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Concept of foreign policy of Turkmenistan as neutral state (December, 1995)


The concept of foreign policy of Turkmenistan as neutral state is based on fundamental provisions of the Constitution of Turkmenistan and is the document, the fixing criterion and the directions it strategy and tactics in the relations with other states, the international organizations and other subjects of international law for long-term outlook.

The foreign policy of Turkmenistan is logical continuation of domestic policy and is determined by the international legal status of permanent positive neutrality assumed by Turkmenistan voluntarily within realization of the inalienable rights of the sovereign state.

The main objectives of foreign policy of Turkmenistan are:

- preserving and strengthening of the state sovereignty of Turkmenistan, increase of its role and value in system of the international relations;

- creation of the most favorable foreign policy conditions for internal development of the state;

- upholding and realization of national interests of Turkmenistan all forms of the contacts which developed in the international practice;

- safety of Turkmenistan political, diplomatic means;

- development of constructive mutually beneficial cooperation with all foreign partners on the basis of equality and mutual respect;

- providing full compliance of foreign policy actions of Turkmenistan to international law and Charter of the UN.

It agrees to the definitions existing in international law, the neutrality of Turkmenistan is:

by origin - recognized that is confirmed by the General Assembly resolution "Permanent Neutrality of Turkmenistan" (on December 12, 1995), the Islamabad declaration following the results of the third meeting of heads of state and government of the countries of the Economic Cooperation Organization (on March 15, 1995), the Final document of the 11th conference of heads of state and government of the countries of the Non-Aligned Movement (on October 20, 1995, Cartagena, Colombia);

in form - to the constants that is which are not limited in time and operating both in peace and in wartime;

on content - positive or constructive that implies active position of the state in questions of peacekeeping and stability, development of the relations of friendship and cooperation between the states.

When forming the Concept of the foreign policy Turkmenistan proceeds from that objective circumstance that with one and all states of Turkmenistan develops civilized communications, with one of the foreign states it has no hostile relations, makes nobody territorial claim and nobody makes territorial claim to it. Realization of foreign policy tasks of Turkmenistan cannot infringe upon interests of other states in anything or threaten their safety.

Turkmenistan is open for all forms of constructive international cooperation.

Turkmenistan as state member of the UN recognizes its priority in the solution of any questions entering its competence. Adoption by Turkmenistan of the status of permanent neutrality does not affect accomplishment of the obligations following from the Charter of the UN and will promote goal achievement of the United Nations.

Proceeding from understanding of the special international legal status of Turkmenistan as neutral state, this Concept confirms its international obligations in this quality and determines political, economic and humanitarian aspects of its realization.

Section I. Political aspects

The neutral status Turkmenistan opens ample opportunities for carrying out the peace-loving foreign policy, the active, positive line by it in development of peaceful, friendly communications with foreign partners on the principles of equality, mutual respect, mutual benefit and non-interference to internal affairs of other states.

Attaches special Turkmenistan significance to the relations with neighboring countries with which it is connected by historical, political, commercial and cultural ties. The relations of friendship and brotherhood with them, broad cooperation in all spheres he considers as the most important guarantee of preserving the sovereignty and the neutral status, successful achievement of the foreign policy purposes.

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