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of September 15, 2017 No. 737

About approval of Regulations about regulations of creation of network services and terms of their implementation

(as amended of the Order of the Government of the Republic of Moldova of 11.01.2023 No. 12)

This resolution shifts Regulations (EU) No. 976/2009 of the Commission of October 19, 2009 about accomplishment of the Directive 2007/2/EU of the European parliament and Council concerning network services, concerning network services, L274 published in the Official log of the Union of October 20, 2009 as last modifications are made by Regulations (EU) No. 1088/2010 of November 23, 2010.

Based on part (5) article 9 of the Law No. 254 of November 17, 2016 on national infrastructure of space data (The official monitor of the Republic of Moldova, 2016, No. 441-451, the Art. 887) the Government DECIDES:

1. Approve Regulations about regulations of creation of network services and terms of their implementation it (is applied).

2. To public subjects after entry into force of these Regulations to create network services in the following procedure:

1) services of search and visualization - within 7 years;

2) services of downloading and services of conversion - within 6 years.

Prime Minister

Paweê Phillip


deputy. Prime Minister, Minister of Economy and Infrastructure


Octavian Kalmyk


Approved by the Order of the Government of the Republic of Moldova of September 15, 2017, No. 737

Regulations about regulations of creation of network services and terms of their implementation

I. General provisions

1. The regulations about regulations of creation of network services and terms of their implementation (further - Regulations) are directed to creation and implementation of the network services specified in part (1) article 9 of the Law No. 254 of November 17, 2016 on national infrastructure of space data.

2. These Regulations are obligatory for all public subjects according to the Order of the Government No. 458 of June 22, 2017. "About approval of otvetstvennost of public subjects for sets of space data".

3. For the purposes of these Regulations the following basic concepts mean:

capacity - limiting number of simultaneous requests of the services satisfied with the guaranteed productivity;

performance - the minimum level of the beginning at which the task is considered executed the request representing speed, with which can be satisfied in network service;

normal conditions - the periods out of most loaded segments, the works of network service established at the level of 90% of total time;

availability - probability that network service is available;

response time - time necessary for transaction of service for sending the first byte of result;

service request - one request for one transaction of network service;

the publication - paste operation, removals or updatings of elements of metadata of resources in search service;

natural language - the spoken or written language or sign language used for the purpose of communication;

collecting - transaction of extraction of elements of metadata of resources from network search service source and authorization of creation, removal or updating of metadata of these resources in target network service;

layer - elementary unit of geographical information which can be requested by the server in the form of the card according to the SM EN ISO 19128 standard;

loading by means of direct access - the downloading service providing access to space objects from sets of space data on the basis of requests;

network service - the service intended for ensuring interaction between computers (appendices) on the basis of set of standard protocols for each network service separately;

CSW (Catalog Service for the Web) - the network service directory determining general interfaces for detection, navigation and request of metadata for sets and services of space data and other resources;

WMS (Web Map Service) - the standard protocol used for servicing by means of the Internet of the space data generated by the server, using data sets from base of space data;

WMTS (Web Map Tile Service) - the standard protocol used for creation of the map fragments with geographical binding prepared in advance and with settlement duration of time available on the Internet;

WFS (Web Feature Service) - the standard protocol allowing accomplishment of requests for geographical characteristics by means of the Internet and delivery of vector data;

Atom (Download Service Feed) - the international standard of data exchange on the Internet. Atom is the document format on the basis of XML which describes the lists of the connected information known as "channels". These flows consist of number of the elements known as "records", each of which has the expanded item collection, containing information on each record;

OGC API Features (Open Geospatial Consortium - Application Programming Interfaces) - the standard consisting of several parts which gives opportunity to create, change and request space data on the Internet and also determines requirements and recommendations for API (appendix of application programming) which want to follow standard method of data exchange of objects;

WCS (Web Coverage Service) - web service, the allowing access, delivery and intake of space data of covering or digital displays of space and temporary phenomena by means of the Internet;

XML (Extensible Markup Language) - the standard markup language used for the purpose of the structured marking of documents and data transmission between appendices via the Internet;

RIF (Rule Interchange Format) - the standard format intended for ensuring mutual exchange, interoperability and interaction of systems;

GML (Geography Markup Language) - the XML language intended for the description of geographical characteristics, serving modeling language of geographical systems and format of exchange of space data via the Internet;

SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) - the standard protocol based on XML intended for exchange of structured data by means of network services;

WSDL (Web Service Definition Service) - the language based on XML intended for the description of the functionality provided by network services;

WS-Addressing (Web Services Addressing) - the specification allowing interaction and information exchange between network services, providing the address mechanism irrespective of the channel of transport;

SM EN ISO - the standard developed by International Organization for Standardization and approved for use in the Republic of Moldova.

4. Rules for apportionment of the network services giving to public subjects opportunity of access to them, implementation of exchange and use of these services for population requirements satisfaction are regulated according to part (3) article 13 of the Law No. 254 of November 17, 2016 on national infrastructure of space data.


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