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It is registered

in the Ministry of Justice


On June 20, 2003 No. 498/7819


of December 13, 2002 No. 468

About approval of the State health regulations and regulations of "The company of the coal industry"

According to article 40 of the Law of Ukraine "About ensuring sanitary and epidemiological wellbeing of the population"


1. Approve the State health regulations and regulations of "The company of the coal industry" which are attached.

2. To enact the state health regulations and regulations of "The company of the coal industry" from 01.08.2003.

3. To the head sanitary and epidemiologic department of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine it is this to bring the order to organizations and institutions of the public sanitary and epidemiologic service, the ministries, other central executive bodies in accordance with the established procedure.

4. To impose control of execution of this order on the deputy chief of the Main sanepidupravleniye of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine Sitenko M. A.


First deputy State

secretary, the main state

health officer of Ukraine



O. O. Bobyliova


First deputy State

Minpalivenergo's secretary of Ukraine A. V. Korzun


Gosnadzorokhrantrud of Ukraine of V. Mostova

First Deputy Chairman

The state committee of Ukraine on

to questions of technical regulation

and consumer policy of G. S. Sidorenko


Approved by the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on December 13, 2002 No. 468

State health regulations and regulations of "Company of the coal industry"


1. General provisions

1.1. The state health regulations and regulations of "The company of the coal industry" (further - Rules) determine requirements concerning arrangement and content of the coal-mining companies, cuts, concentrating and briquette factories, and also concerning design of the machines, mechanisms, the equipment, technologies, substances and materials intended for the coal industry and are obligatory for all companies of the coal industry in the territory of Ukraine irrespective of patterns of ownership.

1.2. The state supervision of observance of sanitary and hygienic rules and regulations at the coal companies is performed by bodies and organizations of the public sanitary and epidemiologic service of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

1.3. The purpose of Rules is the saving of health of workers by restriction of adverse action of harmful production factors (physical, chemical, biological, etc.) and decrease in risk of development professional and is production the caused diseases.

1.4. Industry regulating documents regarding safety regulation for health of the person at the companies of the coal industry shall be brought into accord with these Rules.

1.5. Environmental protection in areas of placement of the companies of the coal industry is performed according to the current legislation of Ukraine.

1.6. Commissioning it is new the constructed and reconstructed companies, industrial buildings and constructions, the new coal horizons and layers, new underground technological developments it shall be performed with obligatory participation of representatives of the public sanitary and epidemiologic service of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and conducting the state sanitary and epidemiologic examination.

Understand as reconstruction also expansions, upgrade, technical re-equipment and maintenance of capacity of the companies.

1.7. At each company the complex of organizational, technological, technical and sanitary and hygienic actions for providing optimum or admissible working conditions shall be performed. At each company shall be: the project of complex dust removal, comprehensive plans of improvement of working conditions and sanitary and improving actions which are developed by administration of the companies (medical authorities of the companies) based on results of certification of workplaces under the terms of work of the current inspections, instructions and resolutions and are approved with sanitary and epidemiologic service.

1.8. For all engineering procedures and transactions it is necessary to provide use of means of mechanization of the main and auxillary production operations which make impossible or reduce hard manual work to minimum.

1.9. Serial production of new mining machines, mechanisms and the equipment for production and conversion of coal is allowed only on condition of their compliance to these Rules and hygienic requirements stated in the existing general standards and standards on harmful and dangerous production factors in the document "Hygienic Requirements to Mining Machines and Mechanisms for Coal Mines".

The mining machines arriving to mines shall have the conclusion of the state sanitary and epidemiologic examination and the passport with indication of results of measurements of harmful and dangerous factors during the operation of machines. Measurements of noise and vibration are carried out by manufacturing plant and the company consumer according to the existing standards.

1.10. Use of new technology, new types of machines, mechanisms and the equipment, and also new materials and substances (including explosive, additives, flotareagent, flokulyant) at the companies of the coal industry is allowed in the presence of the conclusion of the state sanitary and epidemiologic examination.

Application in mines of substances which are carcinogens mutagens, allergens of the first class or belong to the first class of toxicity and danger, and also materials which can be source of their allocation on production environment in case of usual conditions of operation, it is forbidden.

Use of substances and materials which products of thermal destruction is forbidden (at temperature of the greatest gas generation - the 600th hail. C) treat on degree of danger of sharp poisoning the 1st (extremely dangerous) or to the 2nd (highly dangerous) to class (respectively a size of srednesmertelny concentration of products of destruction constitute to 15 and 15-50 g/CBM - GOST 12.1.044-89 SSBT "Fire-and-explosion hazard of substances and materials. Product indicators and methods of their determination").

1.11. Chemical and biological substances, synthetic and polymeric materials, held for use in the coal industry, are subject to registration with design of "The card of these dangerous factors" according to the resolution MZ of Ukraine of 20.05.2002 of N19.

1.12. Concentration of hazardous substances in air of the working area at the coal companies, and also in the operating underground developments, cuts as on constants, and changeable workplaces shall not exceed the level of the threshold limit values (daleepdk) approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Pollution of integuments of miners shall not exceed maximum permissible levels according to GDR "Maximum permissible levels of pollution of skin of the hands working with hazardous substances".

1.13. Water which is used with the technological and sanitary and household purpose including for fight against dust, shall meet for bacteriological, toxicological and other indicators the requirements Gossanpin "Drinking water. Hygienic requirements to quality of water of centralized economic and drinking water supply", the approved order MZ of Ukraine of 23.12.96 N383 and registered in Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 15.04.97 for N136/1940. From organoleptic indicators requirements of lack of smell are regulated: use of water with pungent unpleasant smell is not allowed.

1.14. Workers and engineering employees who go to work or are engaged at productions and in the professions connected with impact of harmful production factors shall have preliminary and periodic medical examinations according to the Law of Ukraine "About labor protection" and the Regulations on medical examination of workers of certain categories approved by the order MZ of Ukraine of 31.03.94 of N45 and registered in Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 21.06.94 for N136/345.


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