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of February 22, 2001 No. 2272-III

About insurance rates on obligatory national social insurance from labor accident and the occupational disease which entailed disability

(as of July 8, 2010)

Article 1. - 6. Voided

Article 7. Final provisions

1. This Law becomes effective since April 1, 2001.

2. Voided

3. Bring in the Law of Ukraine "About obligatory national social insurance from labor accident and the occupational disease which entailed disability" (Sheets of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, 1999, N 46-47, Art. 403; 2001, N 4, Art. 21) following changes:

Article 2 to add 1) with part two of the following content:

"Persons whose right to receipt of compensation of damage was established according to the legislation of the USSR or the legislation of Ukraine on compensation of the damage caused to workers owing to injuring on production or occupational disease, connected with execution of labor obligations by them earlier have the right to providing on accident insurance according to this Law";

2) in Article 29:

a) in Item 3 of the word "not taxable minimum of the income of citizens and" to exclude;

b) exclude Item 4;

c) add Article with part two of the following content:

"Recalculation of the amounts of monthly insurance payments is made also in case of increase previous calendar year of the average salary in industries of national economy according to the central executive body concerning statistics. Such recalculation is made since March 1 of the next year. At the same time the amount of monthly insurance payment to reduction determined earlier is not subject";

3) in part six of Article 31 of the word "for three complete calendar months of work before damage of health" shall be replaced with words "according to the procedure, the stipulated in Article 34 presents of the Law";

4) in Article 34:

a) add part one with the paragraph of the following content:

"If the victim along with monthly insurance payment is granted disability pension in connection with the same accident, their amount shall not exceed average monthly earnings which the victim had before damage of health. The amounts of monthly insurance payment and disability pension to reduction determined earlier are not subject";

b) the paragraph one of part two to add with the words "but not above the extreme quadruple size of wages amount (income) from which fees in Fund are levied";

c) in part four:

add part after paragraph two with the new paragraph of the following content:

"The benefit in connection with temporary disability is paid in the amount of 100 percent of average earnings (taxable income). At the same time the first five days of temporary disability are paid by the owner or the body authorized by him by enterprise assets, organization, the organization".

With respect thereto third - the eleventh to consider paragraphs respectively paragraphs the fourth - the twelfth;

word in paragraph four "certificates of local public administration or executive body of local self-government of average prices on products in the period of their acquisition or the reference of trade organization or management of the market" shall be replaced with words "information of bodies of the state statistics on average prices on food in retail chain stores of that month in which they were acquired";

d) the tenth and eleventh to state parts in the following edition:

"10. Average monthly earnings for calculation of the amount of insurance payments to the victim in connection with the earnings lost by it (or its corresponding part) are determined according to procedure for calculation of the average salary for payments for obligatory national social insurance which affirms the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

11. In case of calculation of average monthly earnings the main and additional salary, and also other incentive and compensation payments (including in natural form) included in the salary fund and subjects to taxation by the income tax from citizens are considered";

5) in Article 47:

a) third to state part in the following edition:

"The sizes of insurance premiums of insurers are estimated:

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