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of July 11, 2017 No. 550

About approval of the Disciplinary charter of the officer of protection of Service of the state protection

Based on article 50 of the Law No. 134-XVI of June 13, 2008 on Service of the state protection (repeated publication: The official monitor of the Republic of Moldova, 2015, Art. No. 361-369, 673), with subsequent changes and amendments, DECIDES: the Government

Approve the Disciplinary charter of the officer of protection of Service of the state protection it (is applied).

Prime Minister

Paweê Phillip


to the Order of the Government of the Republic of Moldova of June 11, 2017 No. 550

Disciplinary charter of the officer of protection of Service of the state protection

I. General provisions

1. The disciplinary charter of the officer of protection of Service of the state protection (further – the Charter) regulates set of the rules of conduct obligatory for the officers of protection constituting office discipline, procedure for encouragement and collection.

2. The purpose of the Charter is the regulation of the office relations regarding respect for office discipline and ensuring professional behavior of officers of protection with way:

1) forming and promotions of the corresponding professional culture;

2) creation and maintenance at the high level of image of Service of the state protection (further – Services) as state body with special powers in the field of state security;

3) prevention of minor offenses, improvement of quality of the performed office activities and responsibility of officers of protection;

4) informing the public on professional behavior to which officers of protection in case of execution of the obligations shall follow;

5) creations of climate of trust and mutual respect between citizens and officers of protection, on the one hand, and between other public institutions, the international and non-governmental organizations and Service, on the other hand;

6) establishments of balance between the rights of citizens, interests of the public and private institutions and obligations of officers of protection.

3. This Charter is based on the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, the Labor code, the Law No. 134-XVI of June 13, 2008 on Service of the state protection, other existing regulations, and also international treaties which party is the Republic of Moldova.

4. Minor offense is the act made by the officer of protection, action or failure to act which is provided by this Charter.

5. The office discipline represents obligation of all officers of protection, irrespective of post and special rank, to follow the rules established by this Charter and other regulations, including departmental.

6. The office discipline is provided in the way:

1) creations by management of Service of necessary conditions for accomplishment at the high level of service duties;

2) creations of the atmosphere of responsibility and mutual assistance;

3) maintenance of authorized procedure;

4) observance of provisions of the current legislation, including instructions and legal orders;

5) encouragement of officers of protection for fair accomplishment of service duties and imposing of penalties for making of minor offenses.

II. Obligations of officers of protection

7. The officer of protection shall:

The legislation of the Republic of Moldova is strict to observe 1), to protect values of the constitutional democracy, the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens, to observe the international agreements which party is the Republic of Moldova;

2) to be effective professionally, showing responsibility and commitment, for the purpose of ensuring state security, promotion and protection of national values and interests of the Republic of Moldova, even in the conditions of threat for own life, health and property;

3) to observe office discipline;

4) it is fair to fulfill the duties provided by the contract on execution of special service;

5) to observe the oath and to fulfill requirements of charters, instructions, the received orders and orders in accuracy, to be actionee of objectives;

6) to show the identity document, during execution of service duties;

7) it is strict to keep the state secret and other office information of limited access with observance of this obligation and after the termination of activities in Service according to the requirement about confidentiality provided in the contract on execution of special service;

8) to protect information on personal data with which got acquainted during execution of service duties;

9) to be correct, fair and objective, to respect the rules of politeness and behavior on service and out of it;

10) to show non-discriminatory behavior in the relations with other officers of protection;

To respect 11) higher officials and colleagues from service, to give them necessary support for the purpose of strengthening of office discipline;

12) to show initiative in case of accomplishment of confidential tasks and in every possible way to promote strengthening of image and increase in prestige of Service;

13) it is permanent to enhance the qualification and the professional training level;

14) to follow rules of wearing uniform and signs of distinction;

15) to be for work in decent clothes, without demonstration of wealth, defiant or slovenly type;

16) it is worthy to transfer the difficulties and deprivations connected with accomplishment of office debt;

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