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of December 6, 2018 No. 2642-VIII

About antimine activities in Ukraine

(In edition of the Law of Ukraine of 25.04.2019 No. 2706-VIII)

This Law determines legal and organizational basis of implementation of antimine activities in Ukraine and feature of state regulation in the respective sphere.

Section I General provisions

Article 1. Determinations of the main terms

1. In this Law the stated below terms are used in such value:

1) explosive objects - any ammunition containing explosives, materials of nuclear division or nuclear synthesis and also biological and chemicals which include bombs and warheads, cruise and ballistic rockets, artillery, mortar, rocket shells and ammunition for small arms, all types of mines, torpedoes and depth charges, pyrotechnic materials, cassette subammunition and their containers, pyrocartridges and pyrotechnic devices, electropyrofuses disguised and improvised explosive devices, and also any the similar or connected with it elements or components, explosive by the nature;

2) identification of explosive subject - search and (or) identification of explosive subject;

3) humanitarian mine clearing - the complex of the planned events held for the purpose of liquidation of the danger connected with mines and explosive objects also include nontechnical and technical inspection, marking and creation of cards of the territory, cleaning of the contaminated territory, preparation of documentation after mine clearing, provision of information on antimine activities and transfer to the cleared territory;

4) democratic control in the field of antimine activities - complex of legal, organizational, information actions which are performed according to the legislation of Ukraine for ensuring steady respecting the rule of law and openness in activities of subjects of antimine activities, assistance to their effective work and proper accomplishment of the functions and powers assigned to them;

5) the contaminated territory - any territory (water area) containing explosive objects;

6) neutralization of explosive subject - the special actions for blocking or neutralization of executive mechanisms of demolition men of explosive subject (extraction of detonators from explosive subject, withdrawal of explosive subject from installation site) directed to reduction of explosive subject in safe condition which excludes possibility of its inadvertent explosion;

7) destruction of explosive subject - transfer of explosive subject in incapacitated (safe) condition by blasting, burning, mechanical or other final or partial fracture with obligatory observance of requirements of antimine activities and prevention and minimization negative for the population, infrastructure and the environment of effects;

8) quality control - element of quality management process of mine clearing which provides full compliance with requirements for liquidation of the dangers connected with explosive objects and also control of observance of requirements concerning quality of mine clearing;

9) training in the risks connected with explosive objects - the measures directed to reduction of risk of the bodily harm caused by explosive objects, way of increase in knowledge of the population;

10) the operator of antimine activities - the company, organization or the organization, irrespective of pattern of ownership and legal form, except the companies, organizations or the organizations located in the territory of the offshore zones or registered in the territory of the states to which according to the legislation and resolutions of the Security Council of the United Nations, other international organizations, decisions of the Council of the European Union, other interstate associations and foreign states sanctions are applied or if they have origin from the state recognized by the state invader according to the law of Ukraine and/or recognized by the state aggressor concerning Ukraine according to the legislation;

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