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of February 12, 2004 No. 17-XV

About transfer of treasurer debentures

(as amended of the Law of the Republic of Moldova of 21.07.2017 No. 178)

The parliament adopts this organic law.

Art. 1. - Transfer the treasurer debentures of the Ministry of Finance registered in the register of treasurer debentures addressed to the creditor of agricultural enterprises of the unitary state enterprise "East Power Networks" in the amount of 752377 lei, to the creditor of the last - to the state company "Energorepara\ie".

Art. 2. - To the State Tax Service under the Ministry of Finance to make in the register of treasurer debentures record about transfer of treasurer debentures from the unitary state enterprise "East Power Networks" to the state company "Energorepara\ie" based on the following documents:

a) the reconciliation statement of debts signed by responsible officials of data of the companies;

b) the written agreement of the companies about transfer/adoption of treasurer debentures.

Art. 3. - The treasurer debentures received by the state company "Energorepara\ie" are subject to repayment by offsetting of the taxes and fees accrued during the repayment period of receipts determined according to part (2) article 18 of the Law No. 392-XIV of May 13, 1999, from the date of their initial concession with recalculation of penalties on taxes and fees, due for settlement.

Art. 4. - To the state company "Energorepara\ie" to make accounting entries about repayment of obligations of the unitary state enterprise "East Power Networks" which in turn shall pay off historical debts for the electric power used by agricultural production cooperative "Valea Livezilor" (the village of Pyryta, the area Dubesar) in the amount of 249030 lei, agricultural production cooperative "Co [ni\a" (the village of Koshnitsa, the area Dubesar) - in the amount 213121 leu and Doro\caia agricultural firm (the village of Dorotskaya, the area Dubesar) - in the amount of 290226 lei.

Chairman of the parliament

Eugenia Ostapcuc


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