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of March 31, 2004 No. 136

About approval of the Accounting treatment, the reporting and statistics of traffic

According to article 33 of the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan "About highways and road activities" and article 36 of the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan "About traffic" the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan decides:

1. Approve the Accounting treatment, the reporting and statistics of traffic it (is applied).

2. To the Ministry of Communications of the Republic of Tajikistan together with the Ministry of transport of the Republic of Tajikistan, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan to submit within three-months term the program for establishment on highways of republican value, especially on the international corridors, means of operative communication for information transfer about the road accidents.

3. To the state committee of statistics of the Republic of Tajikistan to approve the statistical reporting under the road accidents.


Prime Minister of the Republic of Tajikistan


Approved by the Order of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan of March 31, 2004, No. 136

Accounting treatment, reporting and statistics of traffic

I. General provisions

1. This Procedure determines the general principles of the organization of the state system of accounting of statistics of traffic and its safety in the Republic of Tajikistan.

2. Indicators of accounting are basis for planning and the organization of works on content and repair of highways, to their engineering arrangement and in case of development of actions for movement safety control.

The road accident is the event which happened to participation at least of one vehicle which is in movement, entailed death or bodily harms of people, or damages of vehicles, loads, roads, road constructions or other property.

II. Accounting of movement on roads

3. Accounting of movement is assigned to the road and operational organizations on all roads of republican, regional and local value in case of intensity more than 100 cars a day.

The list is expensive, including railroad crossings on which movement accounting is made, is established by the Ministry of transport of the Republic of Tajikistan.

4. All automobile railway vehicles separately on groups are subject to accounting:

lightweight cargo vehicles - loading capacity are up to 2 t;

average cargo vehicles - load-carrying capacity from 2,1 to 5 t;

heavy trucks - load-carrying capacity from 5,1 to 8 t;

very much heavy trucks - loading capacity are more than 8 t;

automobile trains (on the corresponding weight categories);

buses, cars, motorcycles.

5. For the purpose of clarification of routs to follow, nature and quantity of the transported loads, collection of other data special accounting of movement with stop of vehicles is carried out. Accounting is carried out by the rules approved with the State automobile inspection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan and approved by the Ministry of transport of the Republic of Tajikistan on special Items of accounting.

6. Items of accounting will be stirred in places of sharp change of traffic load (crossing of highways, entrances to the cities, places of adjunction to the main road, etc.), in case of extensive network of roads one from another through 10-15 km, and in areas with seldom located settlements of N small density of population through 30-40 km.

For exception of fixation of transportations in the city and in settlements accounting Items it is necessary to have not closer km 0,5-1,0 from their borders to provide accounting only of traffic flow.

Separate number is assigned to each Item.

7. Accounting Items depending on assignment can be permanent and portable.

Permanent Items of accounting are intended for data retrieval, the transport flows characterizing general patterns of movement, change of intensity and structure of movement within a day, weeks, month and year. On permanent Items of accounting the round-the-clock account of movement is kept.

Mobile accounting units are intended for receipt of the lacking information on movement on all links of network, including local roads. On mobile units short-term accounting of intensity and structure of movement is provided.

8. Accounting of movement of vehicles on roads is carried out constantly the 4 and 19 days of every month irrespective of method of its carrying out (by means of automatic devices or visually). These days accounting of movement is carried out continuously within a day.

For clarification of features and nature of movement in days of holidays and mass actions, if necessary, accounting is carried out out of calendar.

9. Operators of N accountants of Items of accounting are appointed by orders of management of regional governments of transport (the road operational site, the road repair and construction site), from number of persons employed of road service, for the term of at least 1 year.

The operator is appointed when accounting by automatic devices, the accountant - in case of visual observation.

Duration of continuous work (change) of one operator (accountant) shall not exceed 4 hours.

10. On the basis of cumulative data of accounting on intensity and structure of movement on roads the automated bank of road data which analysis will allow to predict its tendency in the long term is created.

11. The Complex of Technical Means (CTM) of accounting of movement includes:

equipment of registration of vehicles, means of record and information transfer about movement of vehicles. Complexes of technical means are established on accounting Item constantly, can be mounted on portable laboratories on accounting of intensity and structure of movement or figurative.

For automatic accounting of movement multichannel electronic, electromagnetic automatic meters and their more modern modifications are used.

III. Organization of direct accounting of movement

12. Regional governments bear responsibility in accordance with the established procedure for statement, carrying out accounting of movement on subordinated roads and representation of results in the Ministry of transport of the Republic of Tajikistan.

13. The management of regional governments of transport bears responsibility for training of operators (accountants) in movement accounting, supplies them with necessary instructions, forms and systematically checks their work.

14. Operators (accountants) are on duty on accounting Item according to the procedure of execution of the service duties.

IV. Accounting of the road accidents

15. Accounting of the road accidents is made in the place of making and on check-in location of vehicles.


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