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of December 23, 1993 No. 3792-XII

About copyright and the related rights

(The last edition from 02-10-2018)

This Law protects the personal non-property rights and property rights of authors and their legal successors connected with creation and use of works of science, literature and art - copyright, and the rights of contractors, producers of soundtracks and videograms and the organizations of broadcasting - the related rights.

Section I General provisions

Article 1. Determination of terms

In this Law terms are used in the following value:

the author - physical person which the creative activity created the work;

the account - the record formalized according to standards of the Internet on the computer equipment (computers, servers) connected to the Internet identifying the user (for example, the owner of the website) on such equipment, includes data on access to part of catalogs and the software of the computer equipment, and also determines the rights of such access giving opportunity to the owner of the account to add, delete, change electronic (digital) information and data of the website, to provide access to the website or its parts, certain these other persons, to stop functioning of such website or its part within accounting record;

the audiovisual work - the work which is fixed on certain material carrier (film, magnetic film or magnetic disk, compact disk, etc.) in the form of series of consecutive personnel (images) or analog or discrete signals which represent is (coded) by mobile images (both with soundtrack, and without it) and which perception is possible only by means of this or that type of the screen (screen, the television screen, etc.) on which mobile images are visually represented by means of certain technical means. Types of the audiovisual work are movies, television movies, videos, filmstrips, slide-films, etc. which can be game, animation (animated), not game or others;

audiodescription (tiflokommentirovaniye) - creation of separate soundtrack with the offscreen description of the character, subject, space or action in video production for blind people, persons with violations of sight and persons with dyslexia;

the database (compilation of data) - set of works, data or any other independent information in any form, including - electronic, matching and which arrangement of components and its streamlining is result of creative activity and which components are available individually and can be found by means of special search engine on the basis of electronic means (computer) or other means;

the website - data set, electronic (digital) information, other objects of copyright and (or) the related rights connected among themselves and structured within the address of the website and (or) accounting record of the owner of this website, access to which is provided through the address on the Internet which can consist of domain name, record about the catalog or challenges and (or) numerical addresses under the Internet protocol;

the web page - website component which may contain data, electronic (digital) information, other objects of copyright and (or) the related rights and so forth;

the owner of the website - person who is the owner of accounting record also establishes procedure and conditions of use of the website. In case of failure of evidence of other the reestrant of the corresponding domain name on which access to the website, and (or) the receiver of services of hosting is provided is considered the owner of the website;

the owner of the web page - person which is the owner of accounting record which is used for placement of the web page on the website and which manages and (or) places electronic (digital) information within such web page. The owner of the website is not the owner of the web page if the last has accounting record which allows it independently, irrespective of the owner of the website to place information on the web page and to manage it;

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