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Ministry of Justice

Republic of Uzbekistan

On October 8, 1998 No. 497

Approved by Board of the Central bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan of June 27, 1998 No. 402 (the Protocol No. 11/10)

(the Resolution as amended registered by Ministry of Justice of RUZ of 17.05.2007 of N497-1)

Regulations on carrying out calculations with use of the Bank Client personal computer

1. General provisions

1.1. This Provision according to the Civil Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the laws "About the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan", "About Banks and Banking Activity", "About Electronic Payments", "About the Digital Signature" and "About the Contractual Legal Base of Activities of Business Entities" determines procedure for carrying out calculations between bank and clients with use of program complex "Bank Client" in the territory of the republic.

1.2. The program complex "Bank Client" (further in the text - the Bank Client personal computer) is intended for the automated interaction of bank and the client, promotes increase in efficiency of cash management and allows:

* to the client to save the time and means due to refusal of daily visits to bank;

* to the client to choose bank, without paying attention to proximity;

* render banking services to the client by means of creation at him at home or in office of the automated workplace;

* expand the list of the services rendered to the client in respect of information and operational servicing;

* raise labor productivity of accountants of bank;

* provide high efficiency and high-quality registration of transactions.

1.3. Functioning of the Bank Client personal computer is based on file exchange of information between bank and the client on communication communication channels.

1.4. For exchange of information with clients in bank mailboxes of clients, access to which is provided by clients on the identifier and the password, are created.

1.5. Processing of requests of clients, reception-transmission of information is made in the automatic mode.

1.6. The main objectives of the Bank Client personal computer are:

* preparation of electronic cash settlement documents;

* forming of requests and messages;

* enciphering of information and digital signature;

* modem communication with bank;

* reception-transmission of information;

* processing of the acquired information;

* seal of output forms;

* information archiving.

1.7. Input of electronic cash settlement documents of the client in the database of bank is performed according to the following scheme:


КЛИЕНТ ---->      КРИПТО-ПРОЦЕСС   ---->     ПОЧТОВЫЙ ЯЩИК ----->
Подготовка Шифрование Передача информации
документа Электронная подпись
      --->КРИПТО-ПРОЦЕСС     ---->    АНАЛИЗ         ----> ВВОД
Дешифрация, проверка Реквизитный Ввод документа
электронной подписи контроль информации в базу данных

1.8. The Bank Client personal computer is property of bank.

1.9. PC users "Bank Client" are clients who sign the contract with bank regulating their relations in the course of work.

1.10. In case of connection of the Bank — the Client personal computer it are required to the client:

* personal computer;

* modem;

* printer;

* corresponding software.

1.11. The client bears responsibility for correctness of forming of electronic cash settlement documents, encoding and their transfer to bank on communication channels.

1.12. The bank bears responsibility for correctness of transfer and write-off of funds from customer accounts and timely information transfer but electronic payment system.

2. Operating procedure on the Bank Client system

2.1. Exchange of information on communication channels between the client and bank is performed in time stipulated in the agreement.

2.2. Before opening of new operational day, the client shall verify with bank turnovers and remaining balance on the deposit personal accounts for the previous operational day.

In case of identity of turnovers and remaining balance to the client it is allowed to open new operational day and to begin input of documents.

Otherwise the reasons of discrepancies are established, customer information is given according to information of bank.

2.3. Exchange of queries and messages is performed between the client and bank irrespective of results of reconciliation of turnovers and remaining balance on deposit personal accounts.

2.4. When implementing calculations for the Bank Client system the client transfers funds from the account only in the form of the payment order.

2.5. The electronic payment order received on communication channels from the clients using program complex "Bank Client" undergoes program control and is transferred to processing in operational day of bank. After payment implementation the electronic payment order is printed out in enough copies according to Item 25 of the Provision "About Clearing Settlements in the Republic of Uzbekistan" (reg. N1122 of 15.04.2002) is also in accordance with the established procedure filed in documents of day of bank and applied to the statement from personal account of the payer.

The electronic payment order created based on the cash settlement document on paper and confirmed with the digital signature, received through program complex "Bank Client" is equated to the original of the cash settlement document and has legal force, identical with it.

The original in paper form of the electronic payment order sent through program complex "Bank Client" in bank is not provided and is in accordance with the established procedure stored at the client. At the same time the client bears responsibility for correctness of registration and compliance of the payment order in electronic and paper types.

2.6. Ceased to be valid

2.7. Ceased to be valid

3. Operating procedure clients

3.1. The client processes cash settlement documents according to the requirements established in the provision "About Clearing Settlements in the Republic of Uzbekistan".

3.2. Based on the first copies of cash settlement documents, the client performs data entry in the computer.

3.3. Upon termination of input of documents, it is necessary to print out the inventory of the entered documents. The ranking officer (the chief accountant or other person to who this obligation is assigned) shall verify the inventory with the first copies of cash settlement documents, approve their identity and grant permission for sending to bank.


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