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of March 26, 2016 No. 374-V

About advertizing

(In edition of the Law of Turkmenistan of 09.06.2018 No. 49-VI)

This Law determines legal, organizational and economic basis of advertizing activities in Turkmenistan and governs the relations arising in production process and advertizing distribution.

Chapter I. General provisions

Article 1. The basic concepts applied in this Law

For the purposes of this Law the following basic concepts are applied:

1) advertizing – information on subject of advertizing distributed by subjects of advertizing activities in any manner, in any form and with use of any means, addressed to the indefinite group of people, directed to drawing attention to subject of advertizing, designed to create or maintain interest in it and to promote its market promotion;

2) subject of advertizing – goods, work or service, the manufacturer or the seller of goods (work, service), the organization (or the citizen), results of intellectual activities, means of individualization of the legal entity, goods (work, service), actions of social nature, tenders, lotteries, games and other actions;

3) advertizing activities – activities of subjects of advertizing activities for object definition of advertizing and content of advertizing, performance of works for advertizing production, rendering services in advertizing distribution;

4) subjects of advertizing activities – the advertiser, the advertisement producer, the advertizing distributor;

5) the advertiser – the legal entity or physical person which determined subject of advertizing and the content of advertizing which is the customer of advertizing. The advertiser can perform functions of the advertisement producer and advertizing distributor;

6) the advertisement producer – the legal entity or physical person rendering services in production of advertizing by complete or partial finishing it to form, ready for distribution. The advertisement producer can perform functions of the advertizing distributor;

7) the advertizing distributor – the physical person or legal entity performing advertizing distribution in any manner in any form and with use of any means which are not prohibited by the legislation of Turkmenistan;

8) consumers of advertizing – physical and (or) legal entities to whose drawing attention to subject of advertizing advertizing is directed;

9) inadequate advertizing – the unfair, doubtful, unethical and embedded advertizing, in case of production and (or) distribution of which violations of requirements of this Law to its content, production, and also time, the place and method of distribution are allowed;

Counter-advertizing – the advertizing form performed by subjects of advertizing activities for the purpose of elimination at the consumer of advertizing of wrong ideas of subject of advertizing owing to inadequate advertizing, elimination of the effects caused by it or able to bring 10) to them by confutation of inadequate advertizing and recovery of the real facts;

11) social advertizing – the advertizing addressed to the indefinite group of people and directed to achievement of charitable and other socially useful purposes of non-commercial nature, and also ensuring interests of the state;

12) outdoor advertizing – the advertizing placed on outer sides of buildings (constructions) or out of them in underground crosswalks, on the advertizing structures, on movable objects and available to visual acceptability on open space in settlements and in band of branch automobile and the railroads;

13) the advertizing structures - different three-dimensional or sheet objects of outdoor advertizing (boards, stands, construction grids, banners, screens and electronic boards for display of electronic and video images, the projective and intended for advertizing projection to any surfaces other equipment, balloons, aerostats and other technical means of stable territorial placement) intended for drawing, placement or display on them of the image and (or) text information of advertizing nature. The advertizing structures shall be used only for the purpose of advertizing distribution;

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