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The consular convention between the Republic of Uzbekistan and Georgia

of October 10, 2003

The Republic of Uzbekistan and Georgia which are hereinafter referred to as with the Parties

being guided by desire of further development of the friendly relations between two countries and more effective protection of the rights and interests of the citizens,

based on provisions of article 73 of the Vienna Convention on the consular intercourses of April 24, 1963,

decided to conclude this Consular Convention and for this purpose

agreed as follows:

Article 1. Determinations

In this Convention:

1) "consular establishment" means any consulate general, consulate, vice-consulate or the consular agency;

2) "the consular district" means the area allocated to consular establishment for accomplishment of consular functions;

3) "the head of consular establishment" means person, it is entrusted to them to be effective in this quality;

4) "the consular official" means any person, including the head of consular establishment to whom accomplishment of consular functions is entrusted in this quality;

5) "the consular employee" means any person which is carrying out administrative or technical obligations in consular establishment;

6) "the worker of service personnel" means any person which is carrying out obligations on servicing of consular establishment;

"Employees of consular establishment" means 7) consular officials, consular employees and workers of service personnel;

8) "workers of consular personnel" means consular officials (except for heads of consular establishment), and also consular employees and workers of service personnel;

9) "the private house worker" means person who is only in the private service of the employee of consular establishment;

10) "family member" - the spouses (spouse) of the employee of consular establishment, his children and parents, and also the parents of his spouse (spouse) living together with them and being in their dependence;

11) "consular rooms" means the buildings used only for consular establishment or parts of buildings and the parcel of land serving this building or parts of buildings, coma the property right to them belonged;

12) "consular archives" include all papers, documents, correspondence, books, movies, video and sound recordings, diskettes and registers of consular establishment together with codes and codes, card-indexes and any furnishings intended for ensuring their safety or storage;

13) "the vessel of the represented state" means any vessel, except for public vessels, the having right to float under the flag of the represented state and registered in this state;

14) "the aircraft of the represented state" means any aircraft, except for military aircraft, registered in the represented state and having the right to bear identification marks of this state.

Article 2. Opening of consular establishments

1. The consular establishment of the represented state can be open in the territory of the state of stay only with the consent of the state of stay.

2. The location of consular establishment, its class, the consular district and number of consular officials are determined by the agreement between the represented state and the state of stay.

3. Further changes of the location of consular establishment, its class and the consular district or number of consular officials can be performed by the represented state only with the consent of the state of stay.

4. The consent of the state of stay is also required if any consulate general or consulate wishes to open vice-consulate or the consular agency not in that settlement where it is.

5. The prior definitely expressed consent of the state of stay is necessary also for opening of the office constituting part of the existing consular establishment out of the location of the last.

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