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of June 18, 2019 No. 198-Z

About radiation safety

Accepted by the House of Representatives on May 16, 2019

Approved by Council of the Republic on May 31, 2019

This Law establishes the legal basis of functioning of system of ensuring radiation safety, the address with sources of ionizing radiation and is directed to prevention and minimization of harmful effects of ionizing radiation on health of the person and the environment.

Chapter 1 General provisions

Article 1. The main terms used in this Law and their determinations

1. Natural radiation background - the radiation dose created by the space radiation and radiation of the natural radionuclides which are naturally distributed in the earth, subsoil, waters, atmospheric air, other components of the environment, products and human body.

2. The closed source of ionizing radiation - source of ionizing radiation which design excludes intake of radioactive materials to the environment under operating conditions and depreciation which it is expected.

3. Ionizing radiation - the radiation which interaction with substance, including with human body, leads vapor of ions of different signs to education.

4. Source of ionizing radiation - radioactive material or the radiation device.

5. Medical radiation - radiation of patients when rendering medical care to them, and also radiation of persons providing comfort and care of patients and persons participating in clinical testing.

6. The population - physical persons which can undergo to radiation in situations of the planned, emergency and existing radiation, except professional and medical radiation.

7. Radiation - impact of ionizing radiation on substance, including on human body.

8. The address with sources of ionizing radiation - the activities connected with production (production), realization, operation, storage, transportation, conversion and burial of sources of ionizing radiation and also other types of activity connected with sources of ionizing radiation, provided by legal acts.

9. Subject of the treatment of radioactive waste - radiation object on which conversion, storage and (or) burial of radioactive waste are performed.

10. Open source of ionizing radiation - source of ionizing radiation in case of the address of which intake of radioactive materials to the environment is possible.

11. Personnel - the physical persons working according to employment and (or) civil contracts which subject is performance of works (rendering services) with sources of ionizing radiation, and also the physical persons working according to employment and (or) civil contracts and being under the terms of work in zone of impact of sources of ionizing radiation.

12. The user of source of ionizing radiation - the legal entity of the Republic of Belarus, foreign and international legal entities (the organization, not being the legal entity) (further, unless otherwise specified, - the legal entity), the individual entrepreneur, performing the address with source of ionizing radiation.

13. Practical activities - activities which can increase radiation from sources of ionizing radiation and belong to situation of the planned radiation.

14. Radiation dose limit - the size of effective dose of radiation of human body in certain period which shall not be exceeded.

15. Products - the result of economic or other activity provided in material and material form and intended for further use in economic and other purposes which contains or may contain radionuclides.

16. Professional radiation - radiation of personnel.

17. Works and services which can exert impact on radiation safety, - designing, construction, installation, adjustment, commissioning, diagnosing, repair, servicing and conclusion from operation of sources of ionizing radiation, radiation objects, and also the equipment for them, other works and services which accomplishment and rendering can change levels of professional radiation and radiation of the population.

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