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of July 12, 1999 No. 662

About voluntary fire forming

For the purpose of accomplishment of provisions of paragraph two of article 6 of the Law on fire safety of N267-XIII of November 9, 1994. The government of the Republic of Moldova DECIDES:

1. Approve Regulations on voluntary fire forming it (is applied).

2. Create voluntary fire forming at the companies, in organizations and the organizations irrespective of type of property and form of business.

3. To department of civil protection and emergency situations together with the interested ministries and departments to render to the specified organizations necessary organizational and methodical support for accomplishment of this Resolution.


Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova

Ion Sturza

Approved by the Order of the Government of the Republic of Moldova No. 662 of July 12, 1999

Regulations on voluntary fire forming

I. General provisions

1. Voluntary fire forming are created according to article 6 of the Law on fire safety of N267-XIII of November 9, 1994 at the companies with number of persons employed from 15 and more from among workers, engineers and the employees knowing the equipment and engineering procedure of the company on which they work, and the suitable for accomplishment functions assigned to forming on the job for the purpose of implementation of measures for the prevention and suppression of the fires at the companies, in organizations, other structures and objects of any kind of property and form of business.

Bodies of local public authority promote creation of voluntary fire forming, their preparation and material logistics.

2. Voluntary fire forming are created at Ljubo Go's companies of type of property and form of business even if at these companies there are services of departmental fire protection.

3. Creation of voluntary fire forming, coordination of their activities and carrying out mass and explanatory work among workers, employees and engineering employees are assigned to heads of the companies and organizations irrespective of the type of property and form of business providing their functioning.

4. On one object depending on the areas, their structures and from local features can be created several voluntary fire forming.

If on object there is voluntary fire forming, in cases of need for workshops, in warehouses and in other divisions the voluntary fire groups (depending on number of changes) headed by chiefs of these divisions are created.

Voluntary fire forming submit to the director, organizations, to the organization or, in certain cases, the district councils which created them.

5. In case of the fire voluntary fire forming of the corresponding object immediately start its suppression by own forces, and after arrival of rescue and fire fighting service members of forming turn directly into subordination of her head.

6. Each member of voluntary fire forming shall be insured against accidents and against occupational diseases which can result from works on fire liquidation, at the expense of the company, organization or the organization in which work. The insurance sum for each person is determined according to the Occupational health and safety act N625-XII of July 2, 1991.

II. Obligations of voluntary fire forming

7. To voluntary fire forming it is assigned:

a) studying, application and observance of regulations according to the prevention and suppression of the fires;

b) control of observance of fire protection regulations and rules, formulation of offers on elimination of the revealed shortcomings and check of their operational execution;

c) operational participation in suppression of the fires and rescuing of people and material values to which danger, or in liquidation of the dangerous phenomena arising in case of the fire threatens;

d) accomplishment of the measures established by management of the company for the prevention of emergence of the fires on renewal period of emergency processing equipment;

e) permanent providing the maximum degree of readiness voluntarily го fire forming, functioning of the being armed equipment and detection systems and the alarm system, operational collection of forces and means and departure to the place of the fire;

f) check of condition of water sources and sidings to the companies and supervision of their content in permanent serviceable condition;

g) challenge of fire brigades in case of the fire and taking measures to its suppression available on object (in the workshop) emergency firefighting equipment;

h) inclusion in case of need members of voluntary fire forming in calculations on fire trucks, motor-pumps and other portable and stationary fire extinguishing means, and also, in exceptional cases, - watch in workshops and on other objects.

III. Procedure for the organization and functioning of voluntary fire forming

8. The numerical structure of voluntary fire forming is determined by the head of object (workshop).

9. Members of voluntary fire forming are selected by the principle of voluntariness from among workers, engineers and employees of object (workshop) aged is not younger than eighteen years knowing the equipment and engineering procedures and forming tasks, suitable for accomplishment.

Selection of firefighters is made mainly from among persons which passed military service.

10. The chief of voluntary fire forming is appointed by the order of the head of the corresponding object.

11. Everyone to enter voluntary fire forming shall submit the written application addressed to his chief.

Transfer of staff of voluntary fire forming and change in its structure appear the order which is brought to the attention of personnel of object (workshop).

12. The exception of members of voluntary fire forming is made:

a) for violation of fire prevention regime;

b) for failure to carry out of instructions of the chief of forming;

c) at own will by filing of application addressed to the chief of forming;

d) in connection with dismissal.

13. Completing of voluntary fire forming is made so that in each workshop and each change members of forming worked.

14. The sheet of calculation and information on actions of members of voluntary fire forming in case of the fire are hung out in warehouse (workshop) in a visible place.

15. Studies with members of voluntary fire forming are given in off-duty time (no more than four hours a month) in the schedule approved by the head of object (workshop).

16. The procedure for involvement of members of voluntary fire forming to execution of watch in days off and holidays is provided in the Labor code.

IV. Obligations of the chief of voluntary fire forming

17. The chief of voluntary fire forming shall:

a) provide completion of personnel of forming, collection of personnel and the organization of departure in case of fire;

b) organize classes in training of members of forming, having constituted for this purpose monthly programs of preparation and plans abstracts;


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