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of March 21, 2017 No. 1965-VIII

About the State program of aviation safety of civil aviation

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine decides:

I. Approve the State program of aviation safety of civil aviation which is attached.

II. Final provisions

1. This Law becomes effective from the date of, its publication following behind day.

2. Make changes to the following legal acts of Ukraine:

1) in the Air code of Ukraine (The sheet of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, 2011, Art. No. 48-49, 536):

a) in Article 1 part one:

12, of 17, 18 and 24 to state Items in the following edition:

"12) airfield - certain site terrestrial, surface of the water, including any buildings, constructions and the equipment, intended fully or partially for departure, arrival, the parking and movement on such surface of air vehicles";

"17) the airport - the complex of constructions intended for acceptance, sending air vehicles, servicing of airborne transportations of work on maintenance also has airfield, air terminal, other land constructions and the necessary equipment for such purposes;

18) baggage - the objects, property and other personal belongings of the passenger or crew member transported onboard the air vehicle";

"24) load - any property, except mail, onboard supplies and the accompanied or mishandled baggage, load onboard the air vehicle";

to exclude the subitem "d" of Item 63;

state Item 93 in the following edition:

"93) certification (approval) - the procedure of confirmation of conformity of the subject or object of aviation activities to the established requirements of the legislation, including aviation rules of Ukraine, and issue of the certificate";

b) the second Article 5 to add part with Item 5 of the following content:

"5) investigations of acts of illegal intervention";

c) to add part one of Article 6 with Item 18 of the following content:

"18) organization of investigation of acts of illegal intervention";

d) in Article 9:

state the name in the following edition:

"Article 9. Investigation of aviation incidents, incidents and incidents";

in part one of the word "Investigation of Aviation Incidents and Incidents" shall be replaced with words "Investigation of aviation incidents, incidents and incidents";

d) in Article 85:

in part five "state" to replace the word with the word "State";

the sixth to add part with the offer of the following content: "Creation of services of aviation safety at the airports and to providers of aeronautical servicing is obligatory";

e) to state part one of Article 86 in the following edition:

"1. Acts of illegal intervention - acts or attempts of making of the acts creating safety hazard of civil aviation also include, in particular:

1) illegal capture of air vehicles;

2) destruction of the air vehicle which is in operation;

3) taking of hostages onboard air vehicles or in airfields;

4) violent penetration aboard the air vehicle, in the airport or in arrangement of aeronautical means or service;

5) placement onboard the air vehicle or at the airport of weapon, the dangerous device or material intended for achievement of criminal objectives;

6) use of the air vehicle which is in operation for the purpose of causing mutilation, other damages to health, death to physical person or significant damage to property or the environment;

7) the message intentionally false information which threatens safety of the air vehicle in flight time or on the earth, safety of passengers, crew members, land personnel, other persons at the airport or in arrangement of means or civil aviation organizations";

e) to state Item of 1 part four of Article 87 in the following edition:

"1) access control of persons and vehicles to the controlled area of the airports (airfields), zones of limited access, the protected sterile areas and critical parts of zones of limited access which are protected";

2) in the Law of Ukraine "About operational search activities" (Sheets of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, 1992, No. 22, Art. 303 with subsequent changes):

a) 2 parts one of Article 6 to add Item with the words "and also persons to whom permission to stay without maintenance in controlled and sterile areas, zones of limited access protected and critical parts of such zones of the airports is provided";

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