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of December 20, 1997 No. 1442

About approval of Rules of retail trade by oil products

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According to article 20 of the Law of Ukraine "About consumer protection" and for the purpose of arrangement of retail trade by oil products the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decides:

1. Approve Rules of retail trade by oil products (are applied).

2. To Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, regional, Kiev and to the Sevastopol city public administrations, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry, the State ecological inspection, the State inspectorate for questions of consumer protection, the State inspectorate for questions of work, the Public fiscal service to provide within the powers constant control behind execution of Rules of retail trade by oil products.

3. This resolution becomes effective in month after publication in the Uryadovy of Hens newspaper ¾r".


Prime Minister of Ukraine V. PUSTOVOYTENKO

Approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of December 20, 1997 No. 442

Rules of retail trade by oil products

(Rules become effective from 01.04.98 according to the Resolution KM N280 of 07:03. 98)


General provisions

1. These Rules determine procedure for acceptance and retail trade by the gasoline, diesel fuel liquefied by hydrocarbonic gas, kerosene, oils, lubricants (further - oil products), packaged oil products, and also regulate requirements for observance of the rights of consumers of rather proper quality of oil products, safety for life and health of consumers, the environment and level of trade servicing.

Rules extend to all the subject of housekeeping in the territory of Ukraine which registered in established to procedure.

Action of these rules does not extend to retail trade by the liquefied hydrocarbonic gas for household requirements which is performed according to the Rules of retail trade and provision of services on supply of the liquefied hydrocarbonic gas for domestic needs of the population and other consumers approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of November 20, 2003 No. 1790 (The Official Bulletin of Ukraine, 2003, No. 47, the Art. 2434).

2. Retail sale of oil products is performed through network of gas stations (further - gas station) that intended for leave to consumers of oil products by motor fuel. Sale of oil products (except gasoline, diesel fuel, the liquefied hydrocarbonic gas) in retail packaging is performed also through specialized shops which sell goods of economic consumption (further - specialized shops).

In the rural zone sale of kerosene on flood is performed through network of specialized shops, booths, tents, and also through specialized autodeliveries of system of consumer cooperation. In places of sale of kerosene on flood the small reservoirs (iron barrels) equipped with cranes with pallets can be established.

3. Gas stations are divided on stationary, portable and container.

Stationary gas stations - complex of constructions for acceptance, and leave of oil products with land or underground placement of reservoirs and with not blocked with them fuel - oil - and gas-distributing columns.

At stationary gas stations Items of sales of goods and rendering household services can be located.

Portable gas stations - complex installation of the processing equipment mounted on the automobile chassis or trail car for transportation and leaves of oil products.

Container gas stations - installation for leave of oil products which consists of the reservoir and the fuel-dispensing column blocked in single container.

Stationary gas stations are located in settlements and beyond their limits, and also on highways - as objects of road service.

Use of portable gas stations is allowed only for realization to the population of oven fuel, and also for fuel realization on site of arrangement of stationary gas stations in case of carrying out their repair or cleaning of reservoirs.

Use of container gas stations is allowed only in motor transport services, on industrial and agricultural enterprises, paid parking of cars, motor boats and motor boats, piers, in garage cooperatives and the rural zone where there are no stationary gas stations.

The paragraph the ninth is excluded

Sale of gasoline, diesel fuel and the liquefied hydrocarbonic gas directly from truck tanks, and also individuals in canisters and other container is forbidden.

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