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of July 4, 1996 No. 273/96-BP

About rail transport

(as amended on 17-11-2021)

This Law determines the main legal, economic and organizational basis of activities of rail transport public, its role in economy and the social sphere of Ukraine, regulates its relations with executive bodies, local government bodies, other modes of transport, passengers, senders and receivers of loads, baggage, cargo baggage and mail taking into account specifics of functioning of this mode of transport as single production and technological complex.

Section 1 General provisions

Article 1. Determination of the basic concepts

In this Law the basic concepts are used in such value:

rail transport - the production and technological complex of the companies of rail transport intended for ensuring requirements of social production and the population of the country in transportations in internal and international messages and provisions of other transport services to all consumers without restrictions on signs of pattern of ownership and types of activity and so forth;

the railroad - separate division of joint-stock company of the rail transport public (further - JSC Ukrzal_znitsya) formed according to the Law of Ukraine "About features of formation of joint-stock company of rail transport public" which performs public conveyance and loads in certain region of railway net;

through traffic - carriage of goods and passengers within two and more railroads of Ukraine;

through mixed traffic - transportation which is performed railway and other modes of transport according to the single transport document constituted on all way;

the international railway service - public conveyance, loads, baggage, cargo baggage and mail between Ukraine and foreign states;

the indirect international message - transportation between Ukraine and foreign states with renewal of the transport document in the course of transportation;

load - material values which are transported by rail transport in the freight railway vehicles which are specially intended for this purpose;

baggage - things and other material values which go the passenger at additional expense in the presence of travel documents in the luggage car which goes in the same direction, as the passenger;

cargo baggage - load which is transported in passenger and post and luggage trains;

vehicles - railway rolling stock (cars of all types, locomotives, motor-rail transport) and containers;

industrial rail transport - transport and technological complex which provides system cargo transfer in production process (between productions, production cycles, separate transactions or the companies in general) and interaction with railway transport public and does not concern to him;

sidings - railway tracks which are intended for transport servicing of one or several companies, organizations and organizations in interaction with railway transport public;

the companies of rail transport - subjects of managing which perform activities in the field of rail transport.

Article 2. Rail transport in economic complex and the social sphere of the state

Rail transport is one of important key branches of economy of Ukraine, provides its internal and external transport commercial ties and the needs of the population for transportations. Activities of rail transport as parts of single transport system of the country, promote normal functioning of all industries of social production, social and economic development and consolidation of defense capability of the state, international cooperation of Ukraine.

The companies of rail transport in interaction with other modes of transport shall perform timely and qualitatively public conveyance and loads, to ensure traffic security, to develop the sphere of transport servicing of the national economy and the population.

Article 3. Legislation on rail transport

The legislation on rail transport public consists with the laws of Ukraine "About transport", "About features of formation of joint-stock company of rail transport public", this Law, the Charter of the railroads of Ukraine which affirms the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, and other acts of the legislation of Ukraine.

Regulatory legal acts which determine procedure and conditions of transportations, use of rail media public, traffic securities, labor protections, ensuring public order, crossing of railway tracks with other modes of transport and communications, flammability control, sanitary standards and rules on rail transport of Ukraine is obligatory for all legal entities and physical persons in the territory of Ukraine.

Article 4. Control of railway transport

For the purpose of providing the state and public concerns, freedom of enterprise and market grouping of transport services, safety of transportations, protection of the surrounding environment the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine determines conditions and procedure for the organization of activities of rail transport public, promotes its priority development, provides support in requirements satisfaction of rail transport in railway vehicles, material and fuel and energy resources.

The part two is excluded;

The part three is excluded;

The part four is excluded;

The part five is excluded;

Process control of transportations in internal and international messages is performed centralized and belongs to exclusive competence of JSC Ukrzal_znitsya.

Management of objects of state-owned property which did not enter the authorized capital of JSC Ukrzal_znitsya and its shares, implementation of the state control, regulation and supervision of activities of rail transport public are performed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the central executive body which provides forming and realizes state policy in the field of transport, other central executive bodies according to the law taking into account the features established by the Law of Ukraine "About features of formation of joint-stock company of rail transport public".

Article 5. Property of rail transport public

Main line railways public and technological constructions placed on them, sending devices which are directly used for ensuring process of transportations, namely: railway stations and track public, transformer stations, contact network and other devices of technological electric utility service, alarm installation, centralization, blocking and train dispatching, the objects and property intended directly for accomplishment emergency obnovitelnykh works are state-owned property, are assigned to JSC Ukrzal_znitsya on the right of economic maintaining and privatizations are not subject.

JSC Ukrzal_znitsya cannot alienate, transfer to use, lease, leasing, concession, management, pledge, to bring property which is state-owned property in the authorized (compound) capital of subjects of managing and JSC Ukrzal_znitsya on the right of economic maintaining is transferred, and also to make other transactions which consequence alienation of such property can be.


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