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of May 25, 2001 No. ZR-179

About geodesy, cartography and infrastructure of spatial data

(as amended on 24-12-2021)

The preamble is excluded according to the Law of the Republic of Armenia of 24.12.2021 No. ZR-431

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. Subject of regulation and purpose of the Law

1. This Law governs the relations connected with geodetic, cartographic activities and activities of infrastructure of spatial data. In the Republic of Armenia all cartographical and geodetic works, including collection, processing, storage, distribution and provision of spatial data, are performed according to this Law.

2. The purpose of this Law - to regulate works on geodetic and cartographic activities, to establish competences of the Government, state bodies and local self-government of the Republic of Armenia of the sphere of geodesy, cartography and infrastructure of spatial data, to approve responsibility for the dispute resolution, connected with geodetic and cartographic activities, and violation of this Law, to establish procedure for international cooperation in the sphere of geodesy, cartography and infrastructure of spatial data.

Article 1.1. The basic concepts used in the Law

1. In this Law the following basic concepts are used:

1) geodesy - the sphere of the relations arising in the course of scientific, technical, industrial and other activity by determination of gravitational field of the globe, Earth's surface and coordinates and heights of spatial objects, and also changes of the specified coordinates and heights in time;

2) geodetic and cartographic activities - scientific and technical, on rendering services, use of information systems and management activity in the sphere of geodesy, cartography and infrastructure of spatial data;

3) geodetic Item - the engineering design fixed on the area by the coordinates determined on the physical surface of the globe and absolute altitude;

4) geodetic network - set of the geodetic Items fixed in space which location is determined in general for them to geodetic system of coordinates;

5) geodetic and cartographical works - process of creation, use of geodetic, cartographic materials and spatial data and rendering services;

6) remote sensing of Earth - process of data acquisition about the Earth's surface by shootings from space;

7) system of coordinates - digital sizes by means of which location of point on the plane, surfaces or in space is determined;

8) scale - the proportion establishing (approving) ratio of the linear sizes of object expressed on the cartographical image with its actual sizes in the nature;

9) large-scale row - exact system of certain scales of topographic maps and plans of the state large-scale row accepted for the Republic of Armenia;

10) local system of coordinates - the conditional system of coordinates installed for the limited territory which is not exceeding administrative and territorial unit of the Republic of Armenia, the beginning of coordinates and which determination of coordinate axes are rejected from single state system of coordinates which is applied when implementing geodetic and cartographical works;

11) spatial data - the data on spatial objects which are including data on their form, location and properties and having certain location in the installed system of existential coordinates;

12) spatial object - the subject or the phenomenon of the real world which are characterized by certain location on Earth;

13) basic spatial data - the public, not containing secret digital data about the most used spatial objects differing in steady spatial position in time and forming basis for positioning of other spatial objects;

14) thematic spatial data - the spatial data (economic, scientific, educational, etc.) created by subjects of legal relationship within their professional activity;

15) bank of spatial data - the set of basic and (or) other spatial and attribute data necessary for implementation of monitoring of condition of the territories and objects, the phenomena and processes, and also programs of social and economic development at the republican and local levels, problem resolutions of management, information, legal and other problems;

16) metadata - information describing spatial data and services which provides their registration, search, the correct assessment and use of data for the different purposes;

17) cartography - the sphere of the relations arising in the course of scientific, technical, industrial and other activity for use, studying, creation, use, transformation and demonstration of spatial data, including information systems;

18) kartografo-geodetic fund - meeting of the materials and data created as a result of implementation of cartographic and geodetic activities and subjects to long-term storage for the purpose of further use;

19) geographical information system - the hardware-software information system provided for collection, storage, processing, the analysis, modeling, management and distribution of spatial data;

20) infrastructure of spatial data - the set of technologies, target programs, criteria (standards), human resources and related types of activity necessary for acquisition, processings, distribution, uses, storages of spatial data, metadata and delivery of services;

21) national infrastructure of spatial data - set of mechanisms of access, exchange and consent to use, coordination and monitoring of technologies, policy, collections of the described and performed regulations and rules, geographical information platform, standards, metadata and services in their processing, criteria, human resources and the related types of activity, necessary for acquisition, processing, storage, distribution, use of national spatial data;

22) the national geoportal - hardware-software web complex - the basic element of national infrastructure of spatial data providing access to spatial data by means of web technologies.

Article 2. Geodetic and cartographic activities

1. Geodetic and cartographical works are according to the destination subdivided on:

a) works of the state appointment;

b) works of local appointment;

2. Treat geodetic works of the state appointment:

a) determination of parameters of figure and external gravitational field of Earth;

b) establishment state (national) and international planned and high-rise systems for the territory of the Republic of Armenia;

c) creation, updating and development state geodetic (planned, high-rise and permanent in real time) networks;

d) creation and development of the state gravimetric network;

e) creation, updating and development of the state geodynamic network;

e) accomplishment of geodetic works on separation (demarcation), differentiation (delimitation) of Frontier of the Republic of Armenia and borders of administrative and territorial units;

g) metrological support of geodetic works, accounting, registration, certification of geodetic tools and equipment, establishment of technical regulations and standards;

h) creation and maintaining catalogs of Items of geodetic and gravimetric networks;

i) creation, storage, updating of funds of the materials and data (information bank) received as a result of geodetic and gravimetric measurements, provision of information;


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