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of October 19, 2017 No. 211

About protection of the animals used in experimental or other scientific purposes

(as amended of the Law of the Republic of Moldova of 09.06.2022 No. 156)

The parliament adopts this ordinary law.

This law shifts the Directive 2010/63/EU of the European Parliament and Council of September 22, 2010 about protection of the animals used in the scientific purposes published in the Official magazine of the European Union by L 276 of October 20, 2010.

Chapter I. General provisions

Article 1. Subject of regulation and scope

(1) the Subject of this law is regulation of use of animals in experimental or other scientific purposes.

(2) Provisions of this law are applied:

a) in case animals are used or are held for use in experiments or in case they are grown up especially for that their bodies or fabrics were used in the scientific purposes;

b) until the animals specified in this part are not destroyed, moved or returned to the habitat suitable for them or system of content.

Elimination of pain, sufferings, stress or damages of long nature by successful application of methods of anesthesia, analgeziya or other similar methods does not exclude use of animal in experiments;

c) in case of live vertebrate animals (except humanoid), including independently eating larval forms and germinal forms of mammals from the last trimester of normal development, and also live cephalopods;

d) in case of use in experiments of the animals who are at earlier stage of development than it is specified in Item c) if the animal after this stage is left in live and, owing to the made experiments, most likely, will feel pain, suffering, stress or will receive injuries of long nature in case of achievement of the corresponding stage of development.

(3) This law is not applied in the relation:

a) not experimental agricultural or veterinary activities;

b) the researches necessary for receipt of permission to realization of medical medicine of veterinary appointment conducted in veterinary clinics;

c) conventional practician of cultivation of animals;

d) the activities performed for the purpose of identification and registration of animals;

e) the activities which are not hurting, most likely, strong, sufferings, essential stress or the damages of long nature equal or stronger, than caused by introduction needles according to proper veterinary practice;

f) the experiments performed for the purpose of testing for animals of cosmetic products.

Article 2. Basic concepts

For the purpose of this law the following basic concepts are applied:

animal – biologically organized organism, one-celled or multicellular, allocated with the determined capabilities, specific to each separate type, in taxonomical sense belonging to Regnum Animalia;

basic research – the scientific research generating the new principles or theories which cannot be used immediately, but which at the same time create basis of progress and development of science in different areas without providing special application or use;

transmitting or applied research – basic scientific research which resulting effect will be put into practice afterwards for the purpose of its operational transposition;

self-sustaining colony – colony in which animals are grown up only in this colony or are delivered from other colonies, but are not caught in the wild nature, and contain in the conditions providing possibility of accustoming to the person;

producer – the physical person or legal entity which is growing up the animals specified in appendix 1, for their use, and also their bodies and fabrics in experiments or other scientific purposes, or growing up other animals, mainly with the same purposes for generation of profit or for other purposes;

experiment – any use of animal, invasive or noninvasive, in experimental or other scientific purposes with the known or unknown outcome or in the educational purposes, capable to hurt animal, the suffering, stress of certain level or damage of long nature equal or stronger, than caused by introduction needles according to proper veterinary practice. Here any action pursuing the purpose or capable to lead to the birth either removal of animal or creation and maintenance of genetically modifitsirovanyony line of animals in any of these conditions joins, at the same time killing of animals only for use of their bodies or fabrics is excluded;

the supplier – the physical person or legal entity which is not the producer, delivering animals for their use in experiments or other scientific purposes and also bodies and tissues of the corresponding animals with revenue generating purpose or for other purposes;

palliative methods – the procedures or treatment which are quickly facilitating or eliminating disease symptoms without suppression of its reason;

the project – the program of work having particular scientific purpose, and assuming use of one or several experiments;

general projects – set of the projects having similar subject;

killing – intentionally the process provoked by the veterinarian causing the premature and painless death of animal by decrease in sensitivity of organism to pain and exceptions of his sufferings;

object – construction, the building, group of buildings or other rooms which can include partially closed or protected territory, and also mobile installations;

the user – the physical person or legal entity using animals in experiments with revenue generating purpose or for other purposes.

Article 3. The principle of substitution, reducing and enhancement of conditions of cultivation, content of animals and care of them within the experiments

(1) Instead of experiment are applied where it is possible, the method or the strategy of testing which are not requiring use of live animals meeting scientific requirements.

(2) minimizing of number of the animals used in projects in the experimental purposes without prejudice to project objectives Is provided.

(3) all measures for the purpose of improvement of conditions of cultivation, content of animals and care of them Are taken, and also enhancements of the methods used within the experiments by elimination or minimizing of any opportunities to hurt animals, sufferings, stress or damages of long nature.

(4) In case of the choice of methods of provision of this Article are applied according to Article 10.


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