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of July 3, 1992 No. 641-XII

About defense

(The last edition from 18-04-2018)

I. General provisions

Article 1. Main objectives of this Law

This Law establishes the legal basis of the organization of defense and management of Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan (daleevooruzhenny Forces), determines powers of state bodies, and also participation of self-government institutions of citizens, the companies, organizations, organizations and citizens in ensuring defense of the country.

Article 2. Concept of defense

In this Law defense is understood as complex of political, economic, military, social and legal, information, organizational and other measures for ensuring protection of sovereignty, territorial integrity of the Republic of Uzbekistan, peaceful life and safety of its population.

Article 3. Legislation on defense

The legislation on defense consists of this Law and other acts of the legislation.

Article 4. The basic principles of state policy in the field of defense

The basic principles of state policy in the field of defense are:

non-use of military force against other state, except cases of suppression and reflection of aggression, and also assistance to the states with which the Republic of Uzbekistan is connected by the relevant agreements;

participation according to rules of international law in systems of collective security;

nonparticipation in military-political blocks;

adequacy of military construction to nature of modern wars and armed conflicts;

refusal of production, conversion, acquisition, storage, distribution, placement nuclear and other types of weapon of mass defeat;

permanent readiness of Armed Forces, economies, the populations, the territories to aggression reflection;

defense sufficiency;

ensuring prestigiousness of military service.

II. Organization of defense and management of Armed Forces

Article 5. Organization of defense

The organization of defense includes:

creation of the necessary conditions directed to the prevention and control of aggression, the organized armed protection against infringement of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

implementation of single state policy in the field of defense, enhancement of military organization of the state according to modern requirements;

ensuring coordination and interaction of all forces and means necessary for the solution of defense tasks;

monitoring of military-political situation, real and potential hazards of homeland security;

acceptance of political, economic, military, social and legal, information, organizational and other measures for prevention of involvement of the Republic of Uzbekistan in wars and armed conflicts;

construction, preparation, maintenance in permanent readiness of Armed Forces, optimization of their number, structure and structure;

equipping and providing Armed Forces respectively modern arms, military equipment, military and technical and ware property, food, other material means, energy and other resources, creation of their inventories;

planning of use of Armed Forces;

taking measures of foreign policy nature for the solution of defense tasks;

In wartime the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Uzbekistan at the same time is the Deputy Supreme Commander Armed Forces.

Management of daily activities of Armed Forces is performed by the heads of the ministries, state committees and departments having the military forming which are part of Armed Forces in the subordination.

Operational management of Armed Forces on accomplishment of the tasks set for them is performed by the chief of the Integrated headquarters of Armed Forces.

Article 6. Powers of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan:

directs activities of all subordinates to it structures on ensuring defense, equipment of Armed Forces with arms, military equipment and other appliances;

determines regulations and amount of material resources, food, ware and other property for requirements of defense and Armed Forces, the number of the citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan who are subject to appeal on military and alternative service and procedure for passing of military and alternative service by them, conducting military accounting of persons liable for call-up and recruits;

accepts the resolution on conscription and transfer to the reserve of the military personnel of the active conscription service and appeal of persons liable for call-up on charges, on mobilization in wartime and demobilizations;

approves plans of accumulating of material values of the state and mobilization reserves;

performs management of mobilization preparation of the national economy, mobilization expansion and transfer of its operating mode in the conditions of warlike situation;

resolves issues of social legal guarantees, material, pension and household security of the military personnel, persons liable for call-up of persons which are in resignation and their families, and also families of the military personnel, the dead, the dead on duty, missing and taken prisoner;

provides accomplishment of international treaties in the field of defense;

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