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of March 29, 2019 No. 1532-VQ

About the general education

(as amended on 22-12-2023)

This Law determines according to article 42 of the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic the basic principles of state policy in the field of providing the general education in the Azerbaijan Republic, organization-legal and economic bases of the general education. The general education in the Azerbaijan Republic is based on the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic "About education", international conventions about human rights and other international treaties which the Azerbaijan Republic joined, develops in integration into world education system on the basis of values of the Azerbaijani people in the fields of education and priority of universal values.

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. Basic concepts

1.0. The basic concepts used in this Law designate the following:

1.0.1. the general education - the education step providing training of trainees in the general bases of science, instilling in them of necessary knowledge, skills, preparation them to life and labor activity;

1.0.2. educational institution - educational institution in which all three levels or any level (any levels) of step of the general education are organized;

1.0.3. general secondary education - the level of the general education which is considered obligatory and coming to an end with issue to graduates of the state education document;

1.0.4. comprehensive school of residential type - educational institution of residential type of general purpose, lyceum of residential type, gymnasium of residential type, comprehensive school of residential type with the integrated training, special comprehensive school of residential type, sanatorium comprehensive school of residential type which act on the daily basis and at which educational process is performed based on the appropriate training programs for students from separate categories;

1.0.5. levels of step of the general education - the levels of initial, general average and senior secondary education constituting step of the general education and realizing on the basis of succession the appropriate training programs on each of them;

1.0.6. accreditation of educational institution - process of determination of compliance of activities of educational institution to the state educational standards and its status;

1.0.7. psychological service in educational institutions - the type of service providing studying of tendencies and interests of pupils, educational, social and moral problems by means of cooperation with the parents leading and pedagogical workers and also rendering by it in necessary cases of pedagogiko-psychological support;

1.0.8. state standard of the general education - set of the general regulations covering the minimum requirements and regulations to content, management, infrastructures, material logistics and educational base of the general education, to indicators of quality training, to knowledge, skills of trainees;

1.0.9. the general educational program (куррикулум) - the state document reflecting kurrikuluma on disciplines, after-hour occupations (optional rates), out-of-school training programs, curricula;

1.0.10. the certificate on accreditation - the document issued by the body (structure) determined by relevant organ of the executive authority, and creating the legal basis for continuation of activities of educational institution;

1.0.11. small school - school without parallel classes and total quantity of pupils less than 100 people;

1.0.12. the international accreditation - assessment by the international organizations on voluntary basis of compliance of activities of educational institution to international standards;

1.0.13. the international and accredited educational program - the educational program implemented according to the standards established by the international organization or the foreign state and granting to graduates the right to get education in higher educational institutions of two or more foreign countries;

1.0.14. the speech pathologist - the specialist with the higher education who is engaged in training and correction of children with intellectual or physical restraints;

1.0.15. after-hour occupation (optional rate) - the form of work directed to expansion of knowledge, development of creative capabilities and career guidance of pupils according to their tendencies, interests and capabilities;

1.0.16. subject куррикулум - the document containing the purposes and tasks of subject, the requirement to teaching subject, results of training in levels of the general education and each class, training strategy, intra disciplinary and cross-disciplinary integration, means and evaluation criteria, methodical recommendations about planning of training materials;

1.0.17. day-care center - the organizational form functioning in postfixed or dourochny time and aimed at the development of pupils of initial classes;

1.0.18. the board of trustees - the self-government institutions consisting of the volunteers who are actively participating in activities of educational institution, the solution of the existing problems exercising public control over collection, registration and use of the help provided by separate physical persons and legal entities to educational institution;

1.0.19. primary education - the first level of the general education;

1.0.20. forced medical examination - the system of active dynamic observation consisting of complex preventive, diagnostic and medical and improving actions for the purpose of health protection of children, ensuring normal physical development and early detection of disease;

1.0.21. inclusive education - involvement of children with limited opportunities of health in training in one class with healthy pupils by means of creation of special conditions in educational institution and special training;

1.0.22. innovation (in the general education) - the innovations implemented in the field of content, assessment and management of education, high-quality improvement of strategy and techniques of training;

1.0.23. integration (in the general education) - the didactic principle including establishment of organic bonds between the stages constituting training process, and informative standards on different disciplines;

1.0.24. it is cancelled;

1.0.25. the best (creative) pedagogical practices - achievement of effective results by means of innovative activities by application by the teacher in pedagogical process of original methods, means, methods, demonstration of pedagogical skill and innovation;

1.0.26. the logopedist - the specialist with the higher education performing correction of violations of the speech at children;

1.0.27. preschool education - the first stage of the general education organized for the purpose of ensuring psychological training of children of 5 years for school training;

1.0.28. methodical council - the structure providing the organization and implementation of methodical service in educational institution;


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