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of February 26, 2002 No. UP-3038

About additional measures for development of activities of partnerships of private homeowners

(as amended on 05-03-2007)

In the republic the economic reform in system of public service of the population is consistently undertaken. Also the regulatory framework is created necessary legislative. Actively there is process of forming of condominiums. About 1400 condominiums to which 88 percent of total quantity of apartment apartment houses are transferred to the control are formed. The system of collective responsibility for timeliness of calculations for the provided utilities improved. Programs of capital repairs of the apartment apartment houses built till 1991 are approved.

At the same time in activities of condominiums there is number of essential shortcomings and unresolved problems. Khokimiyats of areas, cities and areas do not pay attention to the organization of work on rendering practical assistance and help to condominiums in providing them by necessary material and technical resources, including non-residential premises, material resources, stock, to fixing in legislative procedure for the house adjoining parcels of land, and also to investment with necessary current assets. Owing to what many condominiums have no sufficient means for timely carrying out routine maintenance and overhaul repairs of housing, improvement of the territory.

The facts of creation of condominiums without holding necessary preparatory organizational activities, preliminary capital repairs of the apartment houses built till 1991 take place. With big lagging from the schedule works on capital repairs of intra house engineering communications and places public of apartment houses in the Navoiy, Samarkand, Syr Darya, Khorezm and Tashkent regions, Tashkent are conducted.

For the purpose of creation of necessary conditions for ensuring accomplishment of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan of April 15, 1999 "About condominiums" and forming of favorable conditions for activities of condominiums, increases in their role in preserving and ensuring proper operation of dwelling stock, timely carrying out rescue and recovery operations, improvement of arrangement of the house adjoining territory, and also strengthening of material and financial base of partnerships:

1. Exempt for the period till 2007 condominiums from all types of tax and charges in the budget when rendering services by them, including the income arriving from the leased property with the target direction of the released funds for replenishment of own current assets, strengthening of material and technical resources of condominiums, work on repair of apartment houses and intra house engineering communications, improvement of the territory.

2. Determine that agreements on rendering assistance in collection of utilities from the population living in apartment houses consist the companies and the organizations providing the specified services with partnerships of private homeowners.

Determine that the companies and the organizations rendering utilities make assignments to partnerships of private homeowners on condition of accomplishment of forecast receipts on the current payments for utilities in the following procedure:

in case of 100 percentage accomplishment - 15% of the amount of the arrived payments;

in case of over 75 percent - 7% of the amount which arrived

accomplishment of payments.

To partnerships of private homeowners to use the specified means it is strict for purpose on stimulation of workers of partnerships of private homeowners, repayment of the available debt on payments for housing and communal services, including assistance to needy families by calculations for services, and also on work on repair of apartment houses, improvement of the territories assigned to partnership of private homeowners.

3. Determine that during 2002-2007 the means arriving from privatization and privatization of the companies and objects of public service of Council of Ministers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, khokimiyats of areas and Tashkent and also from realization of the parcels of land in the life inherited tenancy of citizens (except the funds allocated in accordance with the established procedure to the State Property Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the amount of 3 percent for forming of Fund of support of entrepreneurship and restructuring of the companies under the State committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on demonopolization, support of the competition and entrepreneurship in the amount of 2 percent, in Fund of support Dehkan and farms in the amount of 5,5 of percent of proceeds from sales of the parcels of land and in Fund of support of mortgage lending in the amount of 50 percent of the means arriving from auction sale of rights of lifetime inheritable possession the parcels of land under individual housing construction), go to condominiums for carrying out reconstruction, capital repairs of intra house engineering communications, arrangement of places the public of apartment houses built till 1991.

4. To the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan together with the Uzkommunkhizmat agency, other interested ministries and departments to make in the Cabinet of Ministers offers on changes and amendments in acting legislative and regulatory legal acts according to this Decree.

5. To the Cabinet of Ministers in week time to accept the resolution in pursuance of this Decree.



Republic of Uzbekistan I. Karimov

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