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The agreement between the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on cooperation in fight against drug trafficking, psychotropic substances and precursors

of October 12, 2000

The government of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine which are hereinafter referred to as with the Parties

expressing concern in scales of drug addiction and tendencies of growth of drug trafficking, psychotropic substances (further the referred to as drugs) and precursors,

understanding that drug trafficking and precursors pose serious threat of homeland security, to health and welfare of their people and are the problem mentioning political and economic structures, social and cultural spheres of society

proceeding from the purposes of the Single convention on drugs of 1961, the Convention on psychotropic substances of 1971 and the Convention of the UN on fight against illicit trafficking in drugs and psychotropic substances of 1988,

recognizing that fight against drug trafficking and precursors require the coordinated actions within bilateral cooperation and performed determination to render each other necessary assistance,

being guided by the conventional principles and rules of international law,

agreed as follows:

Article 1

1. For realization of the purposes of this agreement by competent authorities of the Parties are:

for the Republic of Uzbekistan:

- The national center for control of drugs under the Cabinet of Ministers,

- Prosecutor's office,

- Service of homeland security,

- Ministry of Internal Affairs,

- State Customs Committee,

- Ministry of Justice,

- Ministry of Health,

- Committee on protection of Frontier,

- Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

- Ministry of national education,

- State Tax Committee,

for Ukraine:

- Ministry of Internal Affairs,

- State committee on cases of protection of frontier of Ukraine,

- Security service,

- State Customs Service,

- Ministry of Health.

2. Each of the Parties without delay notifies other Party on modification of the list of the competent authorities.

3. Competent authorities of the Parties for the purpose of accomplishment of this agreement can communicate with each other directly.

Article 2

The parties according to the legislation of the states will perform the coordinated programs in the field of prevention of abuse of drugs, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with drug addiction, control of legal turnover of drugs and precursors, and also fight against their illicit trafficking.

The parties will fulfill the obligations following from this agreement according to the principles and rules of international law.

Article 3

The parties through the competent authorities cooperate in the field of fight against drug trafficking, abuse of them, and also illicit trafficking in precursors in the following priority directions:

- creation of the coordination mechanism of cooperation at the administrative and operational levels;

- rapprochement of the national legal system in the field of control of drugs;

- implementation of the coordinated actions directed to suppression of illegal production and drug trafficking, identification of routes of their illicit movement including from the third states;

- reducing demand for drugs and drug addiction scales in the countries;

- experience exchange of work on suppression of drug trafficking and to the prevention of spread of drug addiction.

Article 4

Competent authorities of the Parties according to the legislation of the states will communicate being of mutual interest:

a) about forms and methods of identification of sources of drugs and precursors in illicit trafficking and about measures for suppression of their distribution;

b) about methods of identification, prevention and investigation of the crimes constituting drug trafficking and precursors;

c) about illicit movement of drugs and precursors on the territory of the state of one of the Parties and methods of their concealment;

d) about scientific research concerning fight against drug trafficking and precursors;

e) about the relevant legislation of the states of the Parties and practice of its application;

e) about methods of legalization of income gained from drug trafficking and precursors;

ё) about samples of new and unknown types of the drugs withdrawn from illicit trafficking;

g) about the applied methods of concealment of batches of illegal drugs and precursors when crossing frontier, and also about methods of their identification;

h) about persons identified as illegal carriers of drugs and precursors about the revealed routes of their transportation;

i) about criminal groups of drug dealers, individuals, commercial and other structures which are engaged in illegal transactions with drugs and precursors or are suspected of such criminal activities.

Article 5

1. The cooperation within this agreement is performed based on requests about rendering assistance of competent authorities of the Parties.

2. The inquiry is sent for rendering assistance in writing. Requests can be transferred in immediate cases orally, however they shall be confirmed in writing no later than three days.

In case of doubt in authenticity or content of request about rendering assistance its confirmation can be requested.

3. The request about rendering assistance shall contain:

a) the name of the competent authority requesting assistance and competent authority to which the request is turned;

b) statement of case on being;

c) specifying of the purpose and reasons for request;

d) content of required assistance.

4. In that measure in what it is necessary and it is possible, the request also shall contain:

a) names and surnames, and also others, the being of interest, data;

b) information on names and the locations of the legal entities concerning case;

c) the description of act or event, and on criminal cases - also qualification of act according to the legislation of the state of the requesting Party and the text of the relevant articles of the applied law;

d) the list of questions on which it is necessary to receive the answer;

e) the description of special procedure which needs to be followed in case of execution of request and reasons for this need;

e) any other information which can be useful to execution of request.

5. The request about rendering assistance transferred and confirmed in writing is signed by the head of the requesting competent authority or its deputy.

Article 6

Competent authorities of the Parties will provide confidentiality of information obtained from each other within this agreement when it requires the Party transferring this information. In case of need transfers to the third party of information obtained within this agreement the written consent of competent authority, it provided is required.

Article 7

The parties will cooperate on mutually advantageous basis in the field of advanced training of personnel in relation to this agreement purposes.


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