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of August 24, 2017 No. 530

About approval of the List of types of the salary and other income from which advance payment of maintenance on minor children is made

For the purpose of enhancement of the mechanism of forced execution of executive documents on advance payment of maintenance on minor children, according to article 87 of the Family code of the Kyrgyz Republic, articles 10 and 17 of the constitutional Law of the Kyrgyz Republic "About the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic" and the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic decides:

1. Approve the List of types of the salary and other income from which advance payment of maintenance on minor children according to appendix is made.

2. This resolution becomes effective after ten days from the date of official publication.

Acting as the first vice-Prime Minister, acting as Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic

M. Abulgaziyev


Approved by the Order of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic of August 24, 2017, No. 530

The list of types of the salary and other income from which advance payment of maintenance on minor children is made

1. Advance payment of maintenance on content of minor children is made from all types of the salary (the monetary reward, content) and extra fee, both on principle place of employment, and for part-time job which are received by parents in cash (som or foreign currency) and natural form, including:

- from the salary added on the tariff charges, salaries (official pay rates) for worked time for the performed work on price-work quotations, percentage of proceeds from sales of products (performance of works, rendering services) issued in non-cash form or from commission fee (to insurance agents, brokers and others);

- from the fees paid to the worker for accomplishment of types of creative works (creation of works of culture, information) which are subject to broadcasting per television and/or radio, the publication in printing and/or electronic mass media;

- from allowances and surcharges to the tariff charges, salaries (official pay rates) for professional skill, classiness, length of service (length of service), academic degree, academic status, knowledge of foreign language, work with the data which are the state secret, combination of professions (positions);

- from the payments connected with working conditions, including payments caused by district regulation of the compensation (in the form of coefficients and percentage salary supplements) increased by compensation on hard work, works with harmful and (or) dangerous and other special working conditions and also from payments for work at night, during week-end and non-working holidays from overtime payment;

- from all types of the surcharges and allowances provided by wages system and also from the allowances received for the account of economy of means within the salary fund, or means provided on content of relevant organ;

- from the awards and remunerations provided by wages system;

- from the salary kept during leave and also from monetary compensation for unused leave, only in case of connection of leaves for several years;

- from benefits for improvement by provision of paid annual labor leave;

- from all types of pensions taking into account the monthly increases, allowances, increases and surcharges to them established to separate categories of pensioners, except for pensions on the occasion of loss of the supporter;

- from the grants paid to students in the educational organizations;

- from temporary disability benefit, maternity allowance and unemployment benefit only by a court decision and to the writ about collection of the alimony or to notarially certified agreement on payment of the alimony if the established sizes of benefits are not below the guaranteed minimum wage, labor protection and health;

- from the amounts paid for employment dismissed in connection with liquidation of the organization, implementation of actions for reducing number or the state;

- from the income from the occupations business activity without formation of legal entity determined less the amounts of the incurred expenses connected with implementation of business activity;

- from the income from transfer to lease of property;

- from share yields and other income from participation in property management of the organization (dividends, payments for equity shares, etc.);

- from the amounts of financial support;

- from the amounts of income gained under the agreements signed according to the civil legislation and also from realization of copyright and related rights, income gained for performance of works and rendering services stipulated by the legislation the Kyrgyz Republic (notarial, lawyer activities, etc.);

- from the amount equal to value of the issued (paid) food, except for treatment-and-prophylactic food, and also other payments performed by the employer according to the legislation on work, except for sums of money, paid in connection with the child's birth with the death of the family, with scrap registration, and also compensation payments in connection with official journey, with transfer, acceptance or job placement to other area, with wear of the tool belonging to the worker;

- from official pay rates, from salaries on military, special rank, from surcharges for special ranks or class ranks and from the allowances for special conditions of service established by the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic;

- from the awards (remunerations) having permanent and one-time character, provided by wages system and received for the account of economy of the means provided on content of relevant organ;

- from official pay rates (grants) of cadets (listeners) of military-training, special educational institutions.

2. Collection of the alimony from wages amounts and other income which are due to person paying the alimony is made after deduction (payment) from this salary and other income of taxes and social assignments according to the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.

3. From convicts to corrective works collection of the alimony according to executive documents is made from 70 percent of all earnings less the deduction made on sentence or the court order.

4. From the convicts serving sentence in correctional facilities, and also in the pre-trial detention centers involved on paid works, collection of the alimony is made from 70 percent of all earnings and other income less assignments on expense recovery on their content in the specified organizations.


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