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of February 23, 2006 No. 3480-IV

About securities and the stock market

(The last edition from 15-05-2018)

This Law governs the relations arising during placement, security circulation and implementation of professional activity in the stock market for the purpose of ensuring openness and efficiency of functioning of the stock market.

Section I
General provisions

Article 1. Determination of terms

1. In this Law terms are used in such value:

1) the associated person - the husband or the wife, direct relatives of person (the father, mother, children, brothers and sisters, the grandfather, the woman, grandsons), direct relatives of the husband or the wife of person, the husband or the wife of the direct relative;

2) the redemption of securities - acquisition by the issuer or person who issued security, the securities placed by it or issued to them;

3) issue of securities - set of certain type of issued securities of one issuer, one nominal cost which have the identical form of release and the international identification number and provide them to owners the identical rights irrespective of time of acquisition and method of their issue;

4) delisting - the procedure of exception of securities of the register of stock exchange if they do not correspond to stock exchange rules, with the subsequent termination of their address on the stock exchange or transfer to category of the securities allowed to the address without inclusion in the register of stock exchange;

5) issue - set of actions of the issuer which are performed in the sequence established by the legislation and are directed to placement of issued securities among their first owners;

6) the endorsement - the endorsement on order security certifying transition of the rights to security is also right on security to other person in the procedure established by the legislation;

7) the endorsee - the owner of order security (its authorized person) making the endorsement. The endorsement can be complete (nominal) written out addressed to the particular person or blanks (to bearer) written out without specifying of name (name) of person;

8) the quotation - the mechanism of determination and/or fixation on the stock exchange of market price of issued security which addresses at such exchange;

9) listing - set of procedures for inclusion of securities in the register of stock exchange and to control of compliance of securities and the issuer to the conditions and requirements established in stock exchange rules;

10) international security identification number - number (code) allowing to identify unambiguously securities or other financial instrument and which assignment is provided by the laws of Ukraine;

11) security circulation - transactions, the rights to securities connected with transition it is also right on securities, except contracts which are signed in issue process, in case of the redemption of securities their issuer and purchase sale by the issuer of the redeemed securities;

11-1) person performing managerial functions - physical person, which:

a) is part of the supervisory board or executive body of the legal entity; or

b) is not part of the supervisory board or executive body of the legal entity, but has continuous access to insider information which directly or indirectly concerns the legal entity and has powers to make the management decisions influencing further development and commercial prospects of the legal entity;

11-2) offerer of securities (further - the offerer) - physical person or legal entity which is the owner of securities also perform public offer on the terms of the public sales agreement of such securities.

12) the first owner - person who acquired the property right to securities directly from the issuer or person who issued not issued security, or the underwriter;

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