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of December 8, 1993 No. 2572-XII

About the administrative-territorial device of the Republic of Kazakhstan

(The last edition from 28-12-2018)

Section 1. General provisions

Article 1. System of the administrative-territorial device of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The administrative-territorial device of the Republic of Kazakhstan are a part of the system administrative and territorial units: the village, the settlement, the rural district, the area in the city, the city, the area, the area.

Article 2. Categories of administrative and territorial units

For implementation of public administration on the basis of optimum combination of republican and local interests the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan is subdivided into two main categories regions and settlements.

The region is the part of the territory of the republic including several settlements, formed and managed for the benefit of the republic.

Regions are the area, the area and the rural district as the main links of the republican administrative-territorial device.

The settlement is the part of compactly populated territory of the republic which developed as a result of economic and other public work of citizens, numbering at least 50 people, considered and registered in the procedure established by the law and managed by local representative and executive bodies.

The settlements which are in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan are subdivided on city and rural.

The cities of republican, regional and district value, and also the settlements which are in the territory of their administrative subordination belong to city settlements; to rural - all other settlements irrespective of their administrative subordination.

Settlements have components.

Components of settlements are residential districts, squares, avenues, boulevards, streets, lanes, parks, squares, bridges and other parts.

The area in the city is the area in the city of regional value, the city of republican value, the capital with population over 400 thousand people.

Article 3. Categories of the cities and other settlements

The cities and other settlements are subdivided:

1) the cities of republican value to which the settlements having special state value or having population more than one million people belong;

2) the cities of regional value to which the settlements which are the large economic and cultural centers, having the developed production and social infrastructure and number more than 50 thousand people belong;

3) the cities of district value to which settlements in the territory of which there are industrial enterprises, municipal services, the state housing stock, the developed network of educational and cultural and educational, medical and shopping facilities, with population at least 10 thousand people from whom workers, employees and members of their families constitute over two thirds of total number of the population belong;

4) settlements to which settlements under industrial enterprises, buildings, railway stations and other economically important objects numbering at least 3 thousand people from which workers, employees and members of their families constitute at least two thirds belong;

the settlements located in the area having medical value with the population at least 2 thousand people from whom the number of visitors annually for treatment and rest constitutes at least a half are also equated to settlements; also housing estates which are places of summer holiday of citizens in which at least 25 percent of adult population constantly go in for agricultural industry concern to them;

5) the village - the settlement numbering at least 50 people from which the workers occupied in agricultural, forest and hunting industry, beekeeping, fishery and fish breeding members of their families and specialists of health care, social security, education, culture and sport constitute at least a half of the population;

6) country and other settlements with population less than 50 people are included the next settlement.

Article 4. Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the administrative-territorial device

1. The legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the administrative-territorial device is based on the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan and consists of this Law and other regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

2. If the international treaty ratified by the Republic of Kazakhstan establishes other rules, than those which are provided by this Law then are applied rules of the international treaty.

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