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of December 6, 2018 No. 2639-VIII

About information for consumers concerning foodstuff

This Law establishes legal and organizational basis of provision to information users about foodstuff for the purpose of ensuring high level of protection of health of citizens and satisfaction of their social and economic interests.

Section I General provisions

Article 1. Terms and their determinations

1. In this Law terms are used in such value:

1) proteins - organic substances which content in foodstuff is calculated by formula:

protein = general nitrogen across Kyeldal x 6,25;

2) carbohydrates - any carbohydrates which take part in metabolism in human body, including polyols;

3) gluten - proteinaceous fraction of wheat, rye, barley, oats or their hybrid types and derivatives from them which can cause intolerance in people who consume it, insoluble in water and 0, 5-molar solution of chloride of sodium;

4) date "use to" - deadline (calendar date) consumption of foodstuff which because of the microbiological properties is perishable, determined by the operator of the market of foodstuff responsible for information on foodstuff after which foodstuff can be considered hazardous to health of the person;

5) fats - total quantity of lipids, including phospholipids;

6) the usual name - the name of foodstuff clear to the consumer without additional explanations;

7) the label (sticker) - label, text, mark, the graphical or other representation written, printed, put with use of cliche, marked, which is forced out or reflected in packaging or attached to packaging or container in which there is foodstuff;

8) ingredient - any substance or product, including nutritional supplements, fragrances and food enzymes, and any components of complex ingredient which are used during production or preparation of foodstuff and remain in ready-made product, even in the changed form. Remaining balance of veterinary medicines and pesticides is not considered as ingredient;

9) information on nutritional value - data relatively:

a) energy value or

b) energy value and content of one or several following nutrients:

fats (saturated, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated);

carbohydrates (sugar, high-molecular alcohols (polyols), starch);


food fibers;


any of vitamins or mineral substances, the appendices No. 9 to this Law given in Item 1 of the Section I containing in foodstuff in significant amounts as it is determined in Item 2 of the Section I of appendix No. 9 to this Law;

10) information on foodstuff - information which concerns some foodstuff which is provided to the final consumer by specifying in marking, other accompanying documents and materials or in a different way (in available evident form), established for separate types of products or in separate services industries, including with use of modern means of remote communication or oral messages;

11) marking - the words, descriptions, signs for goods and services (trademarks), graphical representations or symbols concerning some foodstuff which is placed on any packaging the label (sticker), kolyeretka, and in the absence of packaging, in the document or the message accompanying foodstuff or refer to it;

12) the minimum expiration date of foodstuff - date before which characteristics of foodstuff remain invariable in the limits determined by the operator of the market of foodstuff responsible for information on such foodstuff on condition of its storage according to the requirements established by such operator of the market;

13) the place of origin - the place from where there is foodstuff which is not country of source. The name and the location of the operator of the market of foodstuff in marking is not country name of origin or the place of origin of foodstuff according to this Law;

14) monounsaturated fats - the fatty acids having one double communication in cis-form;

15) saturated fats - fatty acids without double communications;

16) the operator of the market of foodstuff responsible for information on foodstuff, - the operator of the market of foodstuff under whose name foodstuff is entered and is in circulation, and for the imported foodstuff - the importer;

17) the descriptive name - the name which describes foodstuff which gives the chance to consumers to learn about category of foodstuff and to distinguish it from other similar foodstuff;

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