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in the Ministry of Justice


On April 5, 2002 No. 337/6625


of March 21, 2002 No. 18

About approval of Veterinary and health requirements to Items of purchase of milk from animals who contain in personal peasant economy

(as amended on 12-09-2012)

In pursuance of the Laws of Ukraine "About veterinary medicine", "About quality and safety of foodstuff and food staples", "About retirement, conversion, utilization, destruction or further use of low-quality and dangerous products" and for the purpose of ensuring carrying out the state veterinary sanitary inspection and control of observance by subjects of housekeeping of veterinary health requirements concerning procurement and realization of raw commodity milk, increase in its quality and safety in the veterinary and sanitary relation of PRIKAZYVAYU:

1. Approve Veterinary and health requirements to Items of purchase of milk from the animals containing in personal peasant economy (further - Requirements) which are applied.

2. To the chief state inspectors of veterinary medicine of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, areas, cities of Kiev and Sevastopol, areas, cities to exercise veterinary sanitary inspection and control of activities of subjects of housekeeping which make and realize raw commodity milk, according to the current legislation and these Requirements.

3. Register these Requirements in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

4. To management of ensuring antiepizootic work (Kucheryavenko O. O.) to provide replication and rassylaniye of Requirements to organizations of veterinary medicine.

5. I reserve control over the implementation of the order.


Chairman of State department

veterinary medicine P. I. Verbitsky

Approved by the Order of State department of veterinary medicine of Ukraine from 21 Matyora of 2002 No. 18

Veterinary and health requirements to Items of purchase of milk from the animals containing in personal peasant economy of the population

1. General provisions

1.1. These Requirements are directed to creation of necessary organizational, technical, veterinary and sanitary conditions for purchase of high-quality raw commodity cow's milk from animals who contain in personal peasant economy and small farms.

1.2. Requirements are obligatory for:

- workers of Items of purchase of milk (further - Items);

- the milk-processing companies and other subjects of business activity irrespective of patterns of ownership to which Items are subordinated;

- owners of personal peasant economy and small farms which deliver milk on Items;

- the specialists of veterinary medicine exercising veterinary ensuring and the state veterinary health control of functioning of subjects of business activity where milk purchase, and the specialists of public service of veterinary medicine exercising the state veterinary sanitary inspection and also for organizations of the public sanitary and epidemiologic service which exercise supervision of passing by workers of Items of the obligatory routine medical examinations, of condition of drinking water, availability washing and disinfectants, overalls and so forth is carried out.

2. Veterinary health requirements to milk purchase Items

2.1. Purchase of milk from animals who contain in personal peasant economy shall be performed only on respectively the equipped Item.

2.2. The Item shall be placed in the certain room and to be connected to network of water supply, the sewerage, heating and electroproviding according to the operating construction and sanitary standards and rules.

Due to the lack of the centralized sewerage equip local cleaning constructions. Use of cesspools (amount to 5 CBM) according to the established requirements is allowed.

Quality of drinking water on Item shall meet health requirements.

2.3. In case of entrance to the room establish scrapers, lattices or metal gauzes for cleaning of footwear of dirt, and also equip dezkovrik. Windows protect from flies metal, polymeric or gauze gauzes, and the room - from rodents and events for deratization and disinsection are held.

2.4. The Item consists of departments:

- acceptance of milk in which place laboratory table, case for reactants and ware, scales for milk weighing, other devices necessary for determination of its quality, according to the requirements provided in Item 3.4. Here too there shall be workplace of the specialist of veterinary medicine for milk research on somatic cages;

- storage of milk in which install the corresponding equipment for its chilling;

- sanitary processing of dairy ware. This department establishes water heater, racks for storage of ware. Equip sanitary corner with washstand, soap, towels, disinfecting solution for hands. Here too store sanitary clothes.

2.5. The sizes of rooms (room) depending on amounts of intake of milk which buys Item shall allow to place freely the equipment and to carry out technological transactions on its acceptance, accomplishment of laboratory analyses, chilling of milk, sanitary processing of dairy ware. Half of rooms shall be with hard surface, walls are revetted with ceramic tile on height of at least 1,8 of m.

2.6. The owner provides Item with the necessary equipment, devices, reactants, necessary quantity of ware for milk storage (the tank, flask, bucket and so forth), other consumable materials and set of regulatory legal acts and the corresponding methodical materials.

Ware for storage of milk shall be made of the materials permitted by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. It is not allowed to use galvanized, copper and rusty reservoirs.

On Item there shall be in enough washing also disinfectants.

2.7. The prepared worker who owns methods of its accounting and measure definition of quality shall be the acceptor of milk.

All workers of Item shall have personal medical books and systematically have obligatory routine medical examinations and physical examinations in the procedure established by the legislation.

2.8. Veterinary and sanitary ensuring activities of Item is performed by the specialist of veterinary medicine appointed by public institution of veterinary medicine which serves this settlement.

Fee of specialists of veterinary medicine is carried out by the subject of housekeeping according to the procedure, established by the legislation.

3. Requirements to the organization of quality control and safety of milk which arrives on purchase Items

3.1. The acceptor of Item performs accounting of farms - producers of raw commodity milk in the magazine (appendix 1). In case of requirement such reporting goes to the milk-processing company monthly. The acceptor of Item shall possess information concerning farms in which family members are suffering from tuberculosis or other anthropozoonotic diseases.


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