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of December 23, 2003 No. 564-IIQ

About the list of objects which inclusion in civil circulation is not allowed (excluded from civil circulation)

(as amended on 30-12-2022)

Millie decides Majlis of the Azerbaijan Republic:

According to the Civil code of the Azerbaijan Republic to establish the list of objects which inclusion in civil circulation is not allowed (excluded from civil circulation), as shown below:

1. Military equipment of fighting appointment.

2. Ammunition and weapon which turnover is forbidden by the law.

3. Communication network of public authorities, the communication network intended for needs of defense, safety and protection of public order.

4. Special accessories of staff of bodies of defense, state security, foreign intelligence, military counterintelligence of the body ensuring safety of relevant organ of the executive authority, bodies of special communication and information security, protection of strategic objects and normative and technical documents on their production and application.

5. Property which purpose is connected with military mobilization.

6. It is excluded according to the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic of 29.10.2013 No. 801-IVQD

7. State standards of units of quantity.

8. The documents reflecting the state, professional, office, bank, investigative and judicial mysteries, both data on private and family life of persons.

9. Gold stock and assay brand of the Azerbaijan Republic.

10. Equipment for release of money and signs of post payment.

11. Drugs, psychotropic substances which turnover in the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic is forbidden by the law.

12. Human bodies and (or) fabrics (except for concerning purchase and sale).

13. Medicines which use is forbidden in accordance with the established procedure.

14. Official documents, identity documents, state awards of the Azerbaijan Republic.

15. Documents of the State archival fund.

16. Devices or computer programs, main objective of creation or adaptation of which are cybercrimes.

17. Except for genetically modified organisms and fodder products, the stipulated in Article 13.1 Laws of the Azerbaijan Republic "About safety of foodstuff", genetically modified plants not intended for scientific research, testing and the exhibition purposes, and also the created villages using modern methods of biotechnology and genetic engineering of agricultural vegetable raw materials.

18. The foodstuff made with use of genetic materials of genetically modified plants, not provided for scientific research, testing and demonstration at exhibitions.

19. The nodal fishing nets made of synthetic monothreads with diameter of less 0,5 of mm, and with constructive sizes of cell less than 120 mm.

20. The fishing devices consisting of the electric generator of signal with the connected conductors and the accumulator (battery), the fishes used for catch and other water bioresources by means of electric current.

President of the Azerbaijan Republic

Ilham Aliyev

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