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of July 18, 2017

About cooperation in the fields of education and sciences

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Government of Georgia which are referred to as "Party"

based on historical links of friendship between the people of the states of the Parties,

realizing mutual interest in cooperation,

aiming to support and develop mutually beneficial relations in the fields of education and sciences,

recognizing in the relations and educational policy, existence of priorities of general values,

considering educational and scientific systems in general that promotes development of citizens of the states of the Parties irrespective of ethnic origin, political and religious views and beliefs,

according to the Treaty of friendship, cooperation and mutual assistance between Ukraine and the Republic Georgia of April 13, 1993,

expressing readiness to scientific, organizational methodically and to information cooperation, agreed as follows:

Article 1

The parties according to the general principles and rules of international law and the legislation of the states of the Parties support and develop cooperation between the relevant organizations and organizations of the states of the Parties in the fields of education and sciences on the basis of equality and mutual respect.

Article 2

The parties will concentrate the efforts on development of such directions of cooperation:

- experience exchange in the most important spheres of development, management and planning of education, in particular in the field of the higher education,

- training of specialists on the basis of mutual exchange of students, graduate students, and also doctoral candidates and trainees in priority spheres for each Party. Specific number, specialties and conditions of training of students in higher educational institutions are determined according to financial opportunities of the Parties and approved separately through diplomatic channels,

- carrying out joint surveys in the field of the humanitarian, natural, technical and pedagogical science which is subject of mutual interest

- assistance to studying of Georgian in higher educational institutions of Ukraine and Ukrainian in higher educational institutions of Georgia.

Article 3

The parties will promote studying of Georgian in higher educational institutions of Ukraine and to studying of Ukrainian in accredited higher educational institutions of Georgia by exchange of teachers of the Ukrainian and Georgian languages for the purpose of training, participation in language seminars.

Article 4

The parties will give opportunity to citizens of Ukraine and Georgia to get education in higher educational institutions of the respective countries in case of payment term for training.

Article 5

The parties will promote joint participation of scientific and pedagogical workers in the international educational programs and projects, seminars, conferences, lecturing and other actions in the field of the humanities, in particular: Ukrainian and literature, Georgian and literature, history and culture of the states of the Parties.

Article 6

The parties will promote establishment and development of direct cooperation between higher educational institutions of both countries. Proceeding from mutual interest and according to provisions of this agreement, they can sign free standing agreements about cooperation.

Article 7

Cooperation conditions at all education levels and sciences, and also the questions connected with mobility of students and teachers will be determined according to financial opportunities of the Parties and to be approved by separately diplomatic channels.

Article 8

Any amendments and additions can be made to this agreement by mutual consent of the Parties in the form of separate protocols which will become integral part of this agreement. The documents created thus become effective according to Article 10 of this agreement.

Article 9

Any disputes on interpretation or application of this agreement are solved the Parties by consultations and/or negotiations.

Article 10

This agreement becomes effective from the date of signing. It consists for a period of 5 (five) years. The agreement is automatically prolonged for the subsequent five-year periods. Each Party can terminate this agreement, having sent to other Party the written notice of cancellation of the Agreement. This agreement loses force in 6 months after the date of receipt of the termination letter of action by other Party.

Signed in Tbilisi on July 18, 2017 in duplicate, everyone in the Ukrainian, Georgian and English languages, each text is authentic. In case of disagreements in interpretation of provisions of this agreement the text in English has advantage.

For the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine


For the Government of Georgia


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