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of November 18, 2003 No. 1280-IV

About telecommunications

(The last edition from 25-04-2019)

This Law establishes the legal basis of activities in the field of telecommunications.

The law determines powers of the state by management and regulation of the specified activities, and also the rights, obligations and bases of responsibility of the physical persons and legal entities which are taking part in these activities or using telecommunication services.

Chapter I General provisions

Article 1. Determination of the main terms

1. In this Law terms are used in the following value:

the subscriber - the consumer of telecommunication services receiving telecommunication services on terms of the contract who provides connection of the final equipment which is in its property or use to telecommunication network;

license fee - fixed payment which the operator of telecommunications for the subscriber for access on permanent basis to the telecommunication network irrespective of the fact of receipt of services can establish;

subscriber number - set of digital signs for designation (identification) of the final equipment of the subscriber in telecommunication network;

the Internet address - the digital and/or symbolical identifier of domain names determined by the international standards existing on the Internet in hierarchical system of domain names;

address space of the Internet - set of addresses of the Internet;

besprovodovy access to telecommunication network (besprovodovy access) - telecommunication with use of radio technologies in case of which final equipment at least of one of consumers can freely move with preserving unique identification number within the Items of the termination of telecommunication network connected to one switching center;

mutually connection of telecommunication networks - establishment of physical and/or logical connection between different telecommunication networks for the purpose of possibility to consumers directly or indirectly to communicate;

voice telephony - exchange of information by voice in real time with use of telecommunication networks;

data - information in the form suitable for the automated processing by its computer aids;

the domain - part of hierarchical address space of the Internet which has the unique name identifying it is serviced by group of servers of domain names and on a centralized basis administered;

domain. UA - the domain of the top level of hierarchical address space of the Internet created on the basis of coding of country names according to international standards for servicing of address space of the Ukrainian segment of the Internet;

the domain of the second level - the part of address space of the Internet located at the second level of hierarchy of names in this network;

telecommunication - see "telecommunications";

public (universal) telecommunication services - the minimum set of the services of the normalized quality determined by this Law available to all consumers in all territory of Ukraine;

The term is excluded according to the Law of Ukraine of  23.02.2014 No. 767-VII

The Internet - the world information system of general access which is logically connected by global address space and based on the Internet protocol determined by international standards;

information system of general access - set of telecommunication networks and means for accumulating, processing, storage and data transmission;

information security of telecommunication networks - capability of telecommunication networks to provide protection against destruction, misstatement, blocking of information, its unauthorized vytok or against violation of established procedure of its routing;

information - the data presented in the form of signals, signs, sounds, mobile or motionless images or in a different way;

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