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of April 6, 1992 No. UP-374

About amnesty in connection with accession to the World Community of the Nations

In connection with the entry of the Republic of Uzbekistan into the United Nations, initialing of resulting documents of the Helsinki Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe and the undertaken international legal human rights obligations, showing mercy and humanity concerning persons who made the separate, not constituting special peril for society offenses, I decide:

1. Exempt from custodial sanction, and also from the punishment which is not connected with imprisonment, convicts:

a) participants of the Great Patriotic War and persons equated to them;

b) the minors for the first time condemned for not serious crimes to imprisonment for a period of up to 3 years inclusive and also the minors condemned to the punishment which is not connected with imprisonment;

c) the convicts who committed crimes on imprudence (except for parts 2 and 3 of article 208 of the Criminal code);

d) convicts to imprisonment it is conditional with obligatory labor involvement, and also conditionally exempted;

e) condemned for the first time for the intentional crimes which are not heavy which court appoints serving sentence in the colonies settlements which served at least a half of the appointed punishment sentence;

e) the military personnel condemned for the first time to the direction in disciplinary battalion for the careless crimes and intentional crimes which are not heavy the served at least one third of the appointed punishment sentence and also condemned for evasion from military service;

g) the women having minor children, (pregnant women); 60 years are more senior than convicts; disabled people of I and II groups except for condemned and brought to trial for especially dangerous high treasons and crimes listed in article 6 of this Decree.

2. Exempt from places of detention of convicts for the intentional crimes which are not heavy, the punishment term remaining balance at which constitutes less than six months.

3. Cut by half remaining period of serving sentence to persons, for the first time convicts:

a) the minor who committed intentional not serious crimes;

b) for abuses of regulations of traffic safety (part 2 of article 208 of the Criminal Code).

4. Reduce by one third remaining period of serving sentence condemned for intentional crimes, and also for the crimes which are not heavy.

5. Stop production all investigative cases and cases which are not considered by courts:

a) about the crimes committed before entry into force of this Decree, to persons listed in the Items "and", "b", "zh" of article 1 of the Decree;

b) concerning persons who avoided the military service.

6. Amnesty is not applied to persons listed in Articles 1, of 3, of 4, 5 Decrees from number:

a) condemned and brought to trial for especially dangerous high treasons, and also for violation of national and racial equality;

disclosure of the state secret;


actions, disorganizing work of correctional institutions;


mass riots;

production or sale of counterfeit money and securities;

b) recognized as especially dangerous recidivists;

c) condemned and brought to trial for premeditated murder;

intentional heavy bodily harm;

infringement of life of the employee of militia or national combatant;


racketing (racket);


plunder of the state-owned or public property in especially large sizes;

theft of the state-owned, public or personal property in case of the qualifying signs;



taking of a bribe, bribery or mediation in bribery, made in case of aggravating circumstances;

malicious, especially malicious hooliganism, and also for the crimes provided by Articles 100 of h 2, of 101, 101-1, 102-2, 209-2, 209-3, 210-1, 216-2, 216-3, 216-4, 216-5 and 216-6 Criminal codes of the republic;

d) offenders repeatedly to imprisonment for intentional crimes, and also previously convicted to imprisonment for the crimes specified in the Items "and" and "v" of this article of the Decree;

e) earlier exempted from punishment according to the procedure of pardon or amnesty and again committed intentional crime;

e) not completed full course of treatment for alcoholism, drug addiction or venereal diseases;

g) it is malicious breaking the mode in term of imprisonment.

7. This Decree becomes effective from the date of its publication, extends only to the persons condemned by the courts of the Republic of Uzbekistan and military tribunals deployed in its territory, and also brought to trial by investigating bodies of the republic and is subject to execution within six months.

8. To the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan together with other interested bodies in accordance with the established procedure to organize accounting and the direction in special medical institutions of the suffering from tuberculosis I and II groups of dispensary accounting exempted from punishment.

9. To the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Internal Affairs together with Prosecutor's office and the Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan in three-day time to develop Regulations on procedure for application of this Decree and to submit it for approval.



Republic of Uzbekistan I. Karimov

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