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The document ceased to be valid since  July 30, 2021 according to the Order of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan of July 2, 2021 No. 43

Registered by

Ministry of Justice

Republic of Uzbekistan

On September 3, 1999 No. 816

Approved by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan on July 27, 1999, No. 60

(as amended on 27-02-2019)

National audit standard of the Republic of Uzbekistan NSA No. 16 "Use of work of the expert"

General provisions

1. This standard is developed on the basis of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "About auditor activities", resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan of June 10, 1999 No. 296 "About measures for realization of the basic provisions containing in the report of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan at the XIV session of Oliy Majlis" and is element of normative auditing regulation in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

2. The expert - the specialist who is not on the staff of auditing organization, having sufficient knowledge, experience and skills in the areas other than financial accounting and audit.

Purpose and tasks of the standard

3. The purpose of the standard is determination of actions of auditing organization concerning attraction to audit inspection of the expert and use of results of its work.

4. Tasks of the standard are:

4.1. Description of procedure for appointment of the expert.

4.2. Contents of requirements for registration of results of work of the expert.

4.3. Description of procedure for use of results of work of the expert.


5. Requirements of this standard are obligatory for all auditing organizations when implementing the audit providing preparation of official audit opinion, except for those its provisions where it is directly specified that they have advisory nature.

6. Requirements of this standard have advisory nature when carrying out the audit which is not providing preparation by its results of official audit opinion and also when rendering the services (consulting services) accompanying audit. In case of variation in case of accomplishment of specific task from mandatory requirements of this standard the auditing organization without fail shall note it in the working documentation and in the written report to management of the business entity who ordered audit and (or) services accompanying it.

Appointment of the expert

7. As the expert the auditing organization can use work of the specialized organization, being the legal entity (1).

(1) further experts - physical persons and ekspertyyuridichesky persons hereinafter are referred to as "experts", except cases when for them different procedures are established.

8. When carrying out audit the auditing organization can use work of the appraiser, engineer, geologist, technologist and other expert.

9. The decision on use of work of the expert when carrying out audit is made by auditing organization proceeding from nature and complexity of the circumstances which are subject to research, the level of their materiality, and also feasibility, opportunity and reliability of other audit procedures in relation to these circumstances.

10. The expert whose work the auditing organization uses when carrying out audit shall have:

10.1. The corresponding qualification supported by the proper documents (the diploma, the license, etc.).

10.2. The corresponding experience and reputation in area in which the auditing organization assumes to receive the decision, confirmed with the corresponding responses, recommendations, references, etc.

11. The auditing organization shall not use work of the expert when carrying out audit if:

11.1. The expert-physical person is the main or prevailing founder or the head of business entity concerning whom the auditing organization books audit, or consisting with specified persons in close relationship or property, or other official or the salaried employee of business entity concerning whom the auditing organization books audit.

11.2. The expert-legal entity is the main or prevailing founder (participant), the creditor, the insurer of business entity concerning whom the auditing organization books audit, or the business entity is the main or prevailing founder (participant) of the expert-legal entity.

If after appointment of the expert arose or the above-stated circumstances became known, the auditing organization shall carry out the supplementary audit procedures providing confirmation of objectivity of the expert opinion or to appoint other expert.

13. In addition to the commonly accepted conditions the agreement of rendering services of the expert shall provide:

13.1. Purposes and amount of work.

13.2. Description of specific questions.

13.3. The description of relations of the expert with business entity if those are required.

13.4. Confidentiality of information of business entity.

13.5. Data on assumptions and methods which the expert intends in the work, and about their compliance to those assumptions and methods which were used in previous periods when the auditing organization used work of the expert.

13.6. Expert opinion form and content.

Registration of results of work of the expert

14. The expert presents results of the work in the conclusion form (the report, calculation, etc.) in writing.

15. The expert opinion shall be rather complete and detailed the experienced auditor or other expert, having studied it, could gain impression about the work which is carried out by the expert. In particular, shall be reflected in the expert opinion:

15.1. The name of business entity in case of which audit the expert performed the work.

15.2. Object of the carried-out work and limit of responsibility of the expert.

15.3. The applied work methods, including their compliance to the methods used in previous periods.

15.4. Any not permitted essential doubts connected with the carried-out work.

15.5. Results of the carried-out work.

16. The expert opinion shall consist of three parts: introduction, research and conclusions.

17. The data included in the expert opinion shall be stated clearly and expressed so that their content and form were obvious and various interpretation are impossible.

18. The expert opinion shall be prepared on the paper, machine or approved with auditing organization other carrier ensuring safety of the data containing in them during the time established for storage of working documents of auditing organization in archive.

19. The expert opinion shall have the following obligatory details:

19.1. Name of the document.

19.2. Document date.

19.3. Personal signature of the expert and its disaggregation.

Ceased to be valid according to the Order registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan of 25.03.2019 No. 816-1

20. The expert prepares the conclusion at least in duplicate, one of which is represented to business entity concerning whom the auditing organization books audit, and the vtoroyauditorsky organization.


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