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of February 28, 2019 No. 2697-VIII

About the Basic principles (strategy) of the state environmental policy of Ukraine for the period till 2030

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine decides:

I. Approve the Basic principles (strategy) of the state environmental policy of Ukraine for the period till 2030 it (is applied).

II. Final provisions

1. This Law becomes effective from the date of, its publication following behind day, and becomes effective since January 1, 2020.

2. From the date of enforcement of this Law to declare invalid the Law of Ukraine "About the Basic principles (strategy) of the state environmental policy of Ukraine for the period till 2020" (Sheets of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, 2011, No. 26, the Art. 218).

3. To the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in six-months time from the date of entry into force of this Law:

develop and approve the National plan of action for protection of the surrounding environment;

prepare the report on accomplishment of the Law of Ukraine "About the Basic principles (strategy) of the state environmental policy of Ukraine for the period till 2020" and give it to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

President of Ukraine

P. Poroshenko

Approved by the Law of Ukraine of February 28, 2019 No. 2697-VIII

The basic principles (strategy) of the state environmental policy of Ukraine for the period till 2030

I. The existing problems and the current state of the environment in Ukraine

Processes of globalization and public transformations increased priority of preserving the environment, and, therefore, demand acceptance of urgent measures from Ukraine. For a long time economic development of the state was followed by unbalanced operation of natural resources, low priority of questions of environment protection that made impossible achievement of the balanced (steady) development.

The prime causes of environmental problems of Ukraine are:

subordination of ecological priorities of economic feasibility; not accounting of effects for the environment in legislative and regulatory legal acts, in particular in decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and other executive bodies;

dominance of resource-and power-intensive industries in structure of economy with mainly negative impact on the environment that considerably amplifies because of lack of regulation of the legislation upon transition to market conditions of managing;

physical and obsolescence of fixed assets in all industries of national economy;

inefficient system of public administration in the field of protection of the surrounding environment and regulation of use of natural resources, in particular inconsistency of actions central and local executive bodies and local government bodies, unsatisfactory condition of system of the state monitoring of the surrounding environment;

low level of understanding in the society of priorities of preserving the environment and benefits of the balanced (steady) development, imperfection of system of ecological education and education;

unsatisfactory level of observance of the nature protection legislation and environmental laws and obligations of citizens;

unsatisfactory control of observance of the nature protection legislation and failure to provide of inevitability of responsibility for its violation;

insufficient financing from state and local budgets of nature protection actions, financing of such actions for the residual principle.

Implementation of ecosystem approach to industry policy and enhancement of system of the integrated ecological management

Implementation of ecologically safe, resource-and energy-saving technologies, development of renewable energy resources, non-material environmental management happen haphazardly and too slowly. In the conditions of advance in price on gas it is necessary to undertake the considerable system actions directed to increase in energy efficiency, decarbonization of the energy sector and development of sources of renewable power.

In the field of safety and defense the issue of access to objects of military and defense industrial complex for implementation of the corresponding supervision and control of observance on these subjects of the nature protection legislation, prevention of pollution of surface and ground waters by oil products, destructions of natural landscapes for the purpose of minimization of effects of activities on these objects shall be resolved that will promote reforms in the field of safety and defense and to implementation of standards of NATO.

Implementation of international standards of systems of ecological management at the companies and in the companies will promote development of management system by the environment and realization in Ukraine of the international nature protection initiatives.

Implementation of ecosystem approach to industry policy and enhancement of system of the integrated ecological management, integration of environmental policy in other politicians, obligatory accounting of ecological component in case of development and document approval of state planning and in decision making process about implementation of economic activity which can have considerable environmental impact in particular ecological upgrade of industrial enterprises by decrease in rate of ecological tax or in the form of the fixed annual compensation amount (compensation of tax), in combination with improvement of ecological product characteristics, is way to the modern system environmental policy realized in member countries of the European Union.

Implementation of environmental risk management system in all spheres of national economy will promote prevention of catastrophic crashes of technogenic and ecological nature.

Quality of atmospheric air

Pollution of atmospheric air is one of the acute environmental problems. Despite some output gap in Ukraine, the level of pollution of atmospheric air of the large cities and industrial regions remains steadily high.

The main pollutants of atmospheric air and sources of emissions of greenhouse gases in Ukraine are the companies of the extracting and processing industry, heat-and-power engineeering, motor transport.

Actually two thirds of the population of the country live in the territories where the condition of atmospheric air does not correspond to hygienic standard rates that influences general population morbidity.

Basic reasons which cause unsatisfactory condition of quality of atmospheric air in settlements, cause concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, non-compliance with regulations of the nature protection legislation by subjects of managing and low rates of implementation of the latest technologies is. For the purpose of improvement of quality of atmospheric air and strengthening of response to effects of climate change and goal achievement of sustainable low-carbon development of all industries of economy Ukraine shall provide accomplishment of the ratified international documents on counteraction to climate change and improvement of quality of atmospheric air.


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