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of June 30, 2004 No. 278

About the Procedure for designing and construction of highways of republican and local value

For the purpose of implementation of article 22 of the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan "About highways and road activities" the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan decides:

1. Approve the enclosed Procedure for designing and construction of highways of republican and local value.

2. The ministries, departments and local authorities of the government in case of management of this Procedure should consider approved changes of construction regulations and rules, state and international standards on designing and construction.


Prime Minister

Republic of Tajikistan E.Rakhmonov

Approved by the order of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan of June 30, 2004 No. 278

Procedure for designing and construction of highways of republican and local value

I. General provisions

1. This procedure is developed according to article 22 of the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan "About highways and road activities".

2. This procedure extends to designing and construction of highways of republican, local value, bridges, tunnels, transitions, galleries, streets and railroad crossings, and also improvement and construction of commercial and industrial structures, outlets of the fuels and lubricants (FL) and other servicing constructions on rights of way of highways.

3. The basic principles of the organization of designing and construction of highways are:

- competitive system in case of receipt of contracts on designing, reconstruction, rehabilitations (major repair) and construction of the highway;

- need of participation in case of projects implementation, along with the customer and the contractor, the third party - the consultant of the organization, the exercising independent supervisions of project implementation and quality control of attended operations.

4. In this procedure the following determinations are used:

- the contract biddings (tender) - order placement form on performance of works (rendering services) providing the choice of the contractor for performance of works and (or) rendering services on the basis of tender;

- the project manager is representative of the project organization, as a rule. The consultant, performing the common directorship of works on project development and its maintenances;

- the design estimates are the document regulating the rule of works on object, amount, the work content and the estimate determining the cost of works on asset construction;

- the contractor is the organization directly bearing responsibility to execute certain work on the instructions of other party (customer) and to hand over it to the customer at the scheduled time and to receive the working costs caused by the agreement;

- quality control is the system developed on the basis of existing rules, standards and the technical specification to the project regulating the sequence, procedure and amount of holding actions for quality control of materials and works, and also different response measures for ensuring compliance of works to requirements of the project at all stages of its realization.

II. Organization of road design and road constructions

5. The state body of management of road economy performs preparation of documentation on designing, reconstruction, construction of the road and road constructions according to the technology provided in appendix 1 and 2 of this Procedure.

6. Works and services in designing, registration and issues of documentation are paid which are determined by the parties on the basis of the approved regulations and quotations taking into account actual costs and amounts of attended operations.

7. Designing of repair of road constructions (bridges, tunnels, galleries and pipes), without changes of constructive decisions, are performed without execution of any allowing documents.

8. Development of the design estimates is performed by the subjects having the license for design prospecting works and who won the contract biddings (tender).

9. The project is approved with the State committee of construction and architecture of the Republic of Tajikistan, law-enforcement bodies, natural conservations and transport inspection. At the same time the customer signs the contract with the author of the project for ensuring quality control.

10. Development of the design estimates on major repair and reconstruction of road constructions with change of constructive decisions shall precede inspection of technical condition of object for the purpose of receipt of the complete information about the constructive solution of leading particulars of designs.

Such works shall be carried out by the specialized organizations having licenses for testing and inspection of highways and road constructions.

11. The design estimates on construction, on reconstruction of road constructions shall be developed according to the valid construction regulations and rules, instructions and state standards, including Construction Norms and Regulations 2.05. 02-85 "Highways".

12. The design estimates are issued to the customer in 4 copies with authentic signatures and seals, the organizations performing designing.

13. In case of change of functional purpose of the road and road constructions without change of constructive, construction, architectural concepts, the customer needs to receive consent from the State committee of construction and architecture of the Republic of Tajikistan, permission of local government, and also the consent of developer of the project.

14. Working projects on construction and major repair of highways of the international, republican and local value are considered and affirm depending on estimated cost.

a) The government of the Republic of Tajikistan projects affirm:

Appendix 1

Sequence of organizational design process, construction and reconstruction of highways

¦№ ¦Последовательность действий¦Наименований документов¦ Исполнитель ¦
¦1.¦Заявка - намерения         ¦Заявление или письмо-  ¦  Заказчик   ¦
¦  ¦                           ¦заказ                  ¦             ¦
¦2.¦Рассмотрение в дорожном ор-¦Эскизная   проработка, ¦Проектировщик¦
¦  ¦гане  Минист-во  транспорта¦варианты  инженерного  ¦             ¦
¦  ¦                           ¦обеспечения, и др.     ¦             ¦
¦3.¦Выбор  и закрепление трассы¦     Заключе


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