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of March 3, 2006 No. 94

About approval of the National concept of education in the Republic of Tajikistan

(as amended of the Order of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan of 10.02.2016 No. 66)

1. Approve the National concept of education in the Republic of Tajikistan it (is applied).

2. To the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan, the ministries and departments, local executive bodies of the government to develop and approve in the two-month time of action for implementation of the National concept of education in the Republic of Tajikistan.

3. To perform expenses on implementation of this Concept annually within means of the Government budget selected for the ministries, departments and local executive bodies of the government.


Prime Minister of the Republic of Tajikistan

Emomalii Rakhmonov

Approved by the Order of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan of March 3, 2006 No. 94

The national concept of education in the Republic of Tajikistan


The national concept of education (further the Concept) determines present and perspective policy of the state in the sphere of education of broad masses of the population, in particular younger generation. It orders essence, the purpose, tasks and content of national education at new historical stage, determines its role and value in forming of the identity of comprehensively developed person.

The president of the Republic of Tajikistan E.Sh.Rakhmonov considers one of the most important modern and future tasks of the state and society education of children, teenagers and youth in the spirit of traditional and world values, it raises question of demographic problems and streamlining of family as basis of prerequisite of healthy society, effective ways and methods implementation of which are considered in the Concept.

The concept is developed on the basis of valuable traditions of the Tajik nation, other nationalities and nationalities of Tajikistan. It allows all the population of Tajikistan irrespective of the area, nationalities and races to choose and perform various ways of education for forming of comprehensively developed personality.

The concept obliges and calls all the ministries and departments, creative associations, including the Writers' Union, the Union of composers, the Union of journalists, the Union of artists, the Union of architects, the Union of theatrical figures, other creative unions, mass media, publishing houses and typographies, political parties and public associations, including trade-union committees, non-governmental organizations, the public and private institutions, the companies of service. Councils of veterans of war and work, theaters, State philharmonic hall, conservatory, ensembles Shashmaky and Falak, libraries and museums, companies of health care and rest, recreation parks. The union of youth, educational and educational institutions and all society it is active to participate in education of citizens of the republic and to use the best efforts in implementation of programs and governmental activities on the matter having huge social and moral value.

I. Need of development and adoption of the Concept

In present situation need of development and adoption of the Concept is as follows:

1. The Republic of Tajikistan as the independent independent state, is at the initial stage of forming of the democratic constitutional, secular and single state. Its further development is connected with education of the personality having the high level of the morality, rich inner world developed physically and spiritually, with high sense of patriotism and national consciousness, observing the laws, the rights and freedoms, hardworking and feeling beauty, rational, judicious and tolerant, responsible and active, creative and creative. Education of such citizens is task of the state, society and family.

II. Methodological bases and state policy about education

The state in the policy on national education of citizens creating legal space in national education of citizens adopts regulatory legal acts and puts them into practice. Will organize educational and educational public institutions for the purpose of education of citizens and creates conditions in order that:

- nobody interfered with dissent, freedom of expression, conscience, participation of citizens in political life within the law;

- by means of popular scientific, fiction and mass media to bring the material having content of national education to citizens.

The governments of the Republic of Tajikistan takes necessary measures that all citizens of the republic young and old lived and created on the basis of constitutional right. Demand in compliance of the Code of ethics of the government employee of good behavior from officials of the government and heads of organizations, to increase consciousness and sense of responsibility of parents and the senior generation in education of younger generation.

Supporting scientific, secular, humanistic ideals, and also the best customs and traditions in education of the people, to adjust studying and research of valuable scientific, literary, historical, religious works, recommendations and works of the Head of state.

Providing education, physical health of the people, including children, teenagers, youth, children of orphans and without parental support, pensioners and aged people in family, kindergartens, schools, orphanages, houses, for aged and disabled people, promotes increase in level of culture of girls and women in questions of healthy lifestyle, streamlining of family and scrap and education of full-fledged citizens of the country and provides social and material security of the teachers and tutors, service personnel (hospital attendant) occupied with education of children, teenagers and adults in various medical and educational institutions.

Shall develop and support educational and improving organizations, and also summer the camp and rest house, supports talented by the teenager and youth in the material and moral plan.

Increases and coordinates role, the responsibility and activities of the Ministries of Education, cultures, health care of the Republic of Tajikistan, local authorities of the government, Committee of television and radio under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, the creative unions in education of the population, including younger generation. Develops different types of national sport in the republic. Supports the initiative of sponsors and other virtues in creation of conditions for educational activities.

In spite of the fact that education is considered general task, in its implementation the heavy responsibility is born by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Tajikistan which in this direction carries out the following:

- reviews training programs, textbooks, strengthening their practical and educational aspects, achievement content humanization training;

- focuses attention on education of national nature and thinking;

- develops general and single requirements to education of children, teenagers and youth in educational institutions, in family and public places;

- develops system of educational work by means of which parents are involved in education process as permanent partners of school and teachers;


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