession as a result of which the person received severe harm to health and (or) the railway vehicles in volume of major repair are damaged;

1-1) receivers - the person receiving baggage, cargo baggage or mailings and specified in carriage documents;

1-2) crashes - cases of collision, descent of railway vehicles on railway tracks or railway tracks under agreements of public-private partnership, including under agreements of concession as a result of which the person died and (or) the railway vehicles to degree of its exception of stock are damaged;

2) special railway vehicles - the self-propelled and non-self-propelled rail vehicles intended for works on content, servicing, recovery and repair of the high-level railway net and sidings;

3) special transportations - transportations of particular loads for the state needs and separate categories of passengers according to the procedure, determined by authorized body;

4) socially important passenger traffics - messages which social importance is determined:

interregional - authorized body;

5) baggage - the property weighing no more than two hundred kilograms accepted for shipment in the passenger or post and luggage train;

6) locking and sealing devices - the control elements combined in single design with blocking devices, applied to prevention of access to the load transported in the car, container;

7) ticket office - the Items of sale of travel documents (tickets) located in buildings of railway stations and out of these buildings in which services in sale of travel documents (tickets) according to requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan are rendered;

8) the car - the non-self-propelled trailing vehicle intended for transportation on railway tracks;

8-1) giving cleaning of cars - movement of cars by switching locomotive:

from station tracks - to shipping places, unloadings (unloading), to sidings;

on sidings - between acceptance (exhibition) ways and shipping places, unloadings (unloading) of the partner;

9) the operator of cars (containers) - the person owning cars (containers) on the property right or other legal causes, participating on the basis of the contract with carrier in transportation process by rendering services of the operator of cars (containers) and specified in carriage documents;

10) services of the operator of cars (containers) - services in providing on contractual basis cars (containers), to distribution and mission control of cars (containers) according to the procedure, established by authorized body;

10-1) territory near the station - the territory adjacent to the railway station with entrances and approaches to the railway station, stopping points of public and individual transport, places of the parking, car parks, improvement elements;

11) bulky (oversized) cargo - the load which dimensions in case of placement on the open railway vehicles which are on direct level section of railway track exceed outline of dimension of loading or its geometrical carrying out in curves exceed the settlement standard rates established by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

11-1) dispatching regulation - control procedure and monitoring of transactions of transportation process in real time;

11-2) especially important transportations - the status given by authorized body to transportations by railway rolling stock, and also routes (messages) of their following in case of rail haulings of protected persons of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

12) the passenger - the physical person having the travel document (ticket) and making trip in the train;

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