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of October 19, 2000 No. 2050-III

About compensation to citizens of loss of part of the income in connection with violation of terms of their payment

(as amended on 04-02-2021)

Article 1. The companies, organizations and the organizations of all patterns of ownership and managing perform compensation to citizens of loss of part of the income in case of violation of fixed terms of their payment, including because of the owner or the body (person) authorized by it.

Article 2. Compensation to citizens of loss of part of the income in connection with violation of terms of their payment (further - compensation) is made in case of delay on one and more calendar months of payment of the income added to citizens for the period since day of entry into force of this Law.

It is necessary to understand cash income of citizens which they gain in the territory of Ukraine and which has no one-time nature as the income in this Law:

pensions or monthly perpetual monetary pay (taking into account allowances, increases, additional pension, the target monetary assistance, pension for special merits in front of Ukraine and other pension supplements established by the legislation);

social payments;


salary (cash cover);

amount of indexation of cash incomes of citizens;

compensation amounts of the harm done to physical person by mutilation or other damage of health;

the amounts which are paid to persons having the right to indemnification in case of loss of the supporter.

Article 3. The compensation amount is estimated by multiplication of the amount of the income added, but not paid to the citizen for the corresponding month (after tax withholding and obligatory payments) on the inflation index during nonpayment of the income (inflation of month for which the income is paid, is not taken into account).

Article 4. Payment to citizens of compensation amount is made in the same month in which debt repayment for the corresponding month is performed.

Article 5. Income of compensation which is timely not gained because of the citizen is not subject.

Article 6. Compensation is paid for the account:

own means - the companies, organizations and the organizations which are not financed and are not subsidized from the budget, and also consolidation of citizens;

means of the relevant budget - the company, organization and the organization which are financed or subsidized from the budget;

means of the Pension fund of Ukraine, Social Insurance Fund of Ukraine, Fund of obligatory national social insurance of Ukraine on case of unemployment, trust social funds, and also the funds allocated for their payment from the budget.

Article 7. The refusal of the owner or the body (person) authorized by it of payment of compensation can be appealed by the citizen judicially.

Responsibility of the owner or the body (person) authorized by him for untimely payment of the income is determined according to the legislation.

Article 8. This Law becomes effective since January 1, 2001.


President of Ukraine


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