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of December 23, 1997 No. 771/97-BP

About the basic principles and requirements to safety and quality of foodstuff

(The last edition from 06-12-2018)

This Law governs the relations between executive bodies, operators of the market of foodstuff and consumers of foodstuff and determines procedure for safety and separate indicators of quality of foodstuff which are made, are in circulation, are imported sent) on customs area of Ukraine and/or exported sent) from it.

Section I General provisions

Article 1. Terms and their determinations

1. In this Law the following basic concepts are used:

1) the agrofood market - subject of managing which creates proper conditions for realization (wholesale) of agricultural products, including foodstuff, on specially equipped and allocated places according to the law;

2) it is excluded;

3) risk analysis - the process consisting of three interconnected components: risk assessment, risk management and message on risk;

4) it is excluded;

5) fragrances - products, except for those which have exclusively sweet, sour or salty taste which are not used separately and are added to foodstuff for the purpose of provision by it of aroma and/or taste, or modification of aroma and/or taste and may contain foodstuff and/or fragrances, and/or nutritional supplements. Aromatic substances, aromatic medicines, thermally processed fragrances, fragrances koptilny, predecessors of aroma, and also other fragrances and their mixes which do not fall under the specified categories belong to fragrances;

6) it is excluded;

7) safe foodstuff - foodstuff which does not make harmful effects on health of the person and is suitable for consumption;

8) it is excluded;

9) withdrawals of foodstuff - the measures directed to prevention of distribution, demonstration or the offer of dangerous foodstuff to consumers;

10) production - the activities connected with production of objects of sanitary actions including all stages of engineering procedure, namely primary production, preparation, mixing and procedures connected with it, processing, filling, packaging, conversion, recovery and other changes of condition of object;

11) withdrawal of foodstuff - the measures directed to return of dangerous foodstuff which is sold or transferred to the consumer or which is available to the consumer;

12) relevant international organizations - The World Health Organization (WHO), the Commission on the Code Alimentarius, the International Epizootic Bureau (IEB) and other international organizations which develop recommendations, instructions, standards, other documents concerning health protection and life of people from the risks connected with the use of foodstuff, and also other separate indicators of quality of foodstuff;

13) water sea net - the natural, artificial or purified sea water which is not containing the polluting microorganisms or toxic sea plankton in the quantities capable to affect directly or indirectly suitability of foodstuff;

14) drinking water - the foodstuff suitable for consumption by the person;

15) clear water - water sea net or fresh water which corresponds to indicators of safety of water of sea net;

16) hygienic requirements - measures and the conditions necessary for management of dangerous factors and ensuring suitability of foodstuff for consumption by the person taking into account their proper use;

17) it is excluded;

18) it is excluded;

19) it is excluded;

20) dietary additive - the foodstuff consumed in small certain amounts in addition to regular diet which is the concentrated source of nutrients including proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral substances (this list is not exclusive), and is made in the form of tablets, capsules, dragee, powders, liquids or other forms;

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