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of October 6, 1999 No. 1127-XIV

(as amended on 01-12-2022)

This Law determines legal and organizational basis of carrying out mining operations, ensuring antiemergency protection of the mountain companies, organizations and organizations.

Section I General provisions

Article 1. Determination of the main terms and concepts

In this Law the stated below terms and concepts are used in the following value:

face - the surface of mineral or breed from which their dredging is directly performed;

explosive materials (substances) - the chemical compounds or mixes of substances capable to explosion (to the bystry self-extending transformation with allocation of large amount of heat and formation of gases);

open-cast mining of fields - mining directly from the land surface;

the gasdynamic phenomena - swift-flowing destruction of array of breeds and release of gas under the influence of natural powers (sudden emissions, mountain blows, etc.);

mountain science - system of scientific knowledge of bedding conditions, methods and means of investigation, production and mineral processing;

the mining (mining) industry - complex of industries of the heavy industry on investigation of mineral deposits, their production from subsoil of the earth and to enrichment;

excavation - cavity in the massif after dredging of minerals and other breeds;

mining - the activities connected with production from subsoil of minerals on the basis of the latest developments of science and technology;

mountain object - the separate excavation (system of excavations) or the development which is part of mountain or other company and used for mining and other purposes, and also structure (construction), technologically related;

the mountain relations - the legal relationship connected with use and protection of subsoil and settled by the laws of Ukraine and other regulatory legal acts;

the mountain legislation - set of the precepts of law governing the mountain relations and establishing rules of conducting mining operations;

the mountain company - complete technically and organizationally the isolated property complex of means and resources for mining, construction and operation of objects using mountain technologies (mines, mines, the mines, pits, cuts, enrichment factories, etc.);

mining operations - complex of works on carrying out, fixture and maintenance of excavations and dredging of rocks in the conditions of violation of natural balance, possibility of manifestation of dangerous and harmful production factors;

rescue service (forming) - the professional militarized service which activities are directed to the organization and implementation of actions for the prevention of accidents at the mountain companies and to their liquidation, rescuing of people;

the massif - the site of crust which is characterized by uniform conditions of education and similar properties of the components constituting it;

rocks - natural aggregates of the homogeneous or different minerals formed under certain geological conditions in crust or on its surface;

development blockage - any inrush in the operating excavation with overlapping of its section and destruction of fixture;

pit - the mountain company extracting ore and nonmetallic minerals by open method;

preservation - the terminations of activities of the mountain company sine die with possibility of further renewal of its work;

the mine - the place of production of ore and nonmetallic minerals by underground or open method;

minerals - natural mineral substances which can directly be used or after their processing;

collapse - the violation of integrity of the massif which is followed by inrush of its part in excavation;

especially dangerous underground conditions - the conditions in mines and mines connected with action of the hardly predicted manifestations of the mining-and-geological and gasdynamic factors creating danger to life and health of their workers (allocation and explosions of gas and dust, sudden emissions, mountain blows, collapses, spontaneous ignition of rocks, flooding of excavations, etc.);

protection of excavations - the events held for the prevention of deformations of excavations;

explosive works - the works which are carried out using explosives for destruction of rocks by means of explosion for the purpose of mining, carrying out excavations, etc.;

postreplaceable rehabilitation of the worker - complex of actions of medicobiological action on the worker's organism after working shift for the purpose of recovery of its physical or psychophysiological functions broken by harmful working conditions;

works with dangerous and harmful working conditions - the production processes and (or) work types which are followed by the objective factors creating threat for health and life of workers;

the mine - the mountain company extracting ore and nonmetallic minerals by underground method;

spontaneous ignition - ignition of minerals and rocks owing to their oxidation;

well - the cylindrical excavation created by borax or other boring tools;

the mine - the mountain company for mining (coal, salts, etc.) by underground method.


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